How does Charles Dickens treat the theme of education Essay

About marrying Bounder? When for the first time Louisa falls in love, because of such strong affection that she hasn’t experienced before she becomes distressed. She doesn’t know about the real tests in life, all she knows is facts. Louisa has a break down and has to beg her father for help because she grows so close to being cut off from society. So the kind of education Tom and Louisa experience as children I believed ruined their lives, but I also think it depends on what kind of person you are, as Louisa isn’t as the same as ere brother.

In my opinion Tom seems more cold and heartless, Louisa from the outset has shown some responsibility for her brother-he is the only person she truly loves from the start. Maybe Tom being a male, was pushed more into education than his sister by Grading. In Hard Times Dickens portrays education in the eighteenth hundred as being made of facts, “Facts. ” Facts being the only right answer, your personal view counts for nothing it’s worthless and seems so cold and robotic.

Every child is seen as the same; very child is Just another statistic Just like our generation and the next. Dickens teaches us that education is more than what some people treat it as, I feel it can be a philosophy to life. I learnt how education moulds you to some extent into who you are. You see how parenting and society have such an impact on a person. I believe that from this book you learn that what makes you have the personality you have, is the type of lifestyle you live and the situations you have to deal with.

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I think Dickens still believes knowledge is power, it’s Just what type of knowledge we have or should have, could be debated. I believe that Dickens feels that the education system in the eighteen hundreds didn’t work as in his story all the characters who are taught in that way, Louisa and Tom have troubled life when they are grown up. I think that by showing how Sissy succeeds by still having the same education, proves that Dickens believes you can defeat the monotonous dictatorial type of education.


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