How to tell a man from a woman Essay

A woman is a creature of unparalleled and spectacular acumen. She is driven by common sense and intuition, uses both sides of her brain and not only learns from her mistakes but knows not to repeat them. A man does not have this quality; the little common sense a man has is over ridden by his ego and what’s in his trousers. A woman must talk twice as much as him because everything must be repeated to him in order for him to understand. There seems no hope of him realising that the brain needs as much exercise as his muscles and simply leaves it warming the bench.

A woman is a mature creature, a paragon of virtue, the very essence of perfection. She can have the worst day of her life but still look like a model and put a friend’s problems above hers in importance. She has the ability to be a friend as well as a mother, a friend as well as a lover, a friend as well as anything you can think of! A man never matures, he remains at the same mental age for most of his live and may never stop playing with toys. They just tend to get more expensive and pointless with age.

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A woman is an awe-inspiring masterpiece and a breathtaking piece of literature. Each colour, each chapter come together to form a remarkable whole. She is tough but tender, naughty yet charming, mature and passionate. Men were simply the experiment and mistake that eventually led to the final, desired result.

A woman is a consistent well-oiled machine. She works through tasks efficiently, multitasking and seamlessly switching from the role of mother to professional. Her handbag prepares her to face anything the world throws. This little tool on her shoulder will contain baby food, business documents, shopping lists, presentation notes, make up…anything she could possibly need. A man is left trailing far behind in the aftermath of this whirlwind of activity. The only multitasking he can manage is watching football, drinking beer, burping, farting and calling for a woman to help him pass the remote a few inches away from his outstretched arm.

A woman is a creature who is brave and courageous. She laughs at fear and scorns pain. She relishes the pain of heels and the pain of childbirth. Her already busy and stressful life is made even more difficult as she has to deal with men. A man cannot even stay conscious to watch her give birth to his child. For him the responsibility of parenthood ends at conception.

A woman is never too proud to say she is sorry, she takes all problems in her stride. When she is upset she eats, talks, cries or goes shopping, then moves on with her life. When a man is upset he bottles it up and gets in a fight while those we have mistakenly given power just invade another country.

Both women and men have only two namely faults. A woman’s-being attracted to a creature of lower intelligence and fighting for equality with the opposite sex, when we all know equality simply isn’t ambitious enough. And a man -everything he says and everything he does. A woman is a blessing and a miracle, she deserves respect!


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