How successfully has Shakespeare crafted a disturbed female voice of lady macbeth Essay

How successfully has Shakespeare crafted a disturbed female voice In act 1 scene 5 Shakespeare creates a disturbed female voice in Lady Macbeth. this is shown through the personification of a raven, “the raven himself is hoarse”. Ravens would of had connotations with evil and suffering and also have a bad omen of death. Lady Macbeth is giving death a body to live in, death would be the spirits so she is giving the spirits a body to live in. The idea of death shows the death shows the foreshadowing of the death of king Duncan. Once the voice is husky he will die. This can relate to act 1 scene 7, this is related to the structure of her speaking as her sentences are longer which will make her hoarse as having a hoarse voice is like having a husky voice which will occur once a person has a husky voice which will be her. This could reference her to being a witch being able to foreshadow herself in the future .

She uses the word himself this is meant to be her once she has gone past the natural order, once she has changed her sex. For a woman in the Elizabethan times to want to against the natural order. This will shock the Elizabethan audience as she isn’t asking for this but saying this will happen to her and this is how she is a disturbed voice, sinister and unconventional. A contemporary audience would see her just as ambitious as she has a lust for power which shows that contemporary audiences have a understanding for unconventional figures.

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