How Red Bull Uses The Current Trend Commerce Essay

Having good wellness is really of import for everyone, so today about everyone has progressively wellness concerns and even the media is supplying knowledge about wellness to people ; for case, how to be healthy and how being unhealthy may do many diseases.There are many causes that may take people to be unhealthy such as non adequate slumber, bad pollution, deficiency of exercising, and possibly the most of import is eating wonts. If you want to hold good wellness, one ‘s chief concern should be choosing nutrient to eat because unhealthy nutrient is a chief cause of wellness jobs such as malignant neoplastic disease, bosom disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and fleshiness.We can see that today many supermarkets such as Vons and Ralphs provide organic merchandise for their consumers. Even though the organic monetary values are more expensive than not organic merchandises, shops still make a net income from selling it. I think this is a good illustration to demo that healthier tendencies are going more popular today.

Therefore, a elephantine corporation like Red Bull GmbH which is making good in the energy drink market should prehend an advantage from this healthy tendency. They could make this by establishing a new merchandise that supports healthy tendencies in order to run into consumers ‘ current demand, expand their market, maintain loyal clients, and assist company to make good image. However, in this research paper, I will concentrate on how Red Bull GmbH uses company ‘s chance harmonizing to SWOT analysis “ current tendency ( healthy tendency ) ” to get the better of the current issues which many surveies have revealed that Red Bull merchandises cause inauspicious side effects. I will utilize three schemes, including merchandise scheme, bundle scheme, and monetary value scheme as tools for assisting Red Bull to establish their new merchandise.

Company Overview

Red Bull GmbH was founded in Austria in 1987 and launched merchandises in the USA about 10 old ages subsequently. Red bull merchandises are in the class of energy drinks and have many benefits such as: increased public presentation, concentration, reaction velocity, and stimulated metamorphosis. Almost 15 old ages since Red Bull was presented to the United States, Red Bull built a really strong trade name name and has become the figure one energy drink in the USA and around the universe. Today, Red Bull is present in 164 states.

As of the terminal of 2011, Red Bull had sold about 4.6 billion tins world-wide and employed 8,294 people. The central office of Red Bull is located at Fuschl am See in Austria.

Highlight history

In 1982, Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz, the Austrian concern adult male visited Thailand for his concern. He felt ill because he had taken a plane for many hours, but after he tried Kratingdaeng energy drink that would subsequently animate him. He was acquiring better and claimed that it could assist him retrieve from jetlag.

Therefore, he went to reach with Mr. Chaleo Yuwitthaya that he was interested in come ining the energy drink concern.[ 1 ]In 1984, Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz and Mr. Chaleo Yuwitthaya established “ Red Bull GmbH ” in Austria. Both of them held 49 % of stock equity portion and the remainder 2 % belonged to Mr.

Chaleo ‘s boy.[ 2 ]In 1987, they began to sell Red Bull energy in Austria. It became the most popular energy drink in Austria within the first twelvemonth.

However, before establishing Red bull energy drink in western market, Red Bull changed many ingredients from its original paradigm such as, added carbonation, B vitamins, glucuronolactone, Na, and caffeine in its new merchandise in order to react the demands of western consumers. Not merely the gustatory sensation, but the bundle was besides changed, from glass-bottle to can. However, after Red bull improved their merchandise, they claimed that the new merchandise can increased staying power and mental concentration, so their mark clients were changed from low category people to middle category people, such as jocks and pupils.[ 3 ]In 1997, Red Bull was presented to the USA and they focused on four western provinces which were California, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas. However, Red Bull used selling scheme in showing their trade name by back uping utmost athleticss that are really popular in USA. For illustration, Red Bull sponsored snowboarding, skiing competitions, and bike racing. Furthermore, Red Bull attracted people who like night life by presenting a drink that assorted Red Bull energy drink with vodka. Today, Red Bull GmbH is the most extremely valued company in Austria, worth about $ 11 billion.

