?Houston Crime Stopper Proposal Essay

Description: This Crime Stopper Awareness presentation will be given to a little group of household and friends. This presentation is based on informing the audience members about the Crime Stoppers Organization in hopes of raise their consciousness of Crime Stoppers and to acquire them more involved in halting offense in our country. It is an chance for the audience members to larn about the many achievements of Crime Stoppers, and what makes this organisation so successful.

The audience will come to understand about how Crime Stoppers is able solve offenses and cut down the offense rates in the country. There will besides be a section concentrating on the Safe School Program and how audience members can besides acquire involved to assist battle offense. All information in this presentation was obtained from the Crime Stoppers website: www.crime-stoppers.org

Crime Stoppers Awareness Presentation
The first Crime Stoppers plan was implemented in New Mexico in 1976 and they have been turning of all time since. Today there are over 3100 Crime Stoppers chapters across the United States, and an extra 1000 more scattered throughout other countries of the universe. The Houston Crime Stoppers plan was set up by local concerns in 1981 due to the increased degree of offense in the greater Houston country. Crime Stoppers is a community-based plan that works with jurisprudence enforcement to work out offenses, guarantee safer vicinities and schools for our kids and besides to supply people with the tools they need to assist make a safer community.

Houston Crime Stoppers has non merely had a large impact on Houston, but besides on other parts of the universe. Thus, 10 % of all world-wide apprehensions have come from tips that came in through the Houston chapter. For illustration, in 2007 Houston Crime Stoppers was responsible for work outing over 30,000 offenses and received tips that led to 25,000 felony apprehensions. Besides, Crime Stoppers has paid out over $ 10 million in wagess for tips taking to successful apprehensions. All the money Crime Stoppers has paid out is dependent on the contribution from the community and fund raising events held by Crime Stoppers such as their “Brighter Tomorrow Gala” .

Crime Show-stoppers end is to make a safer community by assisting to capture felons and acquire them off Houston streets. In 2012, Crime Stoppers aid to take to 684 criminals apprehensions and work out 751 offenses such as: 18 slayings, 10 capital slayings, 79 robberies and 32 burglaries. Besides, there were 34 instances solved in 2012 affecting sex offenses against kids. In add-on, since 2007 Houston Crime Stoppers has assisted in assisting to set felons behind bars, to day of the month the numbering gaol clip is 10,859 old ages in prison, 45,018 yearss in county and 24 life sentences. All these felons were arrested, taken off the streets, and incarcerated thanks to the tips received from the community seeking to halt offense.

Another of import plan sponsored by Crime Stoppers is their Safe School Program that was started in 1997 and their slogan is “Safe School Program is to cultivate and educate the young person of today and forestall the offenses of tomorrow” . This plan has helped to take guns from schools and in 2011 and 2012, Crime Stoppers helped work out 186 school related offenses. The end is to non merely fight the offenses happening at public schools but besides to educate pupils and therefore far, Safe School, has provided over 1,000,000 pupils with safety preparation.

This non merely cuts down on offenses within the schools, it besides leads to fewer pupil dropouts. Safer school led to safer vicinities, which increases belongings values and community occupation growing in the country. Therefore, protecting your kids, schools and vicinity from offense is an investing to the full community!

Crime Stoppers has been so successful non merely because they work with jurisprudence enforcement, but besides due to the support they receive from the community. It is the tips from mundane people that allow the offenses to be solved and for the felons to be apprehended. For case, in the past many people had been afraid to reach the constabulary to describe information about a offense for the fright of revenge or from fright of effects from jurisprudence enforcement. The cardinal component in describing tips to Crime Stoppers is that the persons can stay anon. ; no inquiries asked.

Besides, any tip that consequences in a felony apprehension, Crime Stoppers will pay a wages of $ 5,000 in hard currency, and once more, no inquiries asked! By offering this wages inducement and leting people to describe their tips anonymously, more information is being reported, and more offenses are acquiring solved. Crime Stoppers is able to have tips several manner: by phone through their tip line at 713-222-TIPS, and besides by text and electronic mail. So, Crime Stoppers offers a hard currency inducement for describing tips and in making so, have made it safe from anyone’s individuality being revealed and easy for the assorted channels tips to be reported.

In add-on, Crime Stoppers has several other active plans in the attempts of doing the greater Houston country safer. The newest society is Mothers Against Crime, which started in 2006 in hopes for safer vicinities for our kids. Besides, Crime Stoppers and the Gulf Coast Offenders Task Force have launched a run in collaring felons with outstanding warrants for offenses against kids.

All that Crime Stoppers are able to make can non be done without the engagement of the community, and the fiscal support of local concerns and persons. Therefore, to assist halt offense in our country please articulation in the battle with Crime Show-stoppers by acquiring involved in their local plans and/or donate to Crime Stoppers to assist them go on to do Houston a safer topographic point to populate. It takes everyone in the community, working together to contend offense! Thank you.


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