Homosexual Adoption: a New Step of Tolerance for Society Essay

The conception that homosexual couples can marry and enjoy life together Is frequently perceived In today’s society as normal and acceptable, but as we know after marriage there Is a tendency of Ralston children and we encounter ourselves on a dilemma In which we consider homosexual couples as normal couples and as such they should be able to raise children. Homosexuals are often viewed as excluded from having children because sexual reproduction is related to men and women only. But homosexuals are humans too and who is to say that they do not deserve equal rights in society.

Society has to realize that the modern family has developed into many different forms in recent years in that the “nuclear family” is not necessarily the most common form anymore. Actually homosexual parents can protect and raise children as easily as heterosexual parents. Moreover, these parents do not expose children to any more risks than heterosexual parents. The legalization of homosexual adoption is not a question, Is something that should be done for the benefit of children and society.

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On the contrary of what people usually think or major use as a rebuttal it has been monstrance that the child will not be affected by living in a homosexual household. Psychology Today, magazine made an article about human psychology, They presented in one of their articles a study published on July 2010 by some renamed Pediatrics that tell us that children of homosexual couples, gay or lesbian, grow up to be stable persons in society if even better. They said that children “demonstrate fully normal, healthy, and age appropriate psychological adjustment. The study showed that the children “had higher than normal social, academic and generalized impenitence, and lower than normal social problems, rule breaking, aggressive or externally behavior than their age matched counterparts In the article “Moral Realism and the adoption of children by homosexuals”, by the author Lynn Merle John states ten arguments why homosexual couples should be able to adopt. In argument number seven, she writes about family structure and how “family structure does not matter. Child well-being is often related to family structure, which is not sufficient reason to prohibit homosexual adoption since is rover that a child is equally cared and loved by a homosexual and heterosexual parent.

Some of the controversial consequences that people usually fear When talking about homosexual adoption is the bullying and the belief that Just because the parents are homosexual this will compromise the sexuality of the child. Nonetheless, what happen to all the sons of heterosexual couples who are bullied? r to the sons of heterosexual parents that become homosexual? This question rises a doubt about If the statements before are true or not.. Brian Miller shows In his book, “Gay Fathers and Their Children”, a study that included that “only about five percent of the children studied who had lived with Landmark expresses in her article, “The ‘Best Interest of the Child’: That “the assumption that homosexual adoptive parents will somehow make their children homosexual is a fallacy'(843).Some studies have shown that the child develops his or her sexual orientation independent of what the parents believe. It is said that same- sex orientation child with heterosexual parents occur as frequently and as randomly as in children of homosexual parents. Adding more reasons, homosexual adoption should be legalized because it could alp with the problem of the increasing amount of children in foster homes. Children all over the world are waiting for a family in foster homes.

Letting homosexual couples to adopt will create a whole new group of families ready to give a chance to very child they can which will reduce the amount of children living in foster homes. Homosexual couples do a better Job than the foster care system, and it is because, the foster care system treat children as a unit and it simply fails to fulfill every child single and unique needs. At this time and with the increasing number of children in he street the best option is to let homosexual couples full of love and care that are capable of adopting a child to take care of them.

In brief children all over the United States and the world are all alone in foster homes, waiting for a family. Legalizing homosexual adoption will give those children hopes of finding a family; a loving, caring, and stable family. Even if, that family is conforming by two dads or two moms it will be full of love for the child because sexual orientation does not determine the amount of love a person can give.


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