Hitler and the Jews Essay

I am going to do some assignment about Hitler and the Jews. I will first of all talking about bullying since the history of the Germans and the Jews is in case of extreme bullying. Bullying basically means a wilful intention to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. Bullying is divided into three parts which can be physical or verbal or both.Bullying includes the groups of insiders and outsiders.

An insider is usually a person a person who is well known by the others and got respect from them. An insider could be a clever student, a smart and rich person, or a person who is well known by the others. Meanwhile, outsider is the one who usually being bullied by the insiders. Outsider is usually a person who doesn’t well known by the others. They could be a new person from other place, a different race or colour or religion or someone who can’t afford to buy expensive things. They usually feel like outsider because they are so different from the others. They usually feel lonely and scared. Outsiders were usually the victim by the insiders which are more powerful than them.

Bullying could be either physical or verbal or both. Physical bullying is a physical assault, beatings and violent attacks including gangs. This could be kicking, punching, arm twisting or pushing. And verbal bullying is like leaving people (usually the outsiders) out.

Verbal bullying also could be name calling or using language that puts people down. Besides that, it could also teasing, sarcasm, saying nasty hurtful personal things or sexual and racial abuse.For an example of bullying, I would give the example of the situation of bullying in a school. An insider in a school could be a well known student who is not new to other students or teachers.

This means that the student could probably entered school in Year 7 or so. All students and teachers know them because they’re not new but an outsider could be someone who entered the school in Year 9 or later than that. This student is not well known by the other students and teachers and feels left out from the school.

The insiders could probably bully the student because they think they are more powerful than them and there would probably no one who could help the new one.This case of bullying is the same case as the case in Germany after World War One. The Nazis feel that they are the master race or an Aryan who could only could be a person who got a blonde hair and blue eyes.WHY HITLER HATED THE JEWSIn 1939 there were eight million Jews living in Europe. Between 1939 and 1945 six million Jewish were murdered in the parts of Europe controlled by the Nazis. This attempt to wipe out the Jewish population is known as Holocaust.Christian Europe had regarded the Jews as the ‘Christ-killers’ for hundred of years. Jews had also been driven out of almost every European country.

This deep prejudice against the Jews was strong in Germany where the Jews population was very large. After the First World War hundreds of Jews were murdered. In Germany, the Jews were blamed for the defeat in the war. Prejudice against the Jews grew during the economic depression which followed. Many Germans were poor and unemployed and always wanted someone to blame. They turned on the Jews, many of whom were rich and successful in business.During the 1920’s, Hitler’s Nazi Party began preaching hatred towards Jews. The party’s private army, the Storm troopers beat up Jews in the streets.

By 1930 unemployment and poverty had returned to Germany and support for the Nazis grew. People voted for Hitler mainly because they thought he would solve Germany’s economic problems, but Nazi views on the Jews were also well known. During the election campaigns of the early 1930’s Hitler made speeches attacking the Jews, and his Storm troopers publicly murdered and beat up Jews, yet the Germans still voted for Hitler. Therefore, he was powerful enough to take the country.Hitler also hated the Jews because of their different look, different religion, tradition, culture, food, and they speak Hebrew. He also saw the Jews as a threat to the so-called superior Aryan race, which was white (blonde hair and blue eyes) and mainly Germans.PART 1Hitler was obsessed with the Jews. In his writings and speeches there was a mixture of racist hate and fear.

Hitler thinks that he was superior and perfect and started the deep prejudice against the Jews. In source one, Hitler wrote ‘Wherever I went, I now saw Jews, and the more I saw, the more sharply they set themselves apart in my eyes from the rest of the humanity’. This quote was taken from the ‘Mein Kamph’ which means ‘My Struggle’. The Mein Kamph is the book that Hitler wrote while he’s in prison.The book tells what he believes the Jews were like.

This source is a primary source which is taken from the time. The information in this source tells a bit about the Holocaust. It is an important source because it tells us what did Hitler actually thinks of the Jews while he is in prison.Propaganda and stereotype were also included in the action to separate the Jews from the community. Propaganda is the way you spread in messages such as newspaper and radio. Stereotype is the description from people about some people life, tradition, look or religion. It did not take long for Hitler to put his hatred into practice. During 1933, 36 Jews were murdered.

