Homeostasis Lab Report Essay

Mr. Bell’s awards level chemical science category conducted an experiment during their lab presentations. this consisted of elements such as P and Ca chloride in their experiment. This along with another H based sunstance produced. what looked like a pinkish-looking substance inside of their flasks that were at their lab Stationss.

Sophmore Kelly Caudel said. “ I actualley enjoy making the experiments in this category. because it gives us a opportunity to acquire off from the bookwork and lectures that Mr. Bell normally makes us digest. ” It seemed as if the pupils in his category were demoing enormous advancement in their attempts at their lab Stationss. That is. until one brace of pupils dropped their Erlenmyer flask that contained what was left of the chemical compound that was being created. A minute after the really noisy shatter of the glass. the whole category turned to see what had happened. While the two pupils really awkwardly cleaned up their muss. Mr. Bell procceeded in his attempts to assist his pupils produce what would be a lovely pinkish-looking fluid. which was the consequence appropriate for the lab conducted.

Sophmore Chase Cabe exclaimed in a instead elated voice. ” This was decidedly the best lab that we have done in his category so far. I like blending up the elements into compounds and seeing how they react to each other. The consequence turned out looking great. ” As the lab drew to a stopping point. both Mr. Bell and his pupils returned to their desks with the feeling that they were both satisfied with what they had done during the continuance of the lab.

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