Hazem El Masri (a Winger and a Prayer) Factors of Health Essay

Hazem El Masri was born and raised in Lebanon during an unknown civil wa, he came to Australia in 1988 with his family. He professionally played NRL which once was completely foreign to him when he first came to Australia. El Masris’ health is determined by a range of factors including individual factors, sociocultural factors, socioeconomic factors and environmental factors. Hazems individual health is based on his ability from his personal perspectives from his decision making and his attitudes towards his health.Hazem has a lot of self-belief and doesn’t let bad influence get to him. For example one of his teammates thought he was a typical stereotype Lebanese and asked him if he knows anyone who could get him a stereo for his car.

He stood up for himself and said he isn’t like that and that’s not what he is all about, “you either except me or don’t “. This shows that he can express his personal views and individual rights this leads to his personal health having self- confidence and good communication skills.Coping with stress and disappointment was not a problem to him as his mental and emotional health was balanced out with the support of his family. The sociocultural factors of his health are determined by his values and attitudes towards himself. Hazem faced a devastating period in his life due to the media and society giving him a bad reputation of being accused of being involved in a gang rape. Because of his cultural background the media assumed that he was a suspect even after Hazem and the police said he wasn’t involved.

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This event brought the team’s executive and club down, but it didn’t affect Hazem so much with his health as he stayed true to his beliefs and didn’t let the media bring him down. He prays five times a day which shows he has a good healthy relationship with god. Hazem was tempted by his teammates to break his fast and take a sip of water during fasting. Hazem didn’t let the temptation get to him and didn’t break his fast and people accepted him and admired him for that. Therefore he is very dedicated and respects his religious ethics and values and has great spiritual health.Socioeconomic status can have a detrimental influence on health.

For Hazem his health wasn’t affected so much as he was employed he played NRL for the Canterbury Bulldogs and State of Origin for NSW. His employment did have a big influence on his health as he had to keep fit and healthy for him to play and perform for his team and fans at the best of his ability. He didn’t have any financial problems; his income provided him with health support and services he needed in order for him to sustain his lifestyle of chose.Hazems environmental factors have enormously changed. He was in an isolated area where there was a lot of commotion going on around and health was very poor at the time. His environment now is much better, he lives in a local area with a diverse community and he can be social and interact with people. His environment is a big influence on health and for Hazem his environment is accessible to health services and other health needs.

Over all Hazem has demonstrated positive influence and has good health which was determined by the four factors of health.


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