How Your Personal Preferences Attittudes Cannot Influece Others Essay

Everybody, no matter who they are has freedom of choice, personal preferences, respect for others choices and preferences should be shown at all times. As they have had a different upbringing than me here are a few examples: It is most important to remember that my own preferences are different to others and that I can never expect others to think, act and feel the same as I do. For example, I like to bath at night and shower in the morning but some of my residents really hate the idea of being showered, washed or bathes even once a week.I have to respect their decision but at the same time, I need to encourage them to maintain a healthy and clean state of mind and body.

I in cases will try and spend more time encouraging the client that they will feel better and not try to tell them how I feel when I am clean and fresh. I have residents that like to go to church service on a Friday or a Sunday; I do not respect religion even though I was brought up in a religion.However, no matter what my feelings are on the matter I should not push my views and feelings on them and discourage them to go, they have a belief and I should show respect them for it and I should be encouraging them to go by taking them if they need it. Religion affects people in many different ways mainly because we all come from different backgrounds and were all taught differently. It is therefore very important to respect and honour their personal beliefs, others do not want to speak about church at all and I must respect the fact that they do not want to speak about anything about the Church.It is part of the work that I do, I ask about their beliefs and keep an open mind and to make sure my clients are happy and therefore are conscious at all times that, they feel comfortable about anything they want to talk to me about.

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Another example is that I am a vegetarian, I would not tell a resident they are in the wrong to want to eat meat just because I personally feel it is wrong, I should have to keep my opinions to myself, unless the individual asks me about why I chose to be a vegetarian but even then I wouldn’t make it a n issue.I should also not refuse to give a resident, for example, a ham sandwich, if that is what is requested then that is what the resident should get. I am also a great believer In fitness and had the chance to run the gym at chillcott, I tried to encourage as many as I could to attend as I believed it would help their mobility and be a good social activity. All were welcome no matter what their disability, there was different equiptment available to all, for instance we have a bike suitable for those with strokes.Although allot of residents did not think they could exercise I showed those that were willing to, that they could use the gym, and this helped them realise they could achieve something that helped their mental health as well as the physical, also it encouraged them to socialize as this is an important aspect in life.

But I also had to respect those that wouldn’t try it, some won’t even come out the flats, but all i can do is encourage and not to force anything on them.


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