Holiday Planning – Price, Length, Safety and Comfort Essay

Considering Length when traveling by Train, Car or Plane during

When it comes to the duration of your trip, air travel can be the most efficient. Then again, this depends on where you are going. It is much easier to travel by car if your destination is a nearby state. Trains may be the slowest duration of them all. However, cars have stop lights and other rules to follow on the road. But, trains do not have these restrictions, which make it a better choice in many circumstances. When traveling by car, you have to abide by speed limitations and deal with traffic jams. This can have a significant effect on the duration of your trip.

It can be easier to travel by train during the holidays because airports are crowded. This can cause lots of problems like delayed flights and confusion among passengers. Trains do not have stop lights or much traffic to deal with and can be a much easier way of transportation. This will also depend on how many stops the train has to make. If you are traveling by train to certain areas, your trip may include one or two stops. These stops can sometimes last for up to 20 minutes or more.

That can definitely effect the duration of your trip. However, you would still have to make stops for petrol and to use a restroom if you were traveling by car. Therefore, the difference is not very significant when traveling by train during the holidays compared to traveling by car. However, airplanes only stop once and that is when they get to their destination. This can be good or bad depending on where you are going. You may have to catch another flight, which adds more traveling time to your trip.

Considering Price when traveling by Train, Car or Plane during E.g. Christmas time

Just because you can get somewhere quicker by an airplane does not mean that it’s cost effective. Airplane tickets can cost $200 or more, taking away from your extra holiday spending money. There are many discounts and other specials that may allow you to get cheaper plane tickets. However, it is less expensive to travel by train when compared to traveling by air during Christmas. When you add the automobile option into the picture, it offers a much cheaper decision.

It does not cost as much to drive as it does taking an airplane trip or traveling by train during Christmas. Much like length factor, you must consider how far your destination is. The further you have to drive, the more money you will spend on petrol. These days, petrol prices are high and will definitely put a dent into your spending money. Therefore, it is better to travel by train first, car second and by airplane as the last resort when it comes to pricing.

Considering Safety when traveling by Train, Car or Plane during travelling

Airports usually have tighter security than train stations and even public highways. Therefore, you may be safer when it comes to dealing with other strangers who are traveling with you and your family.

It is also important to factor in your baggage when choosing a traveling method. Train stations and airports have their own systems in place to make sure that luggage goes where it is supposed to. However, that does not always happen as bags can get lost or stolen. If you have valuables or just want to protect your belongings, traveling by car during Christmas is the safest choice. Now, accidents are always a concern and cannot be predicted much.

You can get into an accident no matter how to you choose to travel during the Holidays. In bad weather conditions, it may not be best to travel by plane. When it comes to safety, the method of travel should be determined based on what is most important to you. Every method of traveling has its own benefits and disadvantages when it comes to safety.

Considering Comfort when traveling to holiday by Train, Car or Plane

If you plan on going to sleep, traveling by plane during the holidays may not be best choice. Unless you are in first class, the seats on airplanes are usually packed to the maximum and only allow enough room for you to sit. It is possible to tilt a seat back and rest your head but then you will have to worry about falling over onto another passenger once you fall asleep. That can be awkward situation. Trains have larger seats and are structured so that it is possible to rest while traveling. When it comes to traveling by car, you will only be able to sleep if someone else is willing to drive for a portion of the trip. Another alternative would be to park your car at a rest stop to take a short break. When it comes to comfort, trains make the top of this list. Cars come in next while airplanes are last.

You must consider Price, Length, Safety and Comfort when making traveling decisions for the Holidays.


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