Health and Human Service Essay

Assessment Part A: Critically Evaluating an Argument Build your mindmap.

Arts and Sciences (Advantage): Lots of flexibility in career choices: Oversimplifying Arts and Sciences (Disadvantage): Leads to a career in food service – 'Do you want fries with that? apos;: Either/Or Thinking Education (Advantage): The best way to make a difference in the world: Avoiding the Issue Education (Disadvantage): Guaranteed low paying job: Double Standard Nursing (Advantage): People always will need nurses: Irrational Appeal Nursing (Disadvantage): Too much schooling (according to Theo, the Law student): Either/Or Thinking Information Systems and Technology (Advantage): No other degree concentration is as innovative (according to Grace): Oversimplifying Information Systems and Technology (Disadvantage): Too limited in scope for much advancement in business situation (according to Ritesh): Logically Sound Business (Advantage): Infinite career options (according to Ritesh): Irrational Appeal Business (Disadvantage): Boring work, stuck behind a desk all day: Oversimplifying Health and Human Services (Advantage): All the benefits of Arts and Sciences, but vastly more focused and relevant: Logically Sound Health and Human Services (Disadvantage): Job options are all in very un-creative fields. : Overgeneralization Assessment Part B: Articulating the Steps Involved in Evaluating an Argument Write out the two most compelling arguments you heard that affected your decision. Next, list one that you heard that had a big logical error in it, but which you still thought was important.

advantage disadvantageWere there any errors in truth with that argument? Describe what those errors were, and what made them errors. 1,000 character limit What about errors of validity? Remember, these are errors in reasoning – and they’re a little harder to understand! Tell me if there are any errors of validity in this argument. 1,000 character limit Revise the argument so that it removes all errors. Restate it in a way that is logically sound. 1,000 character limit Take a little more time on this one.

What it was that led you to choose this degree concentration. Describe both about how you evaluated the arguments and also about what you valued most. 1,000 character limit


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