Hillary Clinton’s Persuasive Style Essay

Hillary Clinton is decidedly one of the most popular presidential aspirers of the Democrat Party.

Her experiences as first lady coupled with her extended service in American political relations have given her the strength one needs to run for the highest administrative place in the state. Her appeal and direct-to-the-point attack in covering with issues have earned her adequate protagonists. However.

the addresss and interviews she has had for her run are besides superb cogent evidence of her command of the art of persuasion.Propaganda is non bad in itself because it can work to people’s advantages even if the word itself sounds negative ( Cross 123 ) . In elections. nevertheless. the persuasion techniques of campaigners can deflect unwary electors of the true issues that need to be discussed. The end of the campaigner is ever to convert the audience that he or she has the ability to take – even if it means casual people. Clinton can be really persuasive if her hearers are non cognizant of her techniques. It is really easy to be persuaded by Hillary Clinton because she uses every possible manner of converting her audience that she is the right pick for president.

She is expert in utilizing the English linguistic communication to hike her opportunities in winning her readers’ consent to what she says. She even uses different rhetoric manners to impart credibleness to her address. In her addresss before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund ( PPAF ) in July 2007 and during Super Tuesday. she showed that she can utilize techniques like name-calling.

glistening generalizations. plain-folks entreaty. argumentum ad populum. argumentum ad hominem. card stacking.

and bandwagon to her favour. Clinton opened her address to the PPAF by utilizing persuasion techniques like transportation and argumentum ad populum.She acknowledged her friendly relationship with Cecile Richards. president of the organisation. and praised her attempts to acquire the favour of her audience. Clinton used the transportation technique because by tie ining herself with Richards. she is able to acquire the assurance of her audience.

In making so. she was besides able to utilize plain-folks entreaty because she was besides able to link herself as an advocator of Richards’ rules which shows that she is one with her audience. Clinton used name-calling and glistening generalizations frequently to set accent and play to her claims.Although she ne’er used name-calling towards any specific individual. she used the technique to demo what she thought of certain rules of the incumbent disposal. She referred to the household be aftering guidelines as “anti-science.

anti-prevention policies” ( qtd. in Echevarria 2007 par. 14 ) . She besides showed her disgust over new Medicaid regulations by name-calling it “burdensome new Medicaid certification requirements” ( par. 22 ) On the other manus. she used the glistening generalizations technique to elate the self-importance of her audience by stating that “you are the lone topographic point to turn to” ( par. ) and “often the 1s who are the exclusive advocators for women” ( par. 3 ) .

To capture her audience. Clinton was ever happening ways to do the people hear what they wanted to hear through argumentum ad populum. She kept elating the audience of PPAF by stating things like.

“thank you for your bravery. thank you for your dedication. and thank you for your committedness to our Constitutional rights” ( par. 4 ) . Her hearers during Super Tuesday were besides soothed by her descriptions of them as “moms and pas who want a better universe for our children” and “young people who deserve a universe of opportunity” ( qtd.

n The Associated Press 2008 par. 1 )However. her contempt over the Bush disposal was ne’er concealed and she was blunt plenty to utilize the argumentum ad hominem technique to throw her remarks on the prevalent policies of the current authorities. She describes Bush as “a president who listens merely to the particular interests” ( par. 2 ) to do her audience think that she is better than he. To demo that she had done better in advancing women’s wellness and better sex instruction. she accused the current leader of holding “played political relations with women’s health…and he’s worked to turn Washington. D.

C. into an evidence-free zone where facts are low-level to ideology and sentiment. ( Echevarria par. 13 ) .Another popular persuasive technique that campaigners like Clinton have used is card stacking wherein the information being divulged during the address are merely those that would back up the speaker’s claims.

In Echevarria’s written text of her address at PPAF. Clinton claimed that unintended gestations were cut by tierce from the 1990s to 2000s because of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy ( par. 16 ) .Here. she uses the ethos rhetoric manner by demoing that she has the credibleness to take and hold a say in the issue. However.

harmonizing to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who made 23 different surveies of the exigency contraceptive method used by the run. the program failed “to achieve any statistically important decrease in rates of unintended gestations and abortion” ( Raymond. et. Al.

2007 181-188 cited in par. 4 ) One of the most popular techniques used by all campaigners is the bandwagon. Clinton decidedly used this technique in her addresss.For the PPAF. she calls the audience to vote for her by stating “when we take back the White House” ( Echevarria par.

25 ) . She besides makes the hearers take up her cause by stating. “with good information. good instruction. and good health care we can authorise adult females and girls” ( par. 41 ) On the other manus. she has chosen to utilize this technique to shut her address on Super Tuesday. She kept utilizing the word “we” to demo her solidarity with the people in seeking alteration in the disposal.

Phrases like “we much continue to be a state that strives ever to give each of our kids a better future” ( The Associated Press par. 3 ) and “give us this state to mend. this universe to take. this minute to seize” ( par.

24 ) served to motivate powerful emotions among Americans to impel her towards the presidential place. Clinton loved utilizing the poignancy rhetoric manner which is an entreaty based on the emotion “The Art of Rhetoric” par. 8 ) . She does this by praising and thanking her audience many times within her addresss. In her address with the PPAF. Clinton besides used the logos rhetoric manner in doing her audience understand how Bush’s policies have become a disadvantage to immature adult females.

She uses mentions like Mathematica to demo that her stance on the hapless sex instruction that adolescents are now acquiring is right. Hillary Clinton is a tough presidential campaigner because she is really good in utilizing persuasive linguistic communication to do her audience feel that she is one with them in all their concerns. She uses what she can of the persuasive techniques available and Aristotle’s rhetoric manners to capture her audience and travel them to see her as the best campaigner for the presidential term.


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