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HNC Aromatherapy Essential Oils  ContentsIntroduction                                page 1  Bergamot                                     page 1 Clary Sage                                    page 2Roman Camomile                       page 3Cypress                                         page 4 Eucalyptus                                    page 5 Geranium                                     page 6 Lavender                                       page 7 Peppermint                                  page 8Rosemary                                      page 9 Sandalwood                                 page 10 Blackpepper                                 page 11German Camomile                      page 12Frankincense                                page 13Jasmine                                          page 14 Juniper                                           page 15Lemon                                            page 16 French Marjoram                         page 17Rose                                                page 18 Ylang Ylang                                    page 19 Conclusion Introduction In this aromatherapy essay, I am going to speak about 20 essentials oils, also I will speak about their Latin name of each, plant family, country of origin, extracted method, classification, properties effects and some of my own notes that I have put together through research.Essential oil: Bergamot Latin Name: Citrus BergamiaPlant Family: Rutaceae Country of Origin: ItalyExtracted Method: Expression Classification: TOPProperties                                                                       • Anti-oxidant • Anti-inflammatory• Anti-depressant • Antiseptic • Antispasmodic• Analgesic EffectsBergamot is used in products to kill bacteria, to heal scars and minimize any marks on the skin, bergamot is used to help with the flow of vital energy to help with the digestive system to work properly.

It is used to soothe things such as indigestion and gas, also helps with anxiety and depression and cures infections.Own Notes Citrus bergamia better known as bergamot belongs to the family of Ructaceae, bergamot has a very popular scent out in the industry (perfumery) which acts as a top note, the fruit bergamot is produced in many countries such as Morocco, Brazil, Turkey and South-East Asia although bergamot tree expands well in the Europe despite this being a tropical plant bergamot came from the Italians. Essential oil: Clary SageLatin Name: Salviasclarea Plant Family: Labiatae Country of Origin: FranceExtracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: TOPProperties • Anti-inflammatory                                                               • Anti-depressant• Anti-infectious• Astringent• Anti-fungal• AntisepticEffects Aid in treating dandruff, found skin health products and is a health promoter, helps to stimulate hair growth in all areas of the body, clary sage helps to limit the sebum that is produced in the scalp and reduces inflammation, also helps to aid oil-production. It is botanical for calming the nervous system and to treat things such as panic attacks, tension and migraines.Own Notes Clary sage is a native to Southern Europe, this essential oil lends power of both psychological and physical health, clary sage helps reduce any deep-seated tension in areas necessary within the body. Stimulating and an oil which treats weakness, paranoia and depression etc. But most importantly for relaxation. Essential oil: Roman Camomile Latin Name: Chamaemeium Nobile Plant Family: CompositaeCountry of Origin: England or France                                      Extracted Method: Classification: Steam distillation Classification: MIDDLEProperties                                                                                     • Anti-inflammatory• Anti-oxidant• Antispasmodic• Anti-infectious• Carminative • Anti-depressantEffectsRoman camomile is found in a variety of products, products which will give you a healthy look to your skin, roman camomile is used for a numerous amount of conditions i.

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e. digestive disorders, the essential oil contains anodyne compounds that are anti-spasmodic to treat the digestive issues also things such as gas, indigestion and vomiting, but in the products, it will help to soothe the stomach to relax muscles and relaxation, calms the mind.Own Notes Roman Camomile is a daisy looking like plant which is used for loads of therapeutic purposes. Ancient Romans would use camomile before battle to have the benefits of a clear mind.

 Essential oil: CypressLatin Name: Cupressus Sempervirens Plant Family: Cupressaceae Country of Origin: France or ItalyExtracted Method: Steam Distillation Classification: MIDDLEProperties  • Antiseptic • Antibacterial• Deodorant• Astringent • Diuretic Effects Cypress oil soothes sore muscles, increases blood circulation and helps to detoxify the skin, found in ingredients of bath products and many other products for stimulating and for the skin for its antiseptic and relaxation. Own NotesCypress essential oil is an oil that has been used for centuries, this is due to the amount of medical benefits that it has. Cypress essential oil is a evergreen woodland oil which is fresh in scent and used in aromatherapy massage for its relaxation of the mind and muscles and to regulate blood flow around the body.Essential oil: EucalyptusLatin name: Eucalyptus Globulus Plant Family: Myrtaceae Country of Origin: Australlia Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: TOPProperties                                                                           • Antispasmodic• Antiseptic • Antibacterial • Deodorant• Decongestant• Anti-inflammatory • StimulantEffects Eucalyptus is known to treat a variety of conditions to help clear your cough. By putting eucalyptus on your chest, it helps with any breathing difficulties specifically asthma, the healing process of eucalyptus is fast and a great way to get rid of any coughs and help with asthma, cleanses your body of toxins and dangerous microorganisms that can cause you to feel sick.   Own NotesIn Australia people had discovered that eucalyptus was one of the most natural medicines ever. The eucalyptus tree can grow to 2.5 metres a year.

