Health and Social Care Essay

Ai Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship. * A working relationship involves spending time with senior members of staff, colleagues and service users and the time spent together is strictly professional and boundaries must not be crossed. However a personal relationship involves enjoying a social life, spending time with family and friends and completing desired extracurricular activities.

* A working relationship involves colleagues communicating and cooperating with each other in a respectful manner.Colleagues should aim to resolve disputes and conflicts appropriately, thinking about the conflict resolution process and adhering to the company’s grievance procedure. However if an argument occurs between those involved in a personal relationship then the disagreement would likely be resolved differently and not professionally. * A working relationship involves sharing information to only those who have a right to it and need to know it, such individuals are known as ‘agreed others’ and include doctors, nurses, advocates to name but a few examples.

However the nature of sharing information is unlimited when involved in a personal relationship, the individual can choose how much or how little they would like to share with the other person. Aii Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting. * The relationship between a care worker and senior staff, including their supervisor, team coordinator and manager.

* The relationship between a care worker and health professionals, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists. Aiii Explain why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family.It is important to work in partnership with individuals using the service and those surrounding each individual, including their families because working together is essential to ensure the individual receives the best care and support possible. Working in partnership with the individual and their family is also essential to help protect the individual from harm and abuse. Working together involves listening, communicating and sharing ideas, opinions and relevant information. An individual in receipt of support and their family could provide useful information to the social care worker; supporting the social care worker in their role.

The social care worker could use the information to provide more fitting support, meeting the individual’s specific requirements, ultimately supporting that individual to live as much of a fulfilled and independent life as possible. For example, communication difficulties may exist between the individual and their social care worker, so a family member could share information with the care worker, helping to enlighten the care worker on how to communicate with the individual in the best way possible. Improved communication will enable the individual to be listened to and supported in ways of their choosing.Aiv Identify three ways of working that can help improve partnership working. * Effective communication and listening. * Sharing ideas, information and making suggestions.

* Reporting information accurately. Av When people with different views and expertise are working together; they may disagree about the best way forward. Identify five different skills or approaches that might help to resolve conflict. * Working together to find a win-win solution.

* Using a mediator or adhering to a mediation process. * Having the patience to listen to each other and not interrupt or talk over each other. Give each other the chance and opportunity to share ideas. * Negotiate in a professional manner using effective and respectful communication. Avi Explain two ways you could obtain support and advice about working in partnership and resolving conflicts. * An employee could approach a colleague or a senior member of staff such as a supervisor or a manager to gain additional support and advice about conflict resolution and working in partnership.

Advice and support would be provided and the manager could even advise the employee to complete a relevant training course.This would help the employee to strengthen existing skills and develop new techniques and approaches to be able to effectively resolve disputes and work in partnership with others. * Support and advice about conflict resolution and working in partnership can also be obtained from external agencies such as the Care Quality Commission. Furthermore the internet could be used to research relevant care organisations, it would be worthwhile to contact such organisations as they would be able to provide useful information regarding partnership working and conflict resolution and could even recommend other services to contact.


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