How Bali Bombing Affects the Tourism in Bali Sample Essay

As the 3rd biggest industry in Indonesia and the biggest industry in Bali. touristry is an of import industry that will decidedly hold such a large function in the country’s economic system. There was 20 % of Bali’s working population which straight involved in the touristry industry. Furthermore. in 2001. there were 5. 1 million tourers that visited Indonesia and most of them ended up in Bali at one phase. The importance of the touristry industry in Bali was disturbed by the first Bali bombardment that happened in October 12. 2002 and doing 202 casualties which triggered a awful impact for touristry industry. The calamity is called as the worst terrorist act in Indonesia’s history. It besides became biggest calamity experienced by the Bali’s provincial authorities since Bali had a dramatic autumn in footings of international visitant Numberss subsequently on. At least 57 per centum of figure of tourers were decreased because the issue of travel warning from states such as Australia. America and besides several states in Europe. This became a immense loss for Bali since the gross regional domestic merchandise ( GRDP ) in Bali is preponderantly generated from touristry.

Furthermore. most hotels were collapsed due to the low tenancy. The negative images and turning concerns sing safety served to sabotage the touristry industry in Bali ( Kalla. 2003 ) . The lessening in the figure of tourers besides had spillover effects which cut downing Indonesia’s foreign exchange income that besides negatively affected the Indonesia’s economic recovery. After the bombardment. Indonesia’s GDP in the 4th one-fourth of 2002 besides fell aggressively to 2. 61 per centum compared to the old one-fourth. The touristry sector was besides down every bit much as 0. 9 per centum. But in early 2003. GDP had grown by 2. 04 percent return. including the touristry sector grew 0. 47 per centum. This paper signifies the impacts sing the first Bali bombardment that happened in 2002 on international visitant reachings in Bali. Specifically. this paper will show how terrorist act act can impact the image of a touristry finish and subsequently on impact the figure of the inward touristry.

Research Questions
How a terrorist act can impact an inward touristry of a finish? In this paper. the writer would utilize the impact of the first Bali bombardment to the touristry industry in Bali as the instance survey.

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Theoretical Framework and Methodology
Harmonizing to a Gallup Poll conducted for Newsweek in April 1986. 79 % of Americans said they would reject an chance to go overseas because of the menace of terrorist act. Based on the fact above. the writer finds that the theory that is suited to the aforementioned research inquiry is a theory that links between terrorist act and touristry. This theory had been conducted by Enders and Sandler ( 1991 ) and Enders. Sandler. and Parise ( 1992 ) . Although Enders and Sandler conducted the research on the negative impact of terrorist act on touristry in Spain from 1970 to 1988. the writer believes that the theory can besides be applied to this instance. On their findings. Enders and Sandler found a important negative impact of terrorist act on touristry in Spain. Enders. Sandler. and Parise studied a big sample of European states during the period from 1974 to 1988.

Their findings proved that terrorist act have a bad consequence on touristry gross in Europe and moreover doing possible tourers to alter their travel finish in order to experience safer and secured. To understand more about the decision-making procedure of a tourer. the writer finds that tourers are rational consumers and travel through the decision-making procedure by weighing benefits against costs. every bit shown as in the following figure. Hazards from terrorist act at a finish addition the degree of tourists’ perceived hazards and so increase the cost of the experience. which so consequences in the rejection of which one perceived as insecure ( Enders and Sandler. 1991 ; Enders. Sandler and Parise. 1992 ) . This causes a tourer to take a finish which doesn’t have any security hazards in order to experience more secure about the travel experience.

The writer will utilize the figure of visitants as an index of how Bali Bomb affected Bali’s touristry. This index is chosen because it’s normally referenced to find the degree of touristry development. To restrict the scope of the information. the writer merely compares the figure of tourists’ reaching. tourists’ outgo and tourists’ length of stay from 2000 to 2006. To be added. this paper besides merely comprises informations from secondary beginnings.

Tourism in Bali after the Bombings

Datas from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office showed that the figure of tourers arrival in Bali was dramatically decreased in 2003 because of the bombardment. The interesting portion is in 2004. nevertheless. the figure of tourers reaching was really higher than the figure of reachings before the bombardment. To be more specific. in January 2003 ( three months after the bombardment ) . the figure of visitants merely reached 60. 836. On the other manus in January 2004 the figure progressively reached to 104. 062. an addition of 71 % . In February and March 2003. the figure of foreign tourers were 67. 469 and 72. 263 people. while in the same month in 2004 reached 84. 374 and 99. 826 people. or a rise of 25 % in February and moreover. 39 % in March. ( Dinas Pariwisata Bali. 2010 )

