How to Attain Distinctive Competitive Advantage Sample Essay

Strategic direction procedure is a procedure which companies use to be after for either short-run or long-run ends. It consists of three constituents – strategic analysis. strategic pick and strategic execution. ( Albert 2012. 1 ) It is besides a tool which is used by direction to do determinations for companies to hold competitory advantage over their rivals. Strategic direction is a uninterrupted procedure which companies use to accomplish more market portions to meet all present and future competitions. ( Management survey usher 2012 )

If usage as business’s scheme. it will be a guide manner for the company to act upon their staff’s determinations. precedences and ways of working. It is believed that everyone in the company would wish to work in a meaningful environment when they know why they are making. Sometimes direction may put their business’s scheme that they may hold missed out unanticipated fortunes which require the part from their staffs’ committedness. battle. productiveness and creativeness. Management needs to associate their scheme program to their staffs to allow them cognize the of import of accomplishing their ends together is of import. This will hike the assurance and increases self-awareness of their single staffs towards company schemes. These are the two of import qualities which require by company. ( Jeremy 2009. 4 ) Scheme planning can besides be used in everyone’s life as simple and every bit efficient as possible as anyone whom wishes to accomplish their ends. ( Richard 2009. 10 )

Strategic analysis is the cardinal constituent to be started before any scheme direction procedure can be processed. During strategic analysis phase. the company needs to look into resources which they have. They need to concentrate on their resources which help the company to be focused on indispensable stairss in order for them to accomplish their strategic aims. They should besides look into conserving their resources by educating their staffs on the benefits of non blowing resources. This can cut down unneeded costs incurred by wastage. Company must besides hold alternate programs on how they are traveling to retrieve resources. Recovery of resources may necessitate a longer clip and intensive resource committedness before they can anticipate any returns on it. In order for a company to accomplish the best consequence. the company can give their staff preparation on how to place merchandises which they could recycle. With the aid of increased self-awareness. the company will be able to retrieve resources more rapidly and therefore they are able to increase their resource purchase faster. ( Clive 1998. 96 )

A company should be specific on their values. outlooks and aims so that they could associate it to their staff. After the company has decided on their aims. they need to take measuring in order for them to recognize whether it is accomplishable. If no. company will be able to do alteration on their aims to do it accomplishable. ( Aaron 2012. 52 ) In order for a company to accommodate to any alterations in the market. the direction needs to hold their strategic analysis foremost before they can get down any new strategic direction procedure. SWOT and Porter’s competitory forces are normally use as a tool by companies during their strategic analysis phase. SWOT is usually being combined with Porter’s competitory forces analysis to accomplish the best consequences for the company.

SWOT analysis which helps companies realize their internal company’s strengths and failings and at the same clip it besides helps them to analyse the external chances and menaces in the environment. ( Kevan 2009. 18-19 ) SWOT is a flexible analysis which can be used as single or combined and all analysis depends on company demand. For illustration a big international company which is good known for its trade name name. This is their strength. They can concentrate on acquiring more market portions by happening chances in the market. At the same clip. they can place their menaces which will assist them to be good prepared against their rivals. For a freshly set up company. their direction may necessitate to utilize each and every one of the analysis. They are required to happen out their strengths. It could be from the cognition and experiences of their staff when they find new chances from their clients. At the same clip. they are able to place the menace from their rivals and what are their customers’ demands. The company can besides happen out about their failings so that they could do betterment in their procedure.

Many a times. most companies may hold underestimated how hard it is to better failings. As their staff may be afraid of stating the truth to the direction which may misdirect the direction squad to do the incorrect determinations. Therefore. sometimes it is hard for companies to do betterment on their failings. ( Cyril 2003. 90-91 )

Porter’s five forces involve the possible entrants. replacements of merchandise or service and power of both sellers and purchasers toward competitory competition in the environment. ( Kevan 2009. 22-23 ) It is ever good to get down with the five-forces theoretical account with the industry competition section and it will be helpful to happen out their current rivals. A company should at the same clip take into consideration the menace which is given by the new entrants and this will depend on the barriers to entry which have been erected by the environment. High entry barriers might curtail the figure of new participants in the environment due to high costs. or new engineering. or a high usage of patents within the environment or even by other unanticipated fortunes. On the other manus. low entry barriers could ask for new rivals to fall in in the environment.

It is besides of import for a company to be cognizant of the relationship between the environment and sellers that may prefer one or the other. When there is a high demand with low supplies. it will be favored to the sellers. When there is a low demand with high supplies. it will be in favorite of the clients ( purchasers ) . ( Neil 1997. 10 )

The five forces theoretical account creates a better apprehension of the environment in which a company competes in. Therefore this theoretical account enables a company to obtain and keep their competitory advantage as compared to their rivals. It is accomplishable by utilizing Porter’s five forces. either through cost leading or by distinction. ( Neil 1997. 11 ) A company can buy merchandises in majority in order to acquire a better monetary value from their sellers. Competitive advantage is being achieved by giving clients tantamount benefits which have been given by their sellers. By using more than one generic scheme. the company may stop up being “stuck in the middle” and this may ensue in neither cost leading nor distinction. ( Loizos 2003. 12 )

It is utile for a company to utilize the consequence of Porter’s five-forces in SWOT analysis to replace the external chances and menaces to unite with internal strengths and failing. ( Kevan 2009. 23 ) Besides the direction squad whose engagement in the strategic analysis procedure on happening out the external universe of their rivals. sometimes it can besides include their staff whom may non be the same hierarchy like them to input valuable information. ( Cyril 2003. 8 )

After a company has come out their strategic analysis. the following measure is for their direction to do the determination in the strategic pick phase. Even in this phase. the company can sometimes bring forth more options and do rating on their picks in order for them to guarantee that it can give them the best consequence. As this is the phase where their management’s determination on their pick enables the company to carry through their mission and accomplish their aims. ( Tony 1999. 6 )

The concluding measure for strategic direction procedure is strategic execution. This phase is the most hard as it requires direction to mensurate their achieved consequences. ( Albert 2012. 1 ) The direction needs to hold resources planned and at the same clip demand to see about their company’s construction which sometimes when re-engineered may assist to re-organize their system. Technology is another issue for their organisation to accomplish their aim. If their computing machine system is out-dated. they should seek to upgrade it in order to acquire the best consequence. At the same clip. they should convey messages to their staff on their company’s aim. Sometimes the company should see directing their staff for preparation so that they can upgrade their accomplishments and cognition as and when the company progresses.

It is ever a belief that company staffs are one of the assets of the company. ( Cyril 2003. 281 ) Sometimes in the company. most of their leaders will merely portion their scheme with their stockholders. and even their rivals ( by printing it in the company’s one-year study ) . but non their staff. Any company must ever take note that in order for them to accomplish optimum consequences during their execution phase they should affect everyone in the company cohesively in the same way of their company’s mission and aims. ( Cyril 2003. 9 )

Strategic direction procedure is a flexible procedure which allows company to travel back to any phase where they may hold faced jobs or could non acquire the optimum consequences out of it. It is a utile tool which company can utilize to do betterments as and when it goes on with the procedure. Upon implementing the procedure. the company will be able to take measurings to accomplish the most optimum consequences. It can be used in any company irrespective of their size which they can use in their organisation. It is besides utile for us to utilize as an person. For illustration. we could utilize it when we are looking for occupation chances. Once we confirm which occupation to use. we will seek to analyse our menaces like who will be our possible occupation campaigners ( rivals ) . We could acquire ourselves prepared for our interviews so that it enables us to recognize our strengths and failings since this is one of the popular inquiries which the interviewer will inquire in order to happen out whether we are the most suited campaigner for their company.


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