M1.A1 – Certifications in the Field of Information TechnologyCompTIA Security +Alexander EstevaCIS1321Dr. Elodie BillionniereSpring 2018Certification of Interest        In the field of Information Technology, there are a myriad of certifications that one can obtain. Specialized certifications test competence in virtually all areas of the field ranging from a basic understanding of information systems to network architecture.

Most, if not all, of these certifications provide qualified candidates with an accredited way to show their competence and training to potential employers. In addition to a formal education, these certifications boost a candidates resume and in turn increase their chances of being selected for a desired position.    One certification in particular that interests me is the CompTIA Security + certification. This certification is offered by CompTIA, a world renowned company that provides training and certifications in different sects of IT in order to match qualified and knowledgeable employees with in-demand positions within the workforce. In order to obtain this certification, one must pass the Security + exam, coded SY0-501, with a passing score of 750 on a scale from 100-900. Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam and have to answer a maximum of 90 questions. Per the CompTIA website, the exam costs $330.00 per attempt.

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CompTIA uses Pearson-VUE certified testing centers to administer all certification exams. The closest and most convenient authorized testing center for me would be at the MDC Kendall Campus at 11011 SW 104th St Rm. R513, Miami, FL 33176. CompTIA does present a recommended pathway of training and prior certifications leading to the Security + exam. The company recommends that a candidate completes the IT Fundamentals, A+, and N+ certifications as well as gains at least 2 years of IT administration experience with a security focus prior to attempting the exam.

No mention of concrete pre-requisites are made on the exam information page. CompTIA, as well as other independent providers, offer training programs and practice exams for each certification. Both instructor-led and self-study formats are offered. All links where the information for this certification was obtained from is included in the References section.Employment Prospects    After a brief search on Indeed.com, a position for an Analyst I – IT Securtiy for the Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL was found. Within the job posting, the employer mentions that one of the certifications/licenses that are desired for qualified candidates is the CompTIA Security +.

The job description explains that this position entails monitoring all IT systems and identifying any threats to the security of company and patient information. The candidate must also be able to mitigate any compromises or breaches of security while maintaining all company policies and standards. Within a structured IT department, the individual in this position would work with system administrators, technicians, and management staff to support and maintain the company’s IT systems and ensure the security of all data. In this particular case, information security is extremely important due to the nature of the information being handled. Patient information within a healthcare system is guarded at all costs due to HIPAA legislation, which involves the protection and privacy of all health information.

Conclusion    My interest within the IT field remains solidified within the realm of cyber security. Protecting sensitive information from attacks and breaches fascinates me. The way in which our society is becoming ever so heavily dependent on technology also leads me to believe that the future holds an infinite amount of success for IT personnel. I look forward to training and learning in order to obtain my Security + certification among others that would help me succeed in my career.References“CompTIA Security .” CompTIA Security Certification, certification.comptia.org/certifications/security#exampreparation.“Job Detail – 61027BR.” Memorial Healthcare System, careers.mhs.net/job/7911131/analyst-i-it-security-hollywood-fl/.


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