ABSTRACT The “Pharmacy ManagementSystem” has been developed to override the problems prevailing in thepracticing manual system .this software is supported to eliminate and in somecases reduce the hardships faced by this existing system .moreover this systemis designed for the particular need of the company to carry out operations in asmooth and effective manner. The purposeof Pharmacy Management System is to automate the existing manual system by thehelp of computerized equipment’s and full-fledged computer software, fulfillingtheir requirements, so that their valuable data/information can be stored for alonger period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same. The requiredsoftware and hardware are easily available and easy to work with. Pharmacy System Management, as described before.

It’s can help the user to focuson their other activities in stand of to focus on the record keeping. That itwill help company in better utilization of resources. The organization canmaintain computerized records without redundant entries. That means that oneneed not be distracted by information that is not relevant, while being able toget the information.

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The aim is to automate its existing manual system by thehelp of computerized equipment’s and full-fledged computer software, fulfillingtheir requirements, so that their valuable data/formation can be stored for a longer period with easy accessingand manipulation of the same. Basically the project describes how to manage forgood performance and better services for the clients. Every organization, whether big or small, has challenges to overcome and managing the informations of Medicines, Pharmacy, Company, Sells, Pharmcy. Every Pharmacy Management System has different Pharmacy needs, therefore we design exclusive employee management systems that are adapted to your managerial requirements. This is designed to help in strategic planning, and will help you ensure that your organization is equipped with the right level of information and details for your future goals. Also, for those busy executive who are *ways on the go, our systems come with remote access features, which will a low you to manage your workforce anytime, at all times. These systems will ultimate y a low you to better manage resources.

                                     1.INTRODUCTIONThe development of pharmacy management system what is meant here is the process of automating any conversion from work depends on the human effort in everything to work based on information technology or building the information system of the company The purpose of the automation or establishment of the information system of the company is to reduce errors and achieve the highest rate of validity of data entered and reduce the cost by combining the data shared in a single database while maintaining the independence and purpose of control and relationship and maintain their exit from reports as they are according to their importance in the manual system.The purpose of building the information system of the company helps in the decision-making processes easily and accurately since the information system stores all the data is the main source of information if the accuracy of the data and the availability of information accurately and the system helped speed decision-making appropriate and helps in the planning and control of the company And reducing the time for workers, which leads to any reduction in costAnd these reasons lead to achieving the highest rate of profitability to the organization that wants to automate its work.Making automation of the work and the establishment of information systems for the organizations is very important to achieve the full administrative success of any system, whatever type of work.Mechanization occurs as a natural result in the life cycle of systems.Life cycle model of systems: It is meant that any system has a period of time and then become unusable for any non-compatible with the current environment and must be replaced by a new system or developed to match the current environment, For example, the current pharmacy management system, which is mechanized in the past, relies on records and manual works in everything. It is now not compatible with the current environment. It is replaced by a new system based on computer and information technology to be more in line with the surrounding environment.

There are several systematic steps within the life cycle model of systems.This project has four main process:·         Part 1: The area of research or study and its importance for science, technology or national economy  Part 2: What was done in this area before and what problems were still not solved or solved not satisfactory Part. ·         3: What is the goal of this paper and what is new in the proposed method Part.·         4: Outline of the paper.   2. RELATED WORKS:Disadvantagesof old systemAs weknow the manual process is quite tedious, time consuming, less accurate incomparison to computerized processing. Obviously the present system is not isexception consultant encountering all the above problems.

1.     Time Consuming.2.

     It is very tedious.3.     All information is not placed separately. 4.     Lot of paper work.5.

     Slow data processing not user-friendly environment.6.     It is difficult to found records duefile management system. Advantagesof new system1.     In new computerized system I triedto give these facilities. 2.

     Manually system changes into computerizedsystem. 3.     Friendly user interface. 4.

     Time saving. Save paper.5.     Connecting to database so we use differenttype of queries, data report. Give facility of different type of inquiry 6.

