How to Keep an Ideal Employee at Work Essay

Running a company is a great challenge because its success mainly depends on the employees and their performance. If a company has managed to obtain an efficient and dedicated workforce, it will also have to retain it in order to achieve accomplishments. In the business world, people often change jobs when a better opportunity arises.

However, if a company loses its best employees, it might indicate that something is wrong in the company which will probably make the rest of the employees give their notice of resignation if they are not pleased with the working conditions.Yet, if the company has developed retention strategies, it may never lose a desirable employee. The employees should be pushed to their limits but at the same time they should feel happy and motivated. Although it is expected of them to be driven by motivation, it is the employer’s responsibility to keep the employees motivated.

That is why one of the primary measures taken to maintain a healthy organization is the honest approach towards employees. First of all, the employer must build and maintain a close rapport with their employees.It would be nice to compliment them at least at the end of the week for a job well done, so that they would feel appreciated. Moreover, public criticism should be avoided because it might lead to dissatisfaction and resignations. Criticism should be done in private, while praise should be given publicly. However, the employer, besides being supportive and fair, should not forget to discipline the employees when necessary.

The message of “firm and fair” should be sent to every employee, no matter of their performance, so that they would be more respectful to everyone in their environment.However, the employees, especially the good ones, should not be either threatened by or fear the supervisors. By fair and firm approach, they should become aware that everyone is treated equally and that the primary goal is to achieve co-workers success which should lead to the company’s success. That is why communication is a key factor for overcoming obstacles. If the employees are aware of the fact that the company would do anything for their well-being, they will do their best and remain loyal to it.

In this case, the role of the employer is crucial not just to express fairness but also to be clear when giving assignments.The employees will be satisfied if they know exactly what is expected of them every day of the week. Clearly set goals would spare everyone from frustration and discontent due to inefficiency.

Moreover, if the employees are happy, the customers will be happy too. In order to determine the atmosphere in which the employees function, it is essential to allow the employees to speak their mind clearly and openly. This is one of the key factors in employee retention. Significant improvement can be made if the employees feel comfortable when offering ideas or criticizing.What is more, the supervisors should offer feedback after careful consideration of the needs expressed by the employees, which increases motivation because in such manner is emphasized the fact that there is a respectful treatment of the employee’s needs and opinions. Moreover, an increased motivation might stimulate the employee to express their thoughts on matters beyond their job description.

The employer should give an opportunity to the skilled employees to contribute to work areas outside of their specific job description if they have a well-grounded suggestion or idea.This is another strategic measure that the company should take to retain the quality employees by showing appreciation of their competence. If it is expected from the employees to be capable of performing a task and to have the capacity to do it, then the company should be aware of the fact that it can only be achieved by providing its employees the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to accomplish a task. It is a must for the employers to offer an adequate training so that the employees would perform their tasks even more efficiently.The world moves fast, there are a lot of changes, and building skills is crucial for the personal and professional development of everyone. Broadening abilities can have a motivational effect on even the best employees because it would make them even more capable which might lead to a raise or a better job position in the company.

If a quality employee is well-paid, receives praise and support, and a fair and respectable treatment with lots of opportunities for building skills, they should also be aware of the opportunity for advancement.The employee must be granted the opportunity for career advancement if their performance is impeccable. Consequently, the skillful and efficient employee would stay in the company, and loyally contribute to its success. The working environment should also offer comfort to the employees needs.

The employees with high performance should be allowed to domesticate the office where they work. The company might provide more comfortable furniture, state-of-the-art technology necessary for accomplishing efficiency and more flexible working hours.For example, if the employee meets deadlines and meticulously approaches every task given, they should be allowed to have a day off at least once a month. They might also be granted the opportunity to be absent for several days due to some personal obligations or necessities if their performance does not fail and their absence remains unnoticed in terms of fulfilling current obligations and responsibilities. And last but not least, the best-of-the-best are nothing else but emotional human beings, so another way to make them feel pleased and increase their motivation is by figuring out what appeals to them most.

Awards, such as customized bags, or watches, or even simple things like elegant pencil sets would warm the employees’ heart. Moreover, a meal treatment or even an organized trips for the most accomplished employees and their family on the company’s account, would offer a stress-relieving opportunity to the employee which can be a powerful motivation tool for achieving better results. The final and supposedly the most important thing is a bonus. A job well-done should bring more money, so a quality employee should always be given a bonus.Perks, like lunches, trips, awards and peer recognition due to being publicly praised, are nothing in comparison to a big bonus.

All in all, there is a golden rule: if you take good care of your employees, they will take good care of you. Money is not a motivation strong enough to retain an employee but if that employee feels comfortable, appreciated, and financially rewarded, when another job opportunity arises, they will not take it into consideration because they know that the position where they are at offers great variety and progress.


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