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Figure 1: Red bull GmbH timeline


Red Bull Energy Drink has been developed for people who want to hold a clear and focussed head, execute physically, are dynamic and performance-oriented whilst besides equilibrating this with a merriment and active life style. In short, Red Bull “ gives wings ” to people who want to be mentally and physically active and have a gusto for life.[ 5 ]


In malice of the still really hard and unsure fiscal and planetary economic clime, Red bull programs for growing and investing in 2012 remain merely as ambitious and we envisage a continued upward tendency.[ 6 ]


1. Addition in gross revenues.2. Expand to new market, and develop the new merchandise.

Healthy Tendency 2012

A turning cause of decease in universe populations is chronic diseases. The chronic diseases are caused by the devolution of the organic structure. Examples of these diseases include: malignant neoplastic disease, bosom disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and fleshiness. These chronic diseases can non be overcome by modern medical specialty, but keeping good wellness is simple solution to forestall such diseases.

Therefore, maintaining healthy by following healthy tendencies is a good manner to do your life better. For illustration, slumber should be sufficient and a good bedtime is 10 autopsy. because the human organic structure will get down to mend itself about every twenty-four hours at approximately 10 autopsy. However, if we do non kip, the encephalon will non release substances it uses to mend the organic structure and will take to deteriorating wellness. Refering the environment and air quality, these are besides of import because if lungs are having toxic polluted air, our lungs will endure.

The consequence of utmost pollution causes the growing of harmful cells which may take to lung malignant neoplastic disease. Another issue that must be mentioned is keeping emotional well-being, which is of import as good. When we are disquieted or angry, our organic structure will be agitated excessively because we will release bad endocrines that destroy our cells. Therefore, we should cut down our emphasis by quieting down. We should besides non neglect exercising. A healthy life style involves 3 twenty-four hours a hebdomad for 30 proceedingss per twenty-four hours to keep wellness. The last thing that we should see carefully is eating.

We should eat healthy alimentary nutrient because good feeding helps us to hold a good wellness. However, if we eat unhealthy nutrient, our organic structure will be lame and less able to contend off diseases. In add-on, we should non bury to eat breakfast because when we sleep, we use a batch of energy to mend our organic structure, so in the forenoon our organic structure needs nutrient to change over to energy for utilizing in day-to-day life.

Everything are the rudimentss of healthy life style.However, top 5 wellness tendencies for 2012 consist with natural energy drinks, acquiring adequate slumber, flexitarians, digital motive, and DIY wellness apps. However, in this paper, I will chiefly concentrate on natural energy drinks merely because it better pertains to my research. Over the last few old ages energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, and 5- Hour Energy have become progressively popular. However, if these drinks want to go on to be popular in the hereafter, they should refer about consumers ‘ wellness, so they should incorporate 100 % natural such as vitamins, whole grains, tea infusion, bananas, and day of the months.[ 7 ]

The peculiar issue “ Side Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink ”

Red Bull merchandises are these include: Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugarfree, Red Bull Energy Shot, Red Bull Cola, Red Bull Total Zero, and The Red Bull Editions. The company claims that Red Bull energy drink regenerate the organic structure and head, addition public presentation, concentration and reaction velocity, better watchfulness, stimulate metamorphosis, and do you experience more energetic and therefore better your overall wellbeing.

[ 8 ]The ingredients of Red Bull are caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, B vitamins, and sugar. However, some of Red Bull ingredients are doing the inauspicious side effects. For illustration, extra sums caffeine can do bosom arrhythmia, insomnia, anxiousness ; A can of Red Bull energy drink has 27g sugar and 110 Calories, so in surplus it could impute to burden addition, diabetes, and tooth decay.[ 9 ]In many states, energy drinks are chief causes of decease.

In Australia a 28 year- old- adult male died of a bosom onslaught after he drank seven tins of energy drink and so joined in a bike competition. In Britain, a 21- year- old died on a nightclub floor after imbibing four tins of an energy drink assorted with intoxicant. The medical examiner reported that the drink may hold triggered QT syndrome, a rare bosom status. A pupil in Ireland died after sharing four tins with friends. Due to unhealthy side effects of these energy drinks, some states have banned its gross revenues in their state.[ 10 ]However, the worst side effects normally occur if consumed energy drink in surplus. Sheryl Lozicki shows many surveies of energy drink ‘ side effects in the followers:Australian medical research workers completed a survey in 2008 on 30 immature grownups one hr before and one hr after imbibing an energy drink. They concluded that one hr followers, the blood viscousness became thicker, a status similar in nature to persons with cardiovascular jobs such as shot.