Although the South-Australia eucalyptus tallest tree grew to 150 metres tall.Essential oil: GeraniumLatin Name: Pelargonium GraveolensPlant Family: Geraniaceae                                                          Country of Origin: Russia or Egypt Extracted Method: Steam Distillation Classification: MIDDLEProperties • Non-sensitizing • Anti-depressant• Antiseptic• Antibacterial Effects Geranium oil prevents your skin from sagging, helps to tighten and contract muscles, geranium helps prevent bacteria on the skin. Helps to speed up healing process of any cuts, wounds and treat a variety of skin problems. It helps regeneration of dead cells to form new cells. Own NotesGeranium essential oil is a very popular plant (flowering plant) these are flowers that come in all different colours, shapes and sizes i.e. pink, purple, white and red or even blue.

These flowers grow around 3ft tall and are found in all different countries but are a native to South Africa. Essential oil: Lavender Latin Name: Lavandula Angustifolia Plant Family: Labiatae Country of Origin: FranceExtracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: MIDDLEProperties • Anti-depressive• Antioxidant • Sedative                                                                                   • Antimicrobial Effects Slows aging process, improves the brain function, lavender helps with improving your sleeping routine, reduces acne, restores skin complexion. Mainly found in products for its relaxation. Own Notes Lavender oil has been used for centuries, Egyptians would use the essential oil lavender as a perfume, there was a faint scent of lavender that could still be discovered after 3000 years it is that common of an oil. Essential oil: Peppermint Latin Name: Mentha PiperitaPlant Family: Labiatae Country of Origin: France or England Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: TOP/MIDDLEProperties• Antimicrobial • Anti-inflammatory • Antispasmodic                                                                         • Antiviral • Antibacterial • Antifungal Effects Peppermint essential oil has a variety of effects which will help with the body, peppermint helps things such as headaches, depression, anxiety, clears the mind and boosts cognition. Reliefs any pain leaving it to have a soothing cooling effect on the body if their where any problems with muscular pains, wounds, reduce swelling etc. Own NotesPeppermint plant grows to 18-36 inches tall and roughly about 24 inches wide, peppermint is a very large plant and is a plant that is found to cure hiccups and Is produced by specialized cells on the underside of the leaves.Essential oil: Rosemary Latin Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis Plant Family: LabiataeCountry of Origin: France or Spain                                                                                 Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: MIDDLEProperties • Antiseptic • Antioxidant                                                                • Anti-cancer • Anti-inflammatory• Anti-fungalEffects Rosemary has a variety of effects as helping improve memory, helps with bile flow, great detoxifier, reduces pain.

Own Notes Rosemary is an essential oil that is mainly known for it benefits to improve memory loss of anyone with serve bad memory, it is an oil that has been also used for centuries and is extracted from leaves.Essential oil: SandalwoodLatin Name: Santalum AlbumPlant Family: SantalaceaeCountry of Origin: India Extracted Method: Steam Distillation Classification: BASE Properties • Antiseptic                                                                                                                       • Anti-inflammatory                                                                 • Astringent • Diuretic • Sedative • Antiphlogistic • Antispasmodic Effects Relieves any spasms of muscles, kills any bacteria, kills infections, it can be used to improve the function of the heart, liver and stomach and is used to strengthen the muscles. Own NotesSandalwood is a strong essential oil that can last on its own, due to sandalwoods popularity in India it is becoming depleted so sandalwood has been source to other places throughout the years Australia, Hawaii etc where the oil is a little different but still has the amazing benefits.Essential oil: Black PepperLatin Name: Piper Nigrum Plant Family: PiperaceaeCounty of Origin: IndiaExtracted Method: Steam Distillation                                                                                                                                                                          Classification: MIDDLE/BASE                Properties                                                                                                                                               • Antimicrobial• Antioxidant• Antibacterial • Carminative• Anti-cancer Effects black pepper effects include prevention of cancer and diabetes.

Enhanced brain health and improvements of digestive system. Own NotesBlack pepper is popular in America, although it is a native to India. Black pepper comes in other colours such as white, red and green however they all come from the same plant, it gets it kick from the compound peperine, black pepper loses its aroma through evaporation so it must be stored in a airtight container. Essential oil: German CamomileLatin Name: Matricaria Chamomilla Plant Family: AsteraceaeCountry of Origin: Eastern EuropeExtracted Method: Steam Expression                                                                               Classification: MIDDLEProperties • Carminative • Antispasmodic • Anti-catarrhal• Sedative • Antifungal• Antiseptic • Anti-InflammatoryEffects Camomile is helpful for a variety of conditions such as reduces nervous tension, restlessness, anxiety, helps with spasms, reduces inflammation and helps with any upset stomachs. Own NotesGerman camomile is a plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family it is a plant that originates from Europe but can be found throughout the world because of its popularity, it is a plant that is used for mechanical purposes. Essential Oil: Frankincense Latin Name: Baswellia Carteri Plant Family: BurseraceaeCountry of Origin: Africa                                                                                                                                                 Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: BASEProperties • Antiseptic • Sedative • Carminative • Diuretic EffectsTones and boost health, is a tonic, the digestive, respiratory, nervous system operating in the body system also strengthen to aid nutrients in the body but the essential oil makes the immune system stronger.

