How Values Affect a Person Essay

Values are set of beliefs to which a person refers to in times of crisis.

That is when the person is confronted with the hardest decision to make. Say for instance, while I was taking a walk along the downtown area of Tacloban City, I saw an old woman carrying a pocket full of cash. Maybe she just came from selling her copra from a nearby buying shop. From her disheveled look, she was a real rural folk.

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I was so amused with her because she resembled my late grandmother who died a year ago. So I decided to take a video of her. Suddenly, a boy of about elementary grader grabbed the old woman’s pocket and ran away.This event was recorder on my gadget. Meanwhile, the old woman was crying over the loss of her hard earned money. I pitied her.

And this was where my dilemma comes in. Because if I am going to help the Old Woman this would mean failing to attend to my classes in school which would lessen my chances of making it to the top. While if I will not help her, I will be disturbed over the thought of failing to help a person in need which I valued over time because of the satisfactory feeling after rendering the deed. After so much thought, I went into her rescue and let her see my video.Upon seeing the video we decided to go to the nearest Police Desk and report the incident.

Since the fellow seen over the video had already previous cases filed on the Desk, the police was able to trace his hideout, recovering the stolen things. See! That feeling of selflessness when shown in the right time would always lead to very tremendous impact. The Old Woman, who because of her show of gratitude decided to take me for lunch and introduced me to her family. There I was able to meet my old best friend who happened to be her only child.


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