Homeless Person Essay

A house is a calm and cozy building which gathers the family members together. Imagine you don’t have one. Homelessness is a devastating problem. Every year the number of homeless people is increasing all around the world. So what is homelessness? According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development “Homelessness is the condition and social category of people without a regular house or dwelling because they cannot afford or are otherwise unable to maintain regular, safe, and adequate housing, or lack, fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence”.There are many reasons that make families homeless; I think the most important reasons are poverty, job loss, and mental and physical health problems. Poverty makes families homeless.

And it is the most important factor of homelessness because people who do not have money can’t provide a house, food, health care, and education. Homeless families typically live in cars, campgrounds and shelters. The population of poor people is increasing very year. Why are people becoming poor?There are many reasons to become poor for example: addiction to alcohol and drugs, the person who takes drugs and drink alcohol he/she will spend all his income. People who are poor and addicted are clearly at an increased risk of homelessness (Barrett Foundation).

Homeless people often face an insurmountable barrier in obtaining health care, including addictive disorder treatment services and recovery supports. Children are highly affected by poverty because they can not learn in schools or take medical care.If children grow up without home they will learn bad behavior and some times they become criminals. Job loss makes families homeless. After the economic crisis many companies release their employees because they couldn’t afford to pay their salary or they announced bankruptcy, and other companies reduce of the wages.

Therefore most of the middle wage employees couldn’t afford to pay the rent of their houses and they became homeless.The National Law Center on Homelessness thinks that there is a relationship between the increase in the numbers of homeless people and the economic crisis. The national unemployment rate is currently at 6. 0 percent, recently unemployed Americans find themselves at risk of homelessness. Additionally, minimum wage earnings on longer lift families above the poverty line (U. S.

Department of Labor, 2002). A mental and physical health problem makes families homeless. Homeless people suffer from high rates of mental and physical health roblems exacerbated by living on the streets and in shelters. Sometimes illness can cause homelessness.

Some families have limited income therefore they can not afford to pay for medical care. Most of the homeless people suffered from mental illnesses. Nationally, between 20 and 25 percent of homeless persons are living with a severe mental illness. According to the National Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness, “at least half of mentally ill homeless people are dually diagnosed with an alcohol or drug problem. ” (Yoshida, k. 005) On the other hand, some people think that the homeless people are living in shelters which the government and the human organization provide for the poor people.

One of the causes of homelessness is poverty, and poor people can not provide the money for their families so they go to the shelters even after knowing that these shelters are overcrowded with homeless people. It is right that the government and the charitable organization are gathering donations to build new shelters, but the numbers of the homeless people are increasing every year.And all these efforts can not solve this problem because most of the minimum wage-earners can not save money for the rent of their houses so they are forced to move out of the house and stay homeless. Also the unemployed who are released from their jobs will not be able to find income to support their families therefore they are forced to go to the shelters. However, humans can not despair and content with their situation of being homeless, they must seek and find work and a way to earn a living.But with the current status of the economy it is difficult to find a job for the unemployed. In conclusion, been homeless is uneasy situation.

As we know the reasons of homeless people, which are poverty, job loss, and mental and physical health problems. We can say that the problem of homeless people can not be resolved during the coming years. But we can reduce the number of homeless people by donating to charity and provide a chance of work for the unemployed. I hope in the future there will be no homeless person all over the world.


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