Thousands were sent to concentration camps. Placards appeared outside shops and cafes and beside roads leading to towns and villages, reading ‘Jews not wanted’. But the end of 1933 over 35,000 Jews had fled away from Germany. Some went to set up to Palestine, where the Jews wanted to set up a Jewish state, others to the USA and Britain.Hitler used newspaper and radios to convince the German people of his ideas about the Jews and other society. In source two, a beer mat is shown which says ‘whoever buys from a Jew is a traitor to his people’.

The beer mat got a face of a Jew which could be the stereotype of Jews people. The face shows a fat man who got a big nose, bald, an ugly face with beard. These stereotypes were used in propaganda which shows Hitler is avoiding his people from buying things from the Jews. This source is a primary source because it is taken from the time. This source is important because it tells us how the Jews were treated after World War 1.

People could be affected by this and could start to hate the Jews if they were continuously surrounded by propaganda like this.In source four, a picture of a two Jews student were standing in front of the class staring at the floor. The inscription on the blackboard reads ‘The Jews is our greatest enemy! Beware of the Jews!”.

This shows that the Jews were separated from the society and were humiliated. Hitler wanted the young generation to avoid the Jews as they were their enemy.This is a primary source but it couldn’t be trusted 100% because the picture could be posed for and the two pupils are acting in front of the camera.

However, there is still information we can get from it. It shows that the Jews were humiliated at that time. I think that source 2 is more useful than source four and it shows that Hitler is trying to separate them from the community and tries to make the Germans hate and get away from them. The Germans couldn’t even buy anything from the Jews.During the late 1930’s physical attacks on the Jewish community increased as Nazi propaganda worked. On 9 November 1938 the Nazis carried out what they called ‘Kristallnacht’ which means ‘the night of the broken glasses’. All over Germany Nazi Storm troopers broke into and smashed up tens of thousands of Jewish shops, homes, and synagogues. In many places ordinary Germans joined in and helped them.

At source six, the picture shows a synagogue burns in Siegen, Germany. This source is a primary source and it is important to show what happened during Kristallnacht. This shows that Hitler is trying to destroy the Jews properties and hurt them.While in source 5, it shows that the Germans soldiers is cutting the beard of an elderly Jew in Poland. This source is also a primary. It is an important source because it shows that the Jews are humiliated and the elderly Jew in the picture seems he is scared and sad.

All these sources show that the extreme form of bullying has occurred. Source six is the most useful because I think this picture shows the real action and it also shows how the Jew are treated by the Nazis in the late 1930’s. Once Hitler had convinced people the Jews were less than human the next stage of persecution was to separate Jews from the society. This happened by taking their rights and physically, by taking away their homes and freedom. This happened by taking when Hitler wanted to separate the Jews from the Germany community. In source three, Hitler made rules that any relationships between Jews and citizens of German blood are forbidden. Even the already married one had to divorce and their relationships are no longer valid.

Hitler also decided that no Jew can be a German citizen. In source seven, there are lots of restrictions for Jews. Hitler had done this to separate the Jews from the community. The source read ‘Jews must wear a Jewish star; Jews must hand in their bicycles, Jews are banned from trains and forbidden to drive, Jews are only allowed to do their shopping between 3 and 5 o’clock and then only in shops which bear the placard ‘Jewish Shop’. Jewish must be indoors by 8 o’clock and cannot even sit in the gardens after that hour. Jews are forbidden to visit theatres, cinemas and other places of entertainment.

Jews may not take part in public sports. Swimming baths, tennis courts, hockey fields and other sports ground are prohibited for them. Jews may not visit Christians.Jews must go to Jewish school and many more restrictions of a similar kind’. These sources suggest that Hitler had tried to avoid the Germans to stay together with the Jews therefore, the separation of the Jews from the society have occurred. This make me feel that if you were on that time, you could know which one is Jew and which one is Christians.

It also shows that the Jews cannot travel and get out of the country. Then the source also suggests that the Jews only can shop at Jews shop separated. Then the sentence ‘Jews are forbidden to visit theatres, cinemas and other entertainment’ tell us that Hitler tried to make this rule because Germans might be in the place so that they might mix with the Jews.This is a primary source and it is an important source because I believe this source tells me how the Germans were separated from the Germans society and tells me what the Jews can’t do.After the German invasion of Poland and the outbreak of the Second World War even more Jews came under German control. The war made it impossible for Hitler to get rod of the Jews to the others parts of the world. The Jews were trapped under Nazi rule. Adolf Eichman, a leading Nazi was put in charge of Jewish resettlement.

Jews from Germany and Poland were rounded up and sent to an area which the Germans called a Jewish reservation near Lublin in Poland. In 1940 the Germans dropped the idea of a reservation and began instead to move Jews into a number of Ghettos. Walls were built to separate the ghetto district from the rest of the city. There were about seven people living in every room.

They were given 300 calories of food a day and this amounted to 1.8 kg (two and a half loaves) of bread per person per month. Nearly all the flats were unheated.

Many people caught a disease. Anyone who left the ghetto was executed. Altogether over half a million Jews died in the ghetto.

In source eight, the ghetto which placed by the Jew are read. The Jews were moved inside the ghetto. The ghetto was closed which the German police had orders to shoot anyone of the Jews who tried to get out of the barbed wire fence which surrounded it. There were many Jews died because of starvation and extreme cruelty from the German police. I think that source seven and eight are the most useful because they give lots of information on how Hitler tried to separate the Jews from the Germany citizens.PART 2In June 1941, the deep prejudice against the Jews brought even more Jews under Nazi rule.

A special force began to operate and the job is to murder all the Jews. They had murdered men, women and children of the Jews whoever they found. Altogether, they murdered over two million people. In source 10, Rivka Yosilevsko a Polish Jew speaking on a TV documentary, The World at War. Rivka said that she was shot that time and luckily she’s still alive and could survived in a condition full of blood around.

This is a secondary source because it was taken from the time. It is not very useful because Rivka could had just lied and made up the story which she was shot by the German soldier. However, it could also tell that the special force is truly shooting all the Jews no matter they were helpless children or weak women.

By the end of January 1942, the Germans were busy making all the arrangements for the extermination of the Jews. The concentration camps were built in remote areas of Eastern Europe. Railway trucks were prepared, timetables drawn up and arrangements made for Jews to be rounded up all over Europe. Jews were rounded up in Germany, in Eastern Europe, in France and every other part of Nazi-controlled Europe and sent to the concentration camps.Source 12 shows a plan of part of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Concentration camps such as this Auschwitz were slave labour camps. Many prisoners worked in the fields around Auschwitz or in one of the 40 branch camps. The guards were instructed to ‘Work them to Death’.

Life expectancy was 3 months. Prisoners died through disease, exhaustion or lack of food. If they were too weak to work they were killed. More than 150 German firms used Auschwitz prisoners as slave labour. They even competed for the contract to design the gas chambers where the prisoners were murdered. Source 11 is a primary source and it is important because it tells us how the concentration camps look like.

In source 12, Rudolph Urba a Czechoslovakian Jew speaking on a TV documentary, The World at War. Rudolph is one of the workers in the concentration camps. They help to kill the Jews who are weak to work. This source is a secondary source and it tells us how the Jews were treated in the camps.

They thought that they were going to have shower and they didn’t realize that they were going to be poisoned. There were 2000 – 2500 people in there and if there were no room they would just throw the small children in on top of people’s heads. This source shows how they were treated before they died.While in source 13, Dov Paisikovic, a Hungarian Jew was speaking on a TV documentary, The World at War. He said that he used to go into the gas chambers to take out all the corpses, and he took them up by lifts to the ovens. Then he removed the gold teeth and hair with the other workers.

This source is a secondary source and it shows what happened to the Jews after they were dead.These sources, 12 and 13 shows what happened to the weak Jews who were not able to work. They are sent to the gas chambers in the camp and being told that they were going to be bathed and deloused, so that they must leave their clothes neatly together. Then they were put into the gas chambers which were furnished with showers and water pipes and looked like a real bath house. Then the door will quickly be screwed up and the gas released through the vents in the ceilings of the chambers of the chambers. The victim then died after 3- 15 minutes. The workers then opened the doors and take them out from the chambers. Then they started on removing gold from the teeth and cutting the hair.

The bodies were then taken up by lift and laid in front of the ovens and then burned into ashes. Source 12 and 13 are important and useful sources because they show what happened to the Jews in the concentration camps.


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