Scott Willoughby, the lead research worker, stated that the effects of energy drinks when combined with high emphasis or high blood force per unit area could negatively impact the proper map of blood vass, increasing the hazard of coagulating. Wayne State University research workers completed a survey in 2007 on healthy grownups who consumed two tins of a popular energy drink daily. They concluded that persons with high blood pressure and bosom disease should avoid devouring these types of drinks.

The survey showed that healthy grownups experienced additions in blood force per unit area and bosom rate following ingestion. The participants were at remainder, sitting in chairs or watching a film. While the addition was non important for healthy people, it could present wellness hazards for those with heart-related concerns.[ 11 ]Even if Red Bull besides provided energy drinks without sugar, such as Red Bull Sugarfree, its sugar was replaced by aspartame and sucralose sweetenings. However, two chief ingredients of Red Bull Sugar Free are taurine and caffeine, that two ingredients can take you to endure such negative side effects. Red Bull Sugar Free could increase bosom rate if you are peculiarly sensitive to caffeine. Harmonizing to Johns Hopkins University, in a 2007 study of 496 college pupils, 51 per centum consumed at least one energy imbibe a hebdomad, and 19 per centum of pupils reported bosom palpitations from devouring energy drinks on a regular basis and it may increase the hazard of holding a bosom onslaught or shot. A 2008 Australian survey by the Cardiovascular Research Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital concluded that merely one can of Red Bull be able to increase the “ stickiness ” or viscousness of your blood to degrees, seting consumer at important hazard for coagulating.

Blood curdling is one of the primary precursors to stroke and cardiac apprehension. Furthermore, imbibing Red Bull Sugarfree combined with intoxicant can take the drinker to deathly effects. Harmonizing to Steve Clarke, manager of Virginia Tech ‘s College Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center, uniting the stimulation ingredients in Red Bull with the depressant effects of intoxicant can do cardiac jobs.[ 12 ]As the consequence, we can see that Red Bull merchandises have been linked to many side effects. Therefore, Red Bull Company should concern about their clients ‘ wellness because merchandises ‘ side effects can impact its gross revenues. However, Red Bull should seek to revise merchandises to be healthier to retain bing clients and pull more clients. Harmonizing to Red Bull Energy Drink SWOT analysis, one chance for Red Bull is establishing a new merchandise that aligns with the current healthy tendency like it ne’er has before. I think this is a good chance for Red Bull to take advantage of this healthy tendency in order to keep clients in the hereafter.

How Red Bull can utilize the chance ( Healthy Trend ) to get the better of the current issues.

The solution that can assist the company to cover with the current issues is establishing a new healthy witting merchandise that supports healthy tendency by utilizing three schemes: merchandise scheme, bundle scheme, and monetary value scheme.

Merchandise scheme

To function a altering consumer footing in 2012, energy drinks should incorporate more natural ingredients, so the new merchandise of Red bull should be a natural energy drink that contains ingredients from 100 % natural beginnings. They should besides add minerals and multivitamins that promote good wellness.

Under the construct “ Red Bull for Your Health. ”1. The new merchandise is a drink in the class of energy drinks, under the name “ Red Bull Natural Drink ” .

It is a drink that helps people to retrieve from physical exhaustion more rapidly after work, athleticss, analyzing and besides aid for mending the parts of the organic structure that were damaged in order to remain healthy. This merchandise will utilize a mixture of natural ingredients merely and some minerals and multivitamins will be added in the merchandise for extra wellness benefits. Furthermore, the new merchandise will hold zero Calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar which is good for the people who diet and people who want to hold good wellness.2. The H2O colour is light green with 100 % natural ingredients, higher mineral and multivitamin degree than other trade names in the same class. The light green represents nature that matches with the merchandise construct involves nature. Therefore, I assume the visible radiation viridity is the best tantrum for Natural Drink.