Strengthens lift skin, tones and contracts the muscles (astringent).Own NotesFrankincense comes from French, it has a fresh and woody scent it is known as liquid gold. It is extracted from the bark of Baswellia tree this is a tree that grows in North Africa and India also Africa. Its uses through history is in religious rituals in the perfume industry and also in medicine. Essential oil: Jasmine Latin Name: Jasminium Officinale Plant Family: Oleaceae Country of Origin: France or EgyptExtracted Method: Enfleurage or Solvent Extraction Classification: BASEProperties • Antiseptic • Antidepressant• Antispasmodic                                                                                                                 • Antibacterial • Sedative• Aphrodisiac • Expectorant                                                                                                                              EffectsRejuvenates skin, Uplifting effects on the mind and body, stimulates certain hormones within the body and fights any depression.Own NotesJasmine (flower) which is known for being a highly famous flower is extracted from the latter variety.

It has a strong scent and used for romantic couples. The jasmine essential oi belongs to the Oleaceae family but has more than 200 species, it is extracted from flowers of the plant which reaches a height of 10ft and are green leaves. Essential Oil: JuniperLatin Name: Juniperus Communis Plant Family: Cupressaceae Country of Origin: France or ItalyExtracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: MIDDLE                                                                    Properties• Antiviral • Diuretic• Antiseptic Effects Juniper acts as a diuretic to helps flush fluids from the body, boosts the immune sysem reduces fluid around the joints area, it helps with conditions such as acne, eczema, warts etc, uplifting and energetic effects.Own NotesJuniper berry plants stem from Bulgaria and have history of naturally helping illnesses long-term and short-term. Essential oil: LemonLatin Name: Citrus LimonPlant Family: Rutaceae Country of Origin: Italy or AmericaExtracted Method: Expression                                                              Classification: TOPProperties     • Antibacterial • Antifungal • Detoxifying • Astringent • Anti-infection • Antimicrobial EffectsLemon essential oil has a variety of effects on the body, it is known for removing any fatigue, contains vitamin c which means it helps boost the immune system. Own NotesLemon is a native to India, lemon comes from citrus linonum is extracted from the fruit peeling (cold expression) by adding 2 drops to your diffuser in your household this can help boost your immune system.

Essential oil: French Majorana Latin Name: Origanum Majorana Plant Family: Labiatae Country of Origin: Spain or Egypt                                                  Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: MIDDLEProperties • Analgesic• Carminative • Expectorant • Antiviral • Antispasmodic• Antiseptic Effects Treats conditions such as muscular aches, muscle spasms, arthritis and has a soothing effect on the body, helps with sleeping routine and calming effect on the nervous system. Own NotesFrench Majorana was used in by the Greeks, it was a popular plant for helping with digestive problems and cramps, it is an oil extracted from steam distillation once its extracted from leaves and flowers of the herb. A few drops of this essential oil can be added to the bathe and can relieve any headaches or insomnia.Essential oil: Rose Latin Name: Rosa Damascena Plant Family: Rosaceae Country of Origin: Bulgaria or MoroccoExtracted Method: Steam Distillation or Solvent ExtractionClassification: BASEProperties   • Antidepressant • Astringent • Antispasmodic• Nervine • Antiseptic • Aphrodisiac Effects Rose essential oil can help with a variety of conditions such as treating lines and wrinkles, inhibits pigmentation, found in any antiaging products.Own NotesRose is cultivated all around the world, known for their sweetness and soothing scent and also for the colour of their blooms, history shows that they were introduced to Europe early on and were grown for their medicinical properties.Essential oil: Ylang Ylang Latin Name: Cananga OdorataPlant Family: Annonaceae Country of Origin: PhilippinesExtracted Method: Steam Distillation Classification: MIDDLE/BASE                                                         Properties • Sedative• Aphrodisiac • Antidepressant • Antiseptic • Antiseborrheic Effects Ylang Ylang is a heart health booster, mood Enhancer, digestive aid and has positive effect on immune health.

 Own NotesYlang Ylang tree is widely grown tree grown in tropical areas throughout Asia, Philippines and Polynesian islands.Essential oil: NeroliLatin Name: Citrus Aurantium Plant Family: Rutaceae Country of Origin: North Africa Extracted Method: Steam DistillationClassification: BASE Properties • Antidepressant • Aphrodisiac • Antiseptic • Bacterial • Sedative • Carminative                                                                     • Deodorant • Emollient • Antispasmodic Effects Neroli is known for a variety of things for its calming and relaxing scent, helps with anxiety and heart palpitations. Neroli essential oil helps with alleviation of digestive system. Own NotesNeroli essential oil is an oil extracted from flowers, the essential oil is known as citrus Aurantium, the bitter oranges of neroli can grow to a height of 9m (30ft) in height.

 Conclusion In this essay, I have completed information of 20 essential oils, their Latin name, plant family, country of origin, extracted method, classification, properties, effects and information of my own notes for each of the following essential oils above. By writing about these essential oils this will cover each individual essential oil in detail.References 


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