Holderness coast is disappearing very fast Essay

Holderness coast is disappearing very fast. Land disappears in great chunk when cliff collapses. Many types of erosion occur very frequently. Many villages have been lost in the sea.

One part of Holderness in Yorkshire, the sea nibbles take away 8mm of land everyday.In year 9 assessment task I have got three management strategies.Firstly: “Hard Engineering Solution” such as building seawalls. These sea walls stop the waves fromattacking the shoreline.Example: Barriers built at the sea – To break the waves fromreaching the land.Secondly: “Soft Engineering Solutions” such as buildingbarriers with rubber tyres under water below lowtide.Example: A barrier of rocks put at the bottom of the cliff – Toto take the energy out of waves and stop thecliff being worn out.Thirdly: “Doing nothing”.

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Coastal erosion is after all a naturalprocess. Let nature take its course.AREAHolderness is an area of England on the coast of Yorkshire. An area of rich agricultural land, Holderness was marshland until it was drained in middle ages.The area of Holderness coast is very less. In last 1000 years 29 villages have gone in the sea in the Holderness coast.

At present there are only 6 villages on the coast. They are Flam borough, Bridling ton, Horn Sea on the west and Mapleton, Withern Sea, Easing ton on the east. A north wind drives the waves against the cliff. The rest is carried to the south by the long shore drift. In fact the sea carries 500,000 tonnes of Holderness sand to south each year and deposits it in other places.

Holderness coastline suffers the highest rate of erosion than any places in the Europe.Physical features of Holderness coast: The North Sea is eroding very fast.The process of erosion is a hydraulic action (pressure or power).

The long shore drift is a wave cut plat form or a cliff. It is a land form.Human features of Holderness coast: There are many towns near the coast Flam borough, Bridling ton, Horn Sea, Mapleton, Withern Sea and easing ton.HOW IS COAST LINE BEING ERODED?Coast line is being eroded by cliff collapses and long shore drift. It is also being eroded by the waves that hit the cliffs which results in cliff collapse and also weakened by weathering. The cliffs are of clay and sand.

So, they erode very easily and especially after rain. The waves attack the bottom of the cliff all the year round and in winter ice gets into cracks and makes them bigger. Most of the eroded material is carried out to sea as fine mud. Sea and weather have eroded the coast at a rapid rate of 5.6 km since Roman times, towards the harder rocks of York shire worlds, farm land, and over 30 villages.

Spit: A spit of sand or shingle in the sea. It is formed from eroded material from cliffs of Holderness being carried south wards by long shore drift and deposited gentler waters. Example of this spit is Spurn Head town.PROBLEMS CAUSED BY COAST LINE BEING ERODED:Problem this causes is it is ruining every thing.

We are loosing sand in the beach, houses and cliffs. Towns are thrown in to the oceans. We are also loosing villages near the coast line and there are many problems too.

3 optionsThe three main coastal management strategies are:1. Building concrete sea walls or barriers: These stop the sea from attacking the shore line. This is called “Hard Engineering Solutions”.Advantages: These would stop the erosions completely.These stops the sea from attacking theshore.

Disadvantages: It looks ugly. They are expensive anddoes not long last.2. Barriers built with rubber tyres: Building barriers withrubber tyres under water below low tide.

This is called”Soft Engineering Solutions”.Advantages: They would break up the energy of thewaves and reduce erosion. Theyare cheaper and look less ugly.Disadvantages: They must be replaced sooner orlater.3. Do nothing: Coastal erosion is after all a natural process. So, let nature take its course.”HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW.

“Advantages: Nature can take its course and can stop allerosions and cliff collapses.Disadvantage: Or nature can’t stop any cliff collapsesand erosions and can even make themthem more serious.EXAMPLES OF THE 3 OPTIONS:Firstly:Example of building concrete sea walls:Example 1:Barriers built at the sea: This is used to break the wavesaway from the sea.Advantages: waves break away from the shore and protect the coast.Disadvantages: people can’t swim or do surfing. It is dangerous because it may cause accidents to boats and ships.

Example 2:Groynes: It stops sand from being carried away, because sand protects the coast.Advantages: stops sand from being carried away from the beach.Disadvantages: Does not look nice. Children may get hurt.

Example 3:Beach replenishment: To build up the beach by adding more sand so that the cliff does not get attacked so easily.Advantages: Cliff does not get attacked so easily.Disadvantages: It costs a lot of money because many tractors of sand must be brought for adding more sand.Secondly:Example of barriers built at the sea with rubber tyres under water:Example 1:A barrier of rocks put at the bottom of the cliff: It takes the energy out of the waves and stop the cliff being worn away.

Advantages: It protects the coast and cliffs.Disadvantages: It is expensive and looks ugly.Example 2:Vegetation planted: To keep the soil in place and prevent weathering on the top of the cliff.Advantages: It looks beautiful. Weather is prevented on the top of the cliff.

Keeps soil in place.Disadvantages: It takes time to plant vegetation and costs too much money.Example 3:Sheets of strong plastic put within the cliff: To keep the clay in place, but let the water through, so it can escape.

Advantages: Keeps clay in its place so as to protect the cliff.Disadvantages: It costs lot of money, does not look nice, it takes lot of time to put it around the cliff.Thirdly:Example of doing nothing:I think there are no examples of doing nothing because it is alone and we cannot give any examples of it.Sea walls Vegetation plantedGroynesMANAGAMENT OPTION OF OWN CHOICE:The management option of my own choice is “Building concrete sea walls.”A seawall is a form of hard coastal defense constructed on the inland part of a coast to reduce the effects of strong waves and to defend the coast around a town or harbour from erosion. The walls can be sloping, vertical or curved to reflect wave power. The term is typically used to describe walls built on the land parallel to the coast, but may also apply to breakwaters and groynes which are built in the water.

Sea walls: A barrier that is built to protect the coast attacked by the sea waves.Advantages of sea walls are: They protect the coast and stop the waves from reaching the land. They also stop the waves from hitting the cliff and this would stop the cliff collapses.Disadvantages of sea walls: There are also disadvantages of sea walls because they are expensive and look ugly.

But that is not a big problem, because it also looks beautiful if it is built in a proper way.A natural sea wall formed by nature.CONFLICT OF OPINIONS:Engineer: In the opinion of the engineer to put concrete walls or barriers would reduce the sea erosion for 25 years and it is possible to put barrier/walls around the sea coast.Local Farmer: In his opinion protection of coast line is necessary as it is their livelihood.

Local Hotel Owner: In his opinion putting a barrier of walls would reduce the beautiness of the coastline thereby reduces his business as tourists come to see the natural beauty of the coast line.Local Historian: In his opinion many of the villages recorded in the registers earlier have now been disappeared because of sea erosion.Govt.Representative: As per her view it is a very costly affair to build a wall around the sea coast.

Costal erosion is a natural process should be left to its own course.Local councilor: In his opinion less number of people lives in the coastal areas. Spending huge amount of funds on building a wall or barrier is unnecessary as this money could be used for other developmental activities.Environmentalist: Coastal erosion is a natural process not to be interfered much. It should be left alone.

Conclusion: In my opinion we can’t build sea walls around the vast coast line. However, sea walls/barriers can be put up at places where people live, to protect the people lives and property and to control the sea erosion.


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