High Percentage in Suicide Risk among Sexual Minority Youth

The article “Gay, lesbian, and bisexual high schoolers report ‘tragically high’ suicide risk” by Aimee Cunningham, was published December 19.

In this article the author says in studies the percentage of sexual minority youth compared to heteresexual youth are in higher risk to attempt suicide than their heteresexual peers. The author states “In a nationwide survey in 2015, 40 percent of adolescents who identified as one of these sexual minorities or said they were unsure of their orientation reported seriously considering suicide. Thirty-five percent reported planning suicide, and 25 percent reported attempting suicide.” In comparison heteresexual high schoolers have 15% considering suicide, 12%  planning suicide, and 6% attempting suicide. In the survey that was taken researchers knew that these mental health problems were caused by “social stigma and harassment.” Because the difference in suicide risk is so big, researchers wanted people to be aware of this. They concluded that people should show that all are accepted so that they won’t feel they don’t belong. This way they can feel a part of society and won’t have such bad thoughts.

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In this article they talk about a very important issue that is nationwide. I chose this article because I wanted to see how scientists tackled gathering information. I wanted to see other people’s view on this topic and what they thought should be done. The suicidal attempt that they talk about is during a period where everyone is beginning to be their own person, and wanting to kill yourself before discovering that needs to be addressed.

Schools, parents, new kids that come to the school, everyone needs to know about this topic because it’s not okay. There could be a kid in your class that is thinking of ending the life they were given and you wouldn’t even know. Mostly because of their sexuality so I believe others should be more aware of this. Parents wouldn’t want their kids to suddenly die and not know why or regret because they didn’t know how to help. All these people that cared for this person, are devastated because their sexuality was not accepted and that drove them to the brink. I feel like friends should talk about this to be more comfortable and see their perspectives on if they’d help or leave it. This way you can feel closer knowing they have your ideas and you’ll have a sense of awareness. Parents and teachers should talk to the student about this if they notice something, and parents in general should talk with their kids daily.

Scientists should continue to take surveys and compare yearly just to see if anything is improving.


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