3. At first, I will bring forth merely one spirit that is the same original gustatory sensation of Red Bull energy drink because this gustatory sensation is really alone and hard to copy and I want to maintain with company individuality. Furthermore, Red Bull ‘s clients are told that they chose Red Bull because of this alone gustatory sensation.

4. The drink will be contained in a can that, like the old merchandise bundle, can assist the company to salvage costs that will be lost in making new bundle.5.

At the beginning, I will supply merely one size of merchandise that contains 355ml. It will be in-between size that it non excessively much, but it is adequate to give people what they need. I provide merely one size because I want to cognize initial feedback of the new merchandise and adjust my scheme consequently. However, if the new merchandise is popular, I think it will non be excessively late to bring forth another size.6. Red Bull ‘s research worker squad will work hard to analyze clients ‘demand and feedback that is a valuable information beginning to assist company to develop new merchandises in order to hold a better scope of merchandises.

Package scheme

Logo: I will utilize the same logo image and same colour like the former merchandise because when the clients see the new merchandise, they will cognize rapidly that it is a merchandise of Red Bull and I think this will do it easier to publicize.

Package: I will take a can box as the current merchandise bundle, but colour on the can will be changed by utilizing a bright blue and green colour to stand for nature and a in writing that will be added on the can. It will be the in writing such as tree, workss, and flowers that reflect the nature of the new merchandise in order to carry consumer to devour the new merchandise.Label: The words on the label will be a green colour and the label background will be a light bluish colour in order to fit with the can of the new merchandise.

Monetary value Scheme

From the psychological scheme, I will put the monetary value above the market monetary value because high pricing can take advantage of a section of consumers who believe high quality comes at a high monetary value. It besides helps the company to construct positive consumer consciousness. Another ground is utilizing 100 % natural ingredients will increase production costs which is why I have to put the monetary value above the market monetary value and I want to rock consumers ‘ attitude about the new merchandise that its high quality and better for your wellness than another merchandise that set at the lower monetary value.In the following monetary value scheme, the Red Bull Healthy Drink selects the psychological scheme by puting uneven pricing.

I will put the monetary value at $ 3.25 per a can. This scheme is really popular in many points in the large shops and this scheme works many times for carrying consumers to buy a merchandise.

In the last monetary value scheme, I will utilize merchandise bundling scheme because this scheme will assist the company to sell a larger sum of merchandise in a shorter sum of clip and besides offer more value to the consumers.

For consumers who are interested in buying the merchandise, they may make up one’s mind to purchase if they can acquire more merchandises in a bundle bundle. The Red Bull Healthy Drink will hold 3 sorts of packages. For a battalion of 6 tins will be $ 17.75, a battalion of 12cans will be $ 35.

50, and a battalion of 24 tins will be $ 71.00.


Due to many issues that Red Bull is presently confronting, establishing a new merchandise that support healthy tendencies would be a good solution that would assist the company to keep consumers and besides unfastened new marker. I think utilizing the current tendencies to run concern would be a smart scheme that the company should follow because the clients want something new and that thing has to be the best for them. Therefore, if people want to win in concern, they should cognize what current demands of consumers are and how to carry through those demands.

For case, in my research, I have known presents that healthy tendencies are really popular because people have more concern about their wellness and eating wonts as one facet that creates wellness jobs, so I think Red Bull should utilize this information to believe about what the new merchandise should be. I think establishing the new merchandise that support wellness tendencies would be the best reply for Red Bull Company. After cognizing an reply, the following measure is doing new merchandise to be existent by utilizing many tools. However, in my research I use merely three schemes, merchandise scheme, bundle scheme, and monetary value scheme that I think would be adequate to function as a guideline about establishing a new merchandise for Red Bull.


Although establishing new merchandise may assist Red Bull to get the better of the current issues that they have faced, making a natural energy drink that contains ingredients from 100 % natural beginnings would be a batch of money to company. Since there are many stairss before establishing the new merchandise such as research and experiments about what should be ingredients for the new merchandise, and besides selling.

However, establishing a new merchandise is non easy, so the company has to see carefully that the merchandise is valuable plenty to establish or non in order to guarantee a successful concern.


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