How I Would Like to Be Remember Essay

Since I was 4 years old, I love talking to myself in the mirror. Why do I do that? When I look at myself with a big smile from ear to ear, I feel relieved because on that moment it is the best way to comfort myself from sadness. I have been known as the cheerful and happiest person in the family. When I am around, my parents feel entertaining and joyful. This is how I would like to be remembered by others.

I may not have straight A’s for my result but I have happiness and love to be shared and spread off to people around me.I have experienced failures in my life, until now the scars sometimes bleeding and I know each and every one of us has our own story. With the happiness and love that I shared, I hope that it could ease my friends’ from what they have been suffered. Apart from that, when I feel down or upset I am always motivate to myself and it is working. I have to admit that I am not a good adviser but what could I do in order to help my friends is sharing my experienced and encourage them to figure out their pressure by how I used to motivate to myself as before.People may say or think that I am childish as I do believe on a popular quote that in every fairytales used, which is ‘live happily ever after’.

As for me, our life can never be colourful or cheer up when our heart is crying. I want all of people around me could feel the happiness in me and their problems are flying away. Before I end my narration I hope that we could overcome our pressure and problems so that we may live happily ever after.

This is how I would like to be remembered.


I'm Tamara!

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