Haya Water

Haya Water, an enlisted trademark of Oman Wastewater Services Company S.A.O.C, was built up in December 2002 as an Omani shut business entity, completely possessed by the legislature of the Sultanate of Oman. Haya Water has been granted the admission to create, outline, execute, work and keep up the wastewater offices in Muscat Governorate under the Royal Decree No. 69/2005. Haya Water is relentlessly progressing to actualize one of the biggest building ventures in the field of re-utilization of treated wastewater and anticipating achieving its essential goal of improving Oman a nation by advancing higher wellbeing measures for all. This is accomplished by decreasing contamination caused by ordinary wastewater frameworks, keeping the spread of ailments, pandemics and shielding groundwater assets from defilement, and additionally keeping up the water supply for who and what is to come.

Haya Water tries to accomplish its goals of the water re-utilize venture as per the all-inclusive strategy plan, considering the development blast and populace development saw by the Governorate of Muscat to convey the wastewater administrations to the Muscat Governorate according to the affirmed design. Haya Water right now is executing 14 ventures; 4 extends in A’ Seeb, 4 in Al Amirat, 3 in Baushar and 3 will be set up in Muttrah.

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