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I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all those who gave me their unwavering support, making the completion of this thesis possible; To my colleagues and all the students who shared their time and effort for the realization of this thesis; Professor Julius D. Taclibon, the class adviser of our thesis, to whom I am very indebted to, whose help, stimulating suggestion and encouragement greatly helped usin our research and writing this thesis;Jayson, Elmir John, Cressa, Anticamara, for being always there despite all odds; and God, the Almighty, who showered me the blessings of intellect and the virtue of fortitude to meet every challenge head-on, without qualms, which thus made this work very possible. Ian, Jayson, Elmir John, Cressa, Anticamara DEDICATION This piece of mastery is dedicated first and foremost to the Almighty God ho is the ultimate source of everything and the creator of life Our generous, supportive, understanding And very loving parents at all times even in times of tears and happiness They are always in our sides and who are willing to give never ending Support, encouragement and guidance for us to continue Our study despite of countless trials and difficulties As we go on our life’s journey Prayers And Inspirations A million words of thanks! Ian, Elmir John Jayson, Cressa, Anticamara


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