How did the attitudes of the Protestants develop in the 19th Century? Essay

Since the plantations of the Protestants into Ireland in the 16th and the 17th Century, Britain had put a lot of money in Ulster to support Protestants so that the plantation project would work. This meant that in the 19th Century the industrial revolution in Britain also developed in the North of Ireland were great industrialization took place. Such as shipyards were built were the biggest ship in the world was made the Titanic. This is why Protestants were so against Home Rule because they thought that if Home Rule was finalised the Catholics would rebel and take all the good land back and they that they would take all the good jobs because at this time the Catholics did not have very good land and there jobs were no were near as good as the Protestants jobs.

So many of these prosperous Ulster Protestants became worried in the 19th Century when the British government suggested Home Rule for Ireland. Home Rule would be based in Dublin and would please many moderate Protestant nationalist mps.

The Protestants in the North felt that their wealth would be lost to those in the poor south, who had lost much in the famine and they were also under developed. After the famine many Protestant landlords evicted the Catholic tenants to increase the value of their land.

So in opposition to Home rule, Protestant Orange men in the north founded the Ulster Unionist Party. The UUP had a reaction against the Home Rule proposals saying that they wanted to be ruled by Britain directly. A man called Parnell led the Home Rule Parnell.


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