How important is a thorough process of recruitment & selection for a hotel? Essay

How important is a thorough process of recruitment & selection for a hotel?A thorough process means a complete and comprehensive process. Recruitment refers to the process of identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and the jobholder and advertising the position. Selection is choosing the most appropriate person for the job.In the stance of a hotel, it serves thousands of millions of customer on a daily basis, coming from various countries all over the world. So that employees working in a hotel should be able to speak different languages, for example, if a hotel is located in Hong Kong, workers should be able to speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. A hotel can identify this by sorting out a job analysis, which identifies the duties, and abilities needed buy the job. It includes job description, which means stating the duties and responsibilities, working conditions of working in a hotel and personal specification, which means the qualities of the candidate, required for the job.

Some believe that a hotel should not splurge time and cost on recruitment and selection. They believe that a hotel may recruit employees and train them by different methods. For example, on-the-job training means training takes place in a normal working environment like apprenticeship. Beginners usually follow their managers or experienced worker to see how they work and learn. After several weeks, they may rotate their jobs from working in the front counter to a restaurant inside the hotel. Consequently, the employee can learn different skills by job rotation although it takes time.However, are recruitment and selection important for a hotel? I would say it depends on the scale of the hotel. If a hotel tends to be a small-scale one, they may focus on other areas, such as the quality and variety of products and services.

They may not have enough source of capital to support recruitment. For a relatively large-scale company, if they have sufficient funds, they may spend more on R&S. A hotel is where customers enjoy, relax and be served. A hotel doesn’t need a group of elite teams for operation but an appropriate team that best suit the hotel’s requirements. Having employed the RIGHT person, this may not only enhance the working performance, but also the overall morale of the hotel. According to Frederick Herzberg’s “Two-factor Theory” from the neo-human relations school of management. If employees know there is opportunity for promotion, they tend to work harder.

They will be motivated. Promotion is one of the methods of Internal recruitment; it is less time-consuming and may improve the morale of existing employees. If possible, adopting external recruitment like referral or through headhunter. Hotel requires good and effective management, systemized operation and should avoid any mistake happen. Employing an external, skillful, experienced worker can bring new blood to the hotel. For example, if InterContinental recruited the former department leader of Holiday Inn who worked for 5 years, it will be beneficial to “IC”. Selection is the step after recruitment because a hotel may have recruited someone who is not best suitable to the hotel.

The process starts with application form, reference checking, interview, aptitude test and offer of employment. By the same token, selection is to access and determine which candidate is most suitable. Having hired the right candidate may improve the level of productivity and the cost of supervision may largely reduce. As a result, with suitable employees, a hotel and employees could achieve more.

They may reach the highest level of Hierarchy theory of Needs by Abraham Maslow. Also, “ASK+E”; “Attitude”, “Skills”, “Knowledge” and “Experience” of employees will improve. If a hotel failed to have a thorough process, they may lost money and time or even affect the productivity, reputation and morale in a hotel.

To conclude, recruitment and selection are an inevitable part of Human Resources Management. Be that as it may, it is not the ONLY way to achieve satisfied or high level of performance. Different hotels have different situations but this helps in a certain extent.


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