Inthe article “Mother Tongue”, the author Amy Tan emphasizes the concept that weall speak different languages unintentionally, and she expresses a perspective on the English language in variousoutlooks of English. Tan, starts off by definingwhat a writer means to her, which is someone who is intrigued by and loveslanguage. English is quite a complex language, especially to foreigners, whichis the main idea of this writing.

Tan mainly talking about her mother and herspoken English, which would often be described as, “broken”,”fractured”, or “limited”. All three of these terms used todescribe her mother’s language hint that there is room for improvement. Tanwould like to disagree with this statement, saying that she understands hermother’s tongue well, as well as a majority of the people Tan has asked.Learning a new, foreign language, is difficult for anyone, but the Englishlanguage is particularly harder because of all the grammar rules andexceptions. Foreigners do not do so well on academic tests such as the SATsbecause they simply cannot comprehend the analogies and fill-in-the-blanks aswell as native speakers do.

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An SAT vocabulary isn’t needed to be a successfulwriter because you only need to write to your audience. In Amy Tan’s story,”The Joy Luck Club”, she wrote the entire story in the variousdifferent English’s she has been exposed to. As a result, her mothercompliments her on how easy it was to read.  Tan describes how we speakdifferently to family compared to how we speak to people out in public. Moreimportantly Tan describes that we have a completely different language that wespeak within our own families and a different language that we speak outin public. Amy relates to the experiences of her mother here in America todescribe why she believes that we speak a different language to our familiescompared to the language we speak in public.

Amy also talksabout how by her helping her mother has giving her the ability to learnand experience how language is used as a tool within the social andcultural aspects of society. Amy’s rebellious nature has giving her thestrength to continue her pursuit as a writer and lover of language when she gother English major.


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