Health and Safety Unit 3 Btec National Ext Diploma Essay

The Sunshine Care Home ( this is not a real care home) The care home is for residential care of older people. Everyone is assessed before they join the home. Everyone is over 65 years of age and single. The majority of residents are able to walk a short distance unaided by using a walking aid. Two residents are wheel chair users. The Management of Health and Safety At Work Act 1996 This is a law passed by parliament.

All places of work need to carry out risk assessments to look for any risks that might injure the people who work there. The risks are then minimized. In the Sunshine Care Home there will be written policies describing the safest way of working. There will also be procedures that all staff have to follow when they are working, As part of these policies all new staff will be given an induction and regular training so they know what to do safely. If there are any changes these must be reported to the manager. This will help keep the staff safe and prevent accidents and also keep the residents and visitors safe.

The 1992 Manual Handling Regulations These are regulations which were agreed in the I-J and all health and social care facilities have to follow the law. In the Sunshine Home there will be a written policy describing how this law is carried out and written procedures to follow. These will include risk assessments for aspects of the work that the staff have to do. Some of these will be with inanimate objects. Many will include each resident or service user. For example helping service users in and out of the bath. What to do if someone falls over.

All new staff will have training and regular training will be provided. If there are any changes then the manager will need to be informed and the risk assessment will be updated. This will help keep the service users safe because they will not be hurt by the staff. This will help keep the staff from hurting their backs and shoulders whilst they are working. Fire Regulations In Sunshine home there will be written policies and procedures for preventing fires and to make sure that all staff and service users know what to do if a fire breaks out.

The first thing is a risk assessment for fire. This will be carried out regular. Staff will follow procedures by attending training and carrying out regular fire drills. All the fire fighting equipment and alarms will be checked. Electrical equipment will be checked. This will help keep everyone safe so that if there is a fire the fire department can be summoned quickly and staff will help to evacuate or keep people in a safe area.


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