Honors Biology Paper (Double Helix) Essay

Double Helix is a fiction, mystery novel. It’s about an eighteen year old boy named Eli Samuels, who has a lot going for him: athletic skill, intelligent mind, and the ability to excel at almost anything and everything he does. He has a loving girlfriend named Vivian, who is always there for Eli, no matter what. Eli has a dad, Jonathan, who is against most of the choices that Eli makes. Jonathan is married to As Samuels, Else’s mom, who is in the nursing home suffering with Huntington disease, which is a very hereditary disease.

Eli has a 50% chance of having it, himself. Eli sent in a request to Dry.Quince Wyatt, a famous geneticist, asking to work for him for about a year at Watt’s Transgenic, before he went off to college. Wyatt gladly accepted, and took great interest in Eli…

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A very personal interest. Eli enjoyed working for Dry. Wyatt. But, when his dad found out about Else’s new Job, he wasn’t too happy. He tried to urge him to quit, because for some unknown, reason, he despised Dry.

Wyatt. Every time Eli would ask him why he didn’t like Dry. Wyatt, he would not give a response. Eli knows that there is some kind of connection between Dry.

Wyatt, and his family… A connection too painful for his father to discuss.Eli refuses to quit his Job, because of the good pay, and interesting work he’s getting to do.

Eli was preparing for his graduation, and he is happy to hear that his father was going to attend. After Eli gives his speech, he looks into the crowd, and sees Dry. Wyatt. When Else’s father spots Dry.

Wyatt present, he exits the graduation immediately. After graduation, Dry. Wyatt asked him if he wanted to go to dinner with him at a very fancy restaurant, and of course, Eli agrees. They have an interesting conversation about science, and the meaning of life itself. Dry. Wyatt was extremely impressed with Eli.


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