     Formatted data.7.     Data’s are easily approachable. 3.IMPORTANCE OF PROBLEM·        To computerize all details regarding importer,customer details & pharmacy details.·        To automate the process of wardentries.·        To maintain records effectively.

·        To manage current store of pharmacyand availability.·        The project has information regardingthe importer details, customerDetails, billing details and sales details. This project includes modules such as1)  Staff Details ·         Personnel Details·         Give special authentication to each user·        Monitor stuff actions   2)  Customer Details ·         Personnel Details·        Count customer balance 2)  Importer Details ·         Personnel Details·        Count importer balance  3) Product Details·        profit ·        expired data·        amount of products·        Item place on store ·        Company provide it4)  Billing ·         Add item ·        Delete item ·        Make discount for item  ·         Sales and buy billing·        Resale and rebuy5)  Expired report  Goals & Objectives ofpharmacy management system:·        Pharmacy Management Module: Used for managingthe Pharmacy details.

·        Inventory Module: Used for managing thedetails of Inventory ·        Sells Module Used for managing the details ofSells ·        Medicines Management Module: Used for managingthe information and details of the Medicines. ·        Stocks Module _ Used for manage ng the Stocksdetails ·        Company Module : Used for managing theCompany informations ·        Login Module. Used for managing the logindetails ·        Users Module Used for manage ng the users ofthe system       Utilization of pharmacy management system:   It may help collecting perfect management in details. In a very short time, the collection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will help a person to know the Management of passed year perfectly and vividly. It also helps in current all works relative to Pharmacy Management System.

It will be also reduced the cost of collecting the management and collection procedure will go on smoothly. My project aims at Business process automation, I have tried to computerize various processes of Pharmacy Management System. ·         In computer system the person has to fill the various forms number of copies of the forms can be easily generated at a time.

·         In computer system, it’s not necessary to create the manifest but we can directly print it, which saves our time. ·         To assist the staff n capturing the effort spent on their respective working areas. ·         To utilize resources in an efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation. ·         The system generates types of information that can be used for various purposes. ·         It satisfy the user requirement ·         Be easy to understand by the user and operator ·         Be easy to operate ·         Have a good user interface ·         Be expandable·         Delivered on schedule within the budget ·          Functionalities provided by Pharmacy Management System are asfollows: ·        Provides the searching facilities based onvarious factors. Such as Pharmacy, Stocks, Company, Inventory  ·        Pharmacy Management System also manage theSells detais on ine fc« Company details, Inventory details, Pharmacy.  ·        It tracks all the information of Medicines,Sells, Company ect  ·        Manage the information of Medicines  ·        Shows the information and description of thePharmacy, Stocks  ·        To increase efficiency of managing thePharmacy, Medicines  ·        It deals with monitoring the information andtransactions of Company.

 ·        Manage the information of Pharmacy  ·        Editing, adding and updating of Records simproved which results n proper resource management of Pharmacy data.  ·        Manage the information of company  ·        Integration of all records of inventory           Reports of Pharmacy Management System:  ·        It generates the report on Pharmacy,Medicines, Sells ·        Provide filter reports on Stocks, Company,Inventory ·        You can easily export PDF for the Pharmacy,Sells, Company ·        Application also provides excel export forMedicines, Stocks, Inventory ·        You can also export the report into csvformat for Pharmacy, Medicines, Inventory   3. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY:When student has an idea for a Graduation project to be graduate from university,how does that idea become reality? How do they go about making it happen? Iselected the systems-development life cycle (SDLC).1.     SystemAnalysis2.     SystemDesign3.     Implementation4.

     Testing  3.1 System Analysis To create this system,it need serval of tools and environment is use for developing the proposed ofproject. The Programming that software is created byprogramming is the process of making set of order and logical instructions fora digital device to follow using aprogramming language. The functional of programming is usually called coding inorder to the syntax of a programming language is not in a form that all canunderstand it, it is in code .The process of developing a software is not alwayseasy, sitting down and writing some code.



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