Hawthorne’s Motives for Writing the Scarlett Letter Essay

Hawthorne’s motivations for composing The Scarlet Letter were to expose corruptness in Puritan society. faith. and political relations. Hawthorne demonstrates both corruptness and lip service in Puritan society as the townsfolk and even the Governor wear her embellishment. yet banish her and banish her as an castaway and a evildoer. The town buys her apparels for an unknown ground ; most likely their ain wonder. it’s beauty. or they merely felt regretful for her. This shows the society’s inability to follow through with their ain penalties. They are willing to banish her and ostracize her. but still purchase her embellishment. However much they chose to have on her embellishment on most articles of vesture. they refused to have on her embellishment on marrying head coverings as they were created by her iniquitous custodies. demoing the “relentless energy with which society frowned upon her sin” ( Hawthorne 76 ) .

Religion played a major function in Hawthorne’s authorship. even though he was non a member of any spiritual organisation. The faith mentioned in The Scarlet Letter was Puritanism and in his authorship he intended to expose the power the Puritans used to command the church and province. For illustration. in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Roger Williams differed with the colony’s leaders on the relationship between church and province. “The authorizes in the Bay feared that the disgusting mistake emanating from him could distribute and pervert the full settlement. In October 1635. the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony banished him” ( smithsonianmag. com ) .

Due to the fact that Hawthorne was non a portion of any organized faith he was able to knock faiths without the fright of reverberation. Hawthorne besides wanted to expose the corruptness in faith when he wrote The Scarlet Letter. In the Custom House he mentioned that he was a Democrat while the Whigs were in power. Hawthorne besides said “I had spent three years…in an unnatural province. making what was truly of no advantage nor delectation to any human being” ( Hawthorne 40 ) . Here he is stating that because he was a Democrat in a Whig society he felt he couldn’t talk up and that it was unnatural.


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