How Effectively Did Britain Deal With The Challenges To World Peace Between 1931 And 1936 Essay

The main ways that Britain tried to keep the peace were to deal with the foreign policies. These were to try and preserve the empire. This was important because it gave Britain links for trading and support from other places in the world. Britains main colony was India. Britain found themselves with the task of protecting the Suiz canal as this was the only convenient way of reaching India from the Mediterranean.

They also had to make sure that they would stay a world power. This is linked to the idea of keeping an empire because if they are a world power then other nations will respect them and won’t try to challenge them.This is linked to Italy and the way that they wanted to recreate the Roman Empire. To do this they had to take over the Mediterranean. This was a problem for Britain because they did not want to offend Italy but they could not let the Suiz canal fall under Italian hands as the Suiz canal was partly in the Mediterranean.

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They also wanted to support the League Of Nations. This was because it gave other smaller countries that were in the League Of Nations protection given from the larger world powers that were in the League Of Nations. These were the tasks that Britain faced.

The situation in Europe really began to heat up when the Germans withdrew from the League Of Nations. Hitlers main plan was to create a greater Germany. This involved taking over most of Europe.

Chamberlin had a policy of appeasement. This was the 1930s way of giving in to Hitler to stop an outbreak of war. Looking at the situation from hindsight you can see that this was clearly the wrong way about dealing with Hitler.

He was one who was not to be trusted. Due to the policy that Chamberlin took, Britain created a weak image for itself.This meant (due to Britain’s image) that Italy and Japan were able to do things which they would otherwise not have dreamed of doing. When France, Britain and Italy created the Sresefront they agreed that they would stop Germany from expanding their Empire into Europe. Then Britain Jeopardised their whole alliance with France and Italy by making a treaty with Germany and thereby stabbing them in the back.

They made an Anglo-German Naval Agreement which meant that the German Navy were able to rebuild there navy to 30% the size of Britains.


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