There are times when we often have such things as comforting souls, or committing suicide.1, think of your parents, think about your loved ones, they will be sad when you die, you still have the heart to leave them, make them sad? So do not die.This comfort discourse is actually taboo.

Because of a person caught in negative emotions, it is easy to have the idea of ??self-denial, feel useless, completely negate themselves.You say he died family will be sad, in his hearing is such a meaning: Yes, I will only make others sad, I live only to bring pain to others, only to others to spread negative energy, in order not to be affected Others, still dead, so I will not let others sad.You want to wake him up with guilt, but many of you who commit suicide are often too guilty. They will feel that being alive will only hurt others and make others feel uncomfortable. If you say that, they will only make them even want to commit suicide.2, what is your pain, ah, you see me, how, I am much worse than you, so do not be sad.It is counterproductive for you to be so consolation, because your discourse denies his pain, and the pain of everyone is real, and to him, it would be such a meaning: Yeah, you are so bitter Not sad, I am a little trifling moan, I’m useless, really fragile, I useless people or die, anyway, no slightest value.To comfort a desperate person, not to say some critical words to stimulate him.

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Not so much, your family will be sad to you, it is better to say to him: you are happy everyone is happy. Because the former discourse is in a negation, denying his value, and depressed people often self-denial, you should learn to affirm him, affirmed his positive side, let him find that he is valuable, not without merit Let him know that he is alive to make everyone happy.You deny his pain, saying that his pain is worth mentioning, but you have to understand that even a baby crying, his tears are true, he is really distraught, you deny his pain, Only make him feel useless, a little trivial will be painful, will only be more desperate, more want to commit suicide.Rather than rejecting his pain, he must affirm his active struggles, attempts and behaviors in pain, so that he can be so positive and awesome in his pain. Learn to let him see his positive side.

Understand yourself as a strong, positive person.Depression often accompanied by self-denial thinking, denied everything, and then desperate helplessness, no sense of worth. So, if you want to comfort them, you should start from affirming them, let them focus on their positive side, let them really feel that they are valuable.

Discover their positive emotions and behaviors without letting them be more frustrated.Let them understand that only by living, by working hard, and by their own enjoyment can we bring happiness and happiness to the world instead of letting them see how their own sufferings, discomfort and suicide have caused losses to the world.In addition, to persuade others to use less critical discourse, do not say it is right, that is wrong, do not say that you are not working, how should be, try to use some objective non-judgmental discourse , That listening, do not judge his definition of the word. Do not try to give advice on what to do in your words.In another answer, I said that in order to find a sense of accomplishment and to eliminate frustration, it is precisely this meaning.

In fact, it is often denied to those with depression that they can not see their positive side and can not see their own value at all.


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