Homeless Veterans Sample Essay

A. “We’re back uping our military mans and adult females in the field of battle…” These are our president’s comments from a November 6. 2003 address. “With this act of Congress. no enemy or friend can doubt that America has the resources and the will to see this war through to victory…” And while President Bush recognized the demand for an $ 87 billion dollar military addendum to finance a war on foreign dirt. he did non bespeak even a fraction of that sum to back up those same military mans and adult females who continue to contend conflicts on American dirt after they return. Harmonizing to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans web site. last accessed February 28. 2004 an estimated 500. 000 are non supported because their conflict is non recognized. It is fought under Bridgess. behind streets. and tucked off in dark Alliess.

B. Today. we will analyze the jobs of stateless veterans ; see the causes behind this too bad happening. and the stairss we can take in acquiring those 500. 000 heroes off the streets.

C. These people are contending a war against hapless medical attention. unpaid benefits. lost occupations. and dysfunctional relationships – all the wake of their service to our state. Because of the deficiency of authorities follow through with the Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Assistance Act of 2001. Inadequate entree to wellness attention and occupation chances. and the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance. maltreatment veterans are non decently taken attention of upon returning place after their service. We as a state must now back up those who have supported us. those who have sacrificed their young person. their wellness and in some instances their lives.

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A. The Broadcast Interview Source of February 10. 2004 explains that there are presently “460. 000 veterans that are forced to kip on the nation’s streets” every dark. Harmonizing to the antecedently cited National Coalition for Homeless Veterans web site. estimated that figure of veterans who experience homelessness during an mean twelvemonth ranges from 500. 000 to more than 800. 000 out of 27 million former military mans and adult females.

1. Unfortunately. many see fit to go forth this job to shelters and medical installations which is non a sensible reply or even possible. Many shelters presently impose limitations upon those who are allowed entree to them ; the worst being evictions back to the street.

2. While this may turn out good to the stable disposal of a shelter. it does non show an ample chance for recovery from drug and intoxicant dependences. post-traumatic emphasis upsets. and violent inclinations. Many veterans need serious guidance and rehabilitation installations to phase out their jobs over a period of clip.

The Boston Globe of January 7. 2004 provinces that “barring the homeless from shelters has long been controversial and forcing people out of a safety frequently defeats the attempts of outreach workers. Even if shelters had more money. they don’t employ sufficient staff with the medical mandate to handle the mentally sick and hard-core drug nuts. many of whom end up in the exigency shelter system. ” If there are no places or stable life state of affairss provided. where the jobs of veterans can be addressed over clip. so there is no hope.

B. Now that we’ve seen the jobs environing homeless veterans. we can look to the causes. deficiency of authorities follow through with the Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Assistance Act of 2001 ; Inadequate entree to wellness attention and occupation chances ; and the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance maltreatment.

1. The Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Assistance Act of 2001 was originally passed to “Encourage all Federal. State. and local sections and bureaus and other entities and persons to work toward the national end of stoping homelessness among veterans within the decennary. ” While this act encourages those Federal. State and local bureaus. it does non implement action nor does it allow financess to organisations.

To get the better of the issue of unequal entree to wellness attention and occupation chances we must foremost look to recent determinations made by the House of Representatives. Harmonizing to the Associated Press of November 8. 2003 the House “voted to cut veterans’ wellness attention services by $ 28 billion over the following 10 old ages all due to trillion-dollar revenue enhancement cuts profiting the wealthy. ” Clearly. this is unacceptable. Due to an deficient sum of money from the authorities. merely one in every 10 homeless veterans receives the financess necessary to get health care or employment. Finally. the effects of warfare leave most soldiers with non merely physical cicatrixs. but mental and emotional cicatrixs forestalling them from reentering societal webs. The Sunday Telegram of January 25. 2004 affirms that. “the cause of homelessness among veterans is frequently attributed to post-traumatic emphasis upset and effects from their combat assignments. ” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when our military mans and adult females are subjected to decease cantonments. surety state of affairss. anguish. and even less important events such as urban combat. When these are compounded with factors that are common within a homeless environment. such as alcohol addiction and drug dependence. it makes the route to recovery even longer.

2. We as a state must come together and back up those who have supported us and in order to make so. we must first start with the jobs antecedently mentioned.

C. The solutions that exist are two: First. on a governmental degree and 2nd. on a personal degree.

1. The Washington Post of January 30. 2004 demands a demand for “more than a impermanent hole for a twenty-four hours or a hebdomad ; we need a meaningful public policy. ” Many of these don’t require passing big sums of money. The president needs to integrate a national media run for veteran consciousness and support. Such a run would include things as increased deepness. quality. and handiness of preparation plans for reentry into civilian life ; increased efficiency of the expense system that presently exists to guarantee efficient usage of taxpayer money and guarantee that the dollars really acquire to the veteran. I will do available a missive I have written to congressman
Chet Edwards from Texas. who is actively engaged in forcing veterans’ rights and acquiring the NVCAA act up and running. Please sign the missive before you leave today.

On a personal degree. we can increase our ain consciousness of homeless veterans within our communities. Visiting the web site for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. VetsVision. org. and the Department of Veterans Affairs at va. gov. volunteering at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Columbia. detecting Veteran’s Day on November 11th. or even back uping our military personnels across seas through the “Adopt a Soldier” plan are all good ways to increase our ain consciousness. If any of you are interested in going involved with the “Adopt a Soldier” please contact. [ electronic mail protected ]for farther information.

2. Basically. if we create more incorporate partnerships to streamline services. extinguish the duplicate of services and plans. and guarantee efficient usage of taxpayer money we eliminate the bulk of jobs that exist on the national degree.

A. /B. Today. we have covered the jobs confronted by stateless veterans ; the causes behind those jobs ; and eventually. we have looked at the attempts required to win the war against this societal crisis that our heroes. place from war. face every twenty-four hours.

C. Many veterans are excessively weak to talk. excessively lame to stand. excessively baffled to inquire for aid. So. we. as appreciative. caring Americans should talk. stand and inquire for the support they so amply deserve. Our freedom has been bought at a dearly-won and cherished monetary value. The really least that we should make is formalize the battle by casting visible radiation on it – As our nation’s foremost Commander and Chief. George Washington said. “the willingness with which our immature people are likely to function in any war. no affair how justified. shall be straight relative to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars and how they were treated and appreciated by their state. ”


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