Hobbies: Good Friends Essay

Prompt-Many people have hobbies like gardening or knitting.

Why people enjoy hobbie? Write an essay explaining why people enjoy hobbies. Supply reasons and examples to support your view. Hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment rather than financial award. There are numerous benefits to engaging in hobbies: reduce stress body and mind, discover the hidden talents and make good friends.

Engaging in hobby can reduce stress body and mind.When hobbyist works in hobby, she will relax and enjoy activity so, muscles tend to loose, the blood can flow smoothly, and then brain is able to use oxygen effectively. One of doctor, who works more than ten hours per day, always enjoys hand digging in soil and watering in the garden after work. Her hobby activity helps her to relax and sleep well at night. The next morning she can go to work without stress. Hobby is helping people to discover the hidden talents.Hobbyist feels free to learn without forcing from anyone and enjoy learning substantial skills. They have never counted for time spending.

If it fails, the hobbyist will never give up. With these efforts, hobbyist can discover their hidden talents, so they can focus in career in the future. Bill Gates has discovered his hidden talents in computer software from hobby. It is nice to have good friends who have the same interest.

The hobby has created an opportunity for people to talk and share information from one to another.Hobby can bring you closer to someone especially if you can share some passion and interest for particular area. One of my good friends, Pooky was my colleague. I met her when I played tennis at sport club. Our relationship has improved from colleague to good friend from that day. With all of these benefits, hobby can reduce stress body and mind, find out what your hidden talents are and give opportunity for people to make good friends.

There is no doubt, why people enjoy hobbies.


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