Hitler and Rohm conflict Essay

In this Essay I will be discussing of Hitler and Rohm coming to conflict and how the two came to a point from two powerful men who helped each other to power, to two men who saw each other as threats for power, as it was clear that both fought for power and that at some point one of the two would plot to stop one another from getting to power. As Rohm showed signs with the SA to take Hitler’s power and with Rohm not agreeing to Hitler’s terms it was likely that the two would have conflicted.

First of all we learn that as Rohm was in charge of the SA he wanted to join the SA with the normal army, which suggested to Hitler that the merging of the two armies could possibly make Rohm the most powerful man in Germany. Hitler would have done whatever he wanted in order to keep his power, as this was very important to him, so there would be no surprise if Hitler arrested or killed a threat to his power such as Rohm even though Rohm helped him to power and was good friends with Hitler.

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Moving on Rohm also saw Hitler as someone that got in his way for power as shown in source five, as he is publicly declaring in a newspaper article his feelings about Hitler. He also called Hitler a “swine” or a selfish person that did not want anyone to take over him in power and that Hitler was not Rohm the chance to take over his power even though Rohm thought he was much stronger and powerful with the SA behind him. With confidence he also says that he is “the nucleus of the new army,” which tells us that Rohm obviously felt the need for his power and that Hitler was not doing a good job and “betraying the country,” therefore a new leader was needed. However the source was a report from when Rohm was drunk with some friends, which could have meant that he did not realise what he was saying, but at the same time he could have been saying what he was thinking inside, which could be helpful to show that he would be trying to get rid of Hitler in the near future.

Staying on a similar point Rohm was not happy with how Hitler was handling things as he publicly declared in a newspaper article his feelings about Hitler and how he believed with the power of the SA and such a big army, as well as initially getting Hitler to his position in society. Therefore he thought he had what it took to be more powerful than Hitler or Germanys most powerful and influential man as he wanted to be Germanys most powerful man so it was likely this way that the two would conflict, as Rohm was willing to do what it takes to even “go against” Hitler and the Nazi party for his power so he could be recognised more than Hitler.

The two may have also been likely to conflict, as Hitler knew that Rohm and the SA had the power to overthrow him, as well as Hitler getting his two men Goering and Himmler to spy on Rohm to see what he was planning. The two also saw each other as competition and they both knew that they were quite equal with each other, as source six may suggest through a description of Rohm that his intelligence and bravery were threats to Hitler, as this would tell Hitler he had someone that could easily take his power, which would have made Hitler want to take action and get rid of Rohm.

As well as for power Hitler was getting a bad reputation with the SA, which were meant to protect him to be his own army, however he was getting paranoid, because the SA were causing a lot of trouble getting in fights and killing innocent people, stealing money from shops and getting drunk, which may have made Hitler want to get rid of the SA, which may have made Rohm unhappy, therefore this may have caused arguments with the Hitler, as Hitler would have wanted to get rid of Rohm.

In conclusion it is obvious that Hitler and Rohm got to a point where they saw each other as enemies and even though they worked together in the beginning they started to fight for power, as Rohm wanted to extend his SA with the German army to make himself more powerful whilst Hitler wanted to stop this, as it would make Rohm more powerful than Hitler. As well as enemies they were also threats especially for Hitler Rohm was threatening Hitler’s position, as it wouldn’t take much with the intelligence and skill of Rohm to overcome Hitler to become a more powerful person.


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