High School Conformism Sample Essay

Throughout bulk of my high school life. I ever questioned why things operated the manner they did. Being forced to travel to a topographic point. or my parents could perchance travel to imprison. To be honorable it kind of felt like a indoctrination.

Traveling at that place I noticed everything was controlled and different societal groups where created based on different peoples personalities. The sarcasm of it all is that from a immature age school seemed to back individualism. yet hypocritical policies such as school uniforms still took topographic point later in the old ages.I questioned why there was so much conformance ; why was everyone so disquieted about suiting in? While I can’t be the voice for every-ones’ logical thinking behind peer force per unit area. I can give my ain ground for on occasion feelings of equal force per unit area. The first 2 old ages of high school felt really much like a battle for my individualism.

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I’d find multiple ways to do myself experience as if I was different ; for case devising alterations to my uniform. I besides would follow subculture Stereotypes. although at the clip I didn’t recognize it was simple was force per unit area: The force per unit area to draw off from what I considered societal emptiness. This was a stage gratefully. and gratefully I slowly I began to recognize ; I was basically making what other pupils where making. but queerly for the opposite logical thinking ( to acquire off from conformity ) .I’d say its a great learning experience. and merely set.

The best manner to endeavor for individualism is non endeavoring for individualism. When you force yourself to be different. conditions it be following a subculture ( beyond your ain personal beliefs ) . or non wishing a political orientation without making your ain research. You’ll decidedly fall into the ignorance of conformity.

After coming to these decisions. I decided to go more societal ; sing new things so I could hold a sentiment. instead than stagnate in ignorance. I’ve learned a batch in respects to life. but most significantly I learned a batch about myself.

I can eventually state that I am a person. I believe high school has decidedly had a impact on me. although I’m sure it wasn’t there purpose to give me such enlightenment.


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