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Aboutf = fast + manner World Wide Web. fblock. com. my —it has branch at hartamas. sunway pyramid.

kuchai lama. sunway Giza. bangsar.

leisuremall. sri petaling. SetiaWalk Puchong.

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. and Megamall Fahrenheith88. F Block are founded at twelvemonth 2007.

Their design construct chiefly in Korean design.
Missionf block will go on to supply the really latest in coloring material and manner for their approaching taking concatenation of dress shops. Their executing will ever be guided by ‘customer first’ principal. The management’s ague apprehension and reactivity of the manner lovers’ demand and the proviso of latest merchandise mix will further heighten f block.
With originative selling and selling attacks. f block believes it will be a major participant in the modern retail industry. Passion. invention and creativeness is what sets f block apart from its rivals.

H & A ; MFrom a individual womenswear shop in 1947. to a planetary company offering manner for the whole household. and their place. under the trade name names of H & A ; M. COS. Monki. Weekday. Cheap Monday and H & A ; M Home.

1947The first shop clears in Vasteras. Sweden. selling women’s vesture. The shop is called Hennes. 1952 Hennes opens in Stockholm1964The first shop outside Sweden clears in Norway.1968Founder Erling Persson buys the hunting and fishing equipment shop Mauritz Widforss. Gross saless of men’s and children’s vesture Begin.

The name is changed to Hennes & A ; Mauritz. 1974H & A ; M is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.1976The first shop outside Scandinavia opens in London. UK.

1977The Impuls shops are launched. Gross saless of cosmetics begin.1980sShops open in Germany and the Netherlands. H & A ; M acquires the mail order company Rowells.

1990sExpansion continues in Europe with the gap of a first shop in France in 1998. Ads in newspapers and magazines are complemented by hoardings utilizing celebrated theoretical accounts.

In 1998 e-commerce Begins. 2000
The first US shop opens on Fifth Avenue in New York. H & A ; M besides comes to Spain and.

in subsequent old ages. to a figure of European markets. 2004H & A ; M initiates interior decorator coactions get downing with Karl Lagerfeld. Collaborations in subsequent old ages include those with Stella McCartney. Viktor & A ; Rolf. Madonna.

Roberto Cavalli. Comme des Garcons. Matthew Williamson. Jimmy Choo. Sonia Rykiel.

Lanvin. Versace. Marni and David Beckham. 2006
A major enlargement of online and catalogue gross revenues begins with the Netherlands as the first market outside of Scandinavia. The first shops in the Middle East unfastened via franchise agreement. 2007The first Asiatic shops open in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

In the same twelvemonth. the new shop construct COS is launched. The enlargement of online and catalogue gross revenues continues to include Germany and Austria. 2008
H & A ; M opens its first shop in Tokyo. Japan. Acquisition of manner house FaBric Scandinavien AB with Weekday.

Monki and Cheap Monday. 2009The first H & A ; M shops open in Russia. Beijing besides gets its first H & A ; M and Lebanon becomes a new franchise market. H & A ; M Home is launched. Weekday and Monki open in Germany.
2010The first H & A ; M shops open in South Korea and Turkey. Israel becomes a new franchise market. E-commerce starts in the UK and the first H & A ; M Home shops unfastened outside Sweden.

Monki takes the measure into Asia with a shop in Hong Kong.
2011H & A ; M opens in Romania. Croatia and Singapore every bit good as via franchise in Morocco and Jordan. COS opens in Sweden. and Monki and Cheap Monday in the UK. An inducement programme for all employees – the H & A ; M Incentive Program – starts. COS and Monki launch e-commerce in 18 states.
2012H & A ; M plans to open in Bulgaria.

Latvia. Malaysia. Mexico and via franchise in Thailand. COS to open in Hong Kong. Italy. Finland and via franchise in Kuwait. The first H & A ; M Malaysia mercantile establishment opens at batch 10. kL Bukit Bintang
The 2nd H & A ; M Malaysia mercantile establishment opens at Setia City Mall.

Shah AlamWeb site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. hectometer. com/my/ZARACompanyZara is one of the largest international manner companies. It belongs to Inditex. one of the world’s largest distribution groups. The client is at the bosom of our alone concern theoretical account. which includes design.

production. distribution and gross revenues through our extended retail web.
INDITEX.Inditex is one of the world’s largest manner retail merchants. welcoming shoppers at its eight shop formats -Zara. Pull & A ; Bear. Massimo Dutti. Bershka.

Stradivarius. Oysho. Zara Home and Uterque – touting 5. 618 shops in 84 markets. The Inditex Group is made up of more than 100 companies runing in fabric design. fabrication and distribution. The group’s success and its alone concern theoretical account. based on invention and flexibleness.

hold made Inditex one of the biggest manner retail merchants in the universe. They approach to manner creativeness. quality design and rapid turnaround to set to altering market demands — has allowed them to spread out internationally at a fast gait and has generated an first-class public response to their retailers’ aggregations.
The first Zara store opened in 1975 in A Coruna. Spain. a metropolis in which the Group foremost began making concern and which is still home to its central offices. Its shops can now be found in premier locations in more than 400 metropoliss on five continents. 2003.

the first Zara Home mercantile establishments unfastened. taging the launch of Inditex retail merchant No. 7. The Group opens Zara’s 2nd distribution hub. Plataforma Europa. in Zaragoza. Spain. to complement the distribution Centre in Arteixo ( A Coruna.

Spain ) . The Group celebrates its first shop gaps in Slovenia. Slovakia. Russia and Malaysia.

List of shops in Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya ) : Bangsar Village IILot 10PavilionSuria KLCCSetia City Mall1 UtamaParadigm MallSunway Pyramid

PADINIPadini has a broad assortment or merchandises runing from work forces & A ; adult females garments. places. accoutrements. and so much more.OverviewPADINI began as a back terminal operations in Malaysia’s dress industry. fabrication. trading and providing garments to order for retail merchants and distributers. Today.

Padini has become one of the most well-known trade names in Malaysia’s multibillion garment industries. A trade name leader in the distribution and retailing of its ain manner labels through more than 330 freestanding shops. franchises and cargo counters. Padini has besides proudly carried the Made-in-Malaysia cast abroad. with its merchandises exports to Thailand.

Brunei. Saudi Arabia. Philippines. Cambodia. India.

Egypt. Oman. UAE. Indonesia and Syria. We address fashion-conscious consumers of both sexes and all ages through 9 distinguishable trade names: Padini. Padini Authentics. PDI. Seed.

P & A ; Co. Miki. Vincci. Vincci+ and Vincci Accessories. This includes our multi-brand shops of Padini Concept Store & A ; Brands Outlet.

Each trade name represents a manner doctrine ; each doctrine covers a comprehensive scope of merchandises aimed at a targeted consumer. Brand image is strongly backed up by existent value: quality. functionality and monetary value. COMPANY BACKGROUND|
History: We began our operations in 1971 as Hwayo Garments Manufacturers Company. a exclusive proprietary transporting out the fabrication of ladies garments and wholesaling of the finished merchandises to departmental shops. In 1973 we have expanded into the trading of fabrics and subsequently in 1975 we entered the retail industry with the company’s open uping trade name: PADINI. Old ages after the label Padini been launched.

in 1981. VINCCI was created to market ladies places. bags. belts and other accoutrements. followed by establishing of kids wear aggregation under the label MIKI in 1987. From the twelvemonth 1990. we continuously created and launched new trade name: SEED.

ROPE . Padini Authentics. P & A ; CO and PDI. all with different manner construct and tendencies. We venture into F & A ; B concern through our SEED Cafe in twelvemonth 2000 with the first cafe unfastened at Promenade.

One Utama Shopping Centre.In 2001. we re-launched our PADINI calling trade name whereby all Padini work forces & A ; Rope bing counters were revamped and modified to new PADINI construct. Home Stores Sdn Bhd.

a keeping company was established in 1991. to keep all the companies involved in the Group’s retail. sweeping and fabrication concerns. The name was so changed to Padini Holdings Sdn Bhd. and converted to a public company limited by portions and adopted the name.

Padini Holdings Berhad in 1995. Padini Holdings Berhad being listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1998 and transferred to the chief board in twelvemonth 2004. | Product and Services: Our Trade names: PADINIPADINI AUTHENTICSPDISEEDP & A ; COMIKIVINCCIVINCCI ACCESSORIESVINCCI +BRANDS OUTLETProminentBrandsVINCCIThe most outstanding trade name of the Padini household. A footwear trade name that focuses on smart and affordability. most of its places are made from man-made stuff. It besides sells tickers. dark glassess. PVC pocketbook and bead accoutrements.

MIKIThe two trade names under the MIKI flag are: MIKI Kids and MIKI Maternity. MIKI Kids are designed for yearlings while Miki Maternity is designed for stylish mums-to-be. polyester spandex. poly rayon spandex. cotton poplin and cotton nylon are among the stuffs used. SEEDSEED focuses on urban office-wear for the multitudes.

Low-cost and advanced. The apparels under this line are normally jackets. coats. suits. office bloomerss and knee-length skirts. Padini AuthenticsThis trade name focuses on quality insouciant wear.

Its marks the adolescent section of the market. It sells slipovers. jackets. shirts and a assortment of jeans. khakis and knitwear.
Everlastingly 21ApproximatelyCelebrated by many manner witting and trend-savvy shoppers. Everlastingly 21 has rapidly become the beginning for the most current manners at the greatest value.

Forever 21 is turning rapidly. having new and exciting shop environments. a changeless flow of merriment and originative vesture designs and the accoutrements to do your expression come together at the right monetary value. A phenomenon in the manner universe. Everlastingly 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented choice of today’s manners.

ever altering and ever in manner.
Everlastingly 21 is an American concatenation of dressing retail merchants with subdivisions in major metropoliss in the Americas. Europe. Asia. and the Middle East that offers voguish vesture and accoutrements for immature adult females.

work forces. and misss at low. low-cost monetary values.

Everlastingly 21’s selling image is based around made-in-the-USA ware produced in California. nevertheless most merchandise pages indicate points are imported. It beginnings its designs from 100s of Southern California providers. Everlastingly 21’s ware does non hold unvarying specifications. quality.

forms or even sizes ; these inside informations vary by provider. HistoryThe concatenation. originally known as Manner 21.

was intended at foremost largely for middle-aged adult females. The shop was founded in Los Angeles. California in 1984 by Do Won Chang ( Hangul: ??? ) and his married woman Jin Sook Chang ( Hangul: ??? ) . [ 3 ] The first