Although the figure of visitants were rapidly recovered. the length of stay decreased. significantly lower than before the Bali bombardment. In 2000 and 2001. the mean length of stay of foreign tourers severally reached 10. 97 and 9. 48 yearss. While the length of stay of foreign tourers after the bombardment in 2003 was merely approximately 6 yearss. This occurred because of a displacement in the composing of foreign tourers sing Bali every bit shown as the figure below. ( Dinas Pariwisata Bali. 2010 )

Direct Tourist Arrival to Bali from 2001 to 2005 based on Nationalities The short-stay tourers doing a lower mean hotel room tenancy rate. In January. February and March 2000. the mean room tenancy rate in Bali reached 46. 33 % . This figure significantly dropped in 2003. to 31. 87 % . In January 2004. the room tenancy rate is still easy creeping to31. 41 % . ( Dinas Pariwisata Bali. 2010 ) As a following variable. outgo per tourer per twenty-four hours. can besides depict the degree of recovery of touristry in Bali. In 2001. any foreign tourers spend an norm of U. S. $ 74. 38 per twenty-four hours. In 2003. the outgo per individual per twenty-four hours decreased to U. S. $ 60. 95. This figure did non look to better until the first three months of 2004. This phenomenon for the outgo was besides associated with the displacement in the composing of the touristry market after the bombardment which dominated largely by the short-stay tourers instead than the long-stay 1s. ( Dinas Pariwisata Bali. 2010 ) Furthermore. the impact of the terrorist incident besides affected the adjustment sector.

All types of adjustment saw a corresponding autumn in demand. and tenancy rates in larger hotels plummeted from 74. 8 % on 11 October to 33. 4 % on 19 October ; figures subsequently reached 10 % in certain cases ( Dinas Pariwisata Bali. 2010 ) . Restaurants. retail merchants and attractive forces besides had fewer clients and the hereafter of little endeavors was threatened. The supports of persons such as circuit ushers and craftsmen were jeopardised. including members of the big informal sector of peddlers and sellers ( BBC. 2002a ) . Not merely the hotels. air hoses and agents are enduring. the cab drivers. the garment. keepsake. nutrient industries all suffer ( TTG TravelHub. Internet. 2002 ) . The World Tourism Organisation ( WTO ) predicted that the island could be US $ 4 million poorer due to the terrorist onslaught ( BBC. 2002b ) . Following the first bombardment. the World Bank/UNDP ( 2006 ) estimated that every bit many as three-fourthss of those employed in the hotel sector were either working reduced displacements or had temporarily been made redundant.

There were besides flow-on effects to other tourist-related industries such as conveyance and services. For illustration. market bargainers. beach sellers and cab drivers reported a bead in gross revenues gross between 32 % in Pasar Badung and 71 % in Pasar Ubud ( Henderson. J. . 2003 ) . The impact of the 2002 terrorist work stoppages on Bali and so Indonesia as a whole was huge. The downswing in touristry in the state had a annihilating economic impact. Other tourer related endeavors in the informal sector were much worse affected. These include many small-scale enterprisers who ply their wares at Bali’s beaches and temples ( Baker & A ; Coulter. 2007 ) . However. despite all these negative effects of the onslaughts in Bali. the island has managed to retrieve vastly in ulterior old ages following the event in 2002.

Although touristry fell by 28 % in 2003. it really so rose by 50 % in 2004. to a new record of 1. 5 million foreign tourers. However. after the two bombardments. tourers were more loath to see Bali. For illustration. in 2002 and 2003. the figure of tourers sing Bali went down by 31 % and 28 % severally. This. in bend. resulted in a rise in the unemployment rate and escalated poorness. Almost instantly after the bombardments. 2. 000 tourers cut short their vacation in Bali ( The Straits Times. 2002 ) and 2. 833 international visitants were recorded on 15 October compared to an norm of 4. 650 prior to the blasts ( Jakarta Post. 2006 ) .

To sum up. the author’s analysis largely support the findings of Enders ( 1992 ) which says terrorist act truly affairs for touristry. It shows with the fact that Bali had a dramatic autumn in footings of international visitant Numberss subsequently on in 2003. It is besides in line with the theory that largely. in the term of a tourists’ decision-making procedure. it will reject a travel finish of which one perceived as insecure. However. in the instance of touristry in Bali. the recovery was someway speedy since there was a large addition in the figure of tourists’ reaching in 2004. even more than the figure of tourers before the bombardment happened. Direct impacts of the bombardment are decidedly the decrease in international visitant Numberss and besides visitors’ disbursement. The writer besides found a fact that there’s a important displacement from the long-stay tourers to short-stay tourers which sing Bali. These direct impacts on touristry will besides impact other sectors in Bali’s economic system. such as foreign investing. national and regional income and besides employment rate.


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