Health and safety in security Essay

Subject – Security Industry ProceduresPPS – 7937102SClass – 061S3Teacher – Ben CoyModule Number – 5N1785IntroductionHealth and safety is one of the most important things to a security officer. The security guard has a duty of care too who and what he is securing. New laws came out in 1989 to help reduce health risks in workplaces. In the Heath Safety and Welfare Act 2005 there were laws brought in like prevent improper conduct and behaviour in the workplace, plan, organize and maintain and revise systems of work, inform, instruct, train and supervise their employees etc.

These are just a couple of things brought out in the safety health and welfare act 2005. All people at work must comply with the health and safety legislation. If this is not done the person may be prosecuted or maybe even imprisoned depending on how bad the issue is. Before the health and safety act 1989 there was an enormous fire that broke out in a nightclub in Dublin called Stardust.

When the fire broke out in the club people tried to escape. The exits were blocked, there was chains on the doors of the exits, there were bars on the windows, so therefore everybody had to try escape out the main entrance. Many lives were lost in the Stardust tragedy. Health and safety back then wasn’t as big an issue as it is today this is why so many people have lost their lives in this incident.Outline Heath and Safety requirements including dealing with fire and fire regulations, and other areas, that relate to the role of a security officer.

Fire precautions and procedures are vital in a security guards job. Fire is a very fast killer. Not only will the fire kill you in seconds, so will the smoke from the fire itself. If your lungs fill up with smoke your dead in a matter of seconds. Fires can happen from so many things. Solids can cause fires such as wood and paper.

Liquids can cause fires, liquids such as petrol and various solvents. Gasses can also cause fires, gasses such as propane.There will always be a flammable sign on the back of solvents and other items that are flammable. There are many ways to prevent fires such as being trained and knowing what to do in the event of a fire, knowing codes of practise, planning evacuations in case of a fire, stating the precautions required. All security staff should be highly trained in the event of a fire.

They should be familiarised with fire extinguishers, fire precautions and evacuation procedures. There are five main fire extinguishers which would be red (water), cream (foam), blue (dry powder), black (carbon dioxide) and green (halon). Fire extinguishers usually have safety clips, levers, nozzles, cylinders and a hose output. A security guard must always patrol for fire before he/she starts their shift. A fire can happen anytime and anywhere. Good security is good health and safety and good health and safety is good security.Being a security guard, knowledge of health and safety is very important in any area of security that you do.

If you are patrolling in a night club you would patrol before the building opens to patrons. You would be patrolling for fire, safety and welfare. You must check the lighting, that all the exits aren’t blocked; there is no oil or liquid spillages and other hazards. Every building should have an evacuation plan.

This would help to get people out of the building in an event of a fire in less than two minutes. Fires are more likely to happen in a nightclub because of all the lighting need in the club itself and the smoking area. There would also be a huge amount of electricity for the DJ’s to play. Because of this, security guards have to be extra careful when patrolling the building for hazards that could start a fire. Security guards have a duty of care for the people in the buildings they are securing. If a building is in breach of any health and safety issue the security guard patrolling must record it and report it immediately.The reason why a security officer would report a breach of health and safety is because it could injure someone. Maybe slightly, maybe seriously or maybethe person could die because of this.

No matter how small the breach is it must always be reported. When it is reported to a higher authority then the problem can be dealt with so it won’t cause harm to anybody. You must take note of where you are patrolling, who you are with and what may have caused the breach of health and safety. The security officer should never leave anybody at it in case someone gets injured. Action should be taken immediately when it comes to breach of health and safety.

First aid kits should always be present in every building. First aid kits should consist of plasters, eye pads, safety pins, bandages, wound dressings (large, medium and small), gloves, wipes and eye wash. It is important that these items are present and that a security officer know how to use and deal with them properly. An incident could happen around you at any time. There should also be equipment in the building for chemical splashes or burns. Using latex gloves when assisting to an injured person is very important. These reduce the risk of infection when coming into contact with fluids from another human body.

If ever in a serious incident with a person you must always call an ambulance or the Gardaí. You must never put your own life at risk in these situations. Think about yourself first. Always stay with the person that is injured. Make sure he/she has space away from other people and that they are comfortable until an ambulance or the Gardaí arrive.ConclusionsIn doing this essay I have learned that health and safety is one of the most important things in a security guards job.

Without health and safety it wouldn’t really make sense. Being a security guard is not all about preventing people from stealing from shops and buildings, it also means protecting people. Some security guards commit to health and safety so much that they have saved people’s lives. Not only in the security industries, in any line of work health and safety should always come first.

Less people will get hurt or injured or die. I would have no recommendations for health and safety. I think health and safety speaks for itself which it should.

It should always come first in any line of work. Good security is good health and safety and good health and safety is good security.


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