Heart of Darkness: Kurtz Symbolism Essay

In the heart of Darkness, where all things are essentially dark, such as the brutality of Imperialism, there lies one man who loses his conscious. He forgets all morals, he cannot see the line between right or wrong. In the novella, one finds Kurt mysterious at first. With Marrow narrating his Lorene through the Congo Just to find Kurt, he eventually understands that Kurt has gone mad. The Victorian lifestyle In which Kurt Is from is one of a moralistic living, everything must be proper, and everyone must be educated.

However, Kurt, the further he is from society, the more his ability to negotiate right verses wrong becomes extinct. With that said, being so far and so deep Into the heart of Darkness, Africa, he has no concept of reality. He Is In another world, Marrow describes how Kurt beheaded the “savage” natives and placed their heads on pikes around the station, as a sort of caution or warning. Kurt acts according to his analysts desires. Unlike modernized society, at his point of Insanity that Kurt was portrayed as, If he needed money, he would rob bank without hesitation.

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If he had strong sexual desires for another woman besides the one his is with, he will have an affair. In which he did. Kurt becomes attracted to a native woman. Although she is described as uniquely beautiful, she is so devoted to Kurt, that she is willing to do anything to keep him in the Congo, a mutual feeling. Therefore, upon Quartz’s consent, the native woman attacks the boat to keep Kurt in Africa.

While all of these evil deeds are occurring, the killing of natives, placing heads on pikes, having an affair with another woman, and commanding an attack on a steam oat; Quartz’s Intended has no idea of Quartz’s conformed mental processes.In the end of the novel, Kurt is dying and before he dies he cries “The horror! The horror! ” Chick can be defined as the universal meaning of his realization that all of his evil and immoral acts were wrong, or the real “horror” are the views of Imperialism and Victorian living. He did not miraculously return to reality in his last minutes. No, his cry was his way of expressing his hatred for modernized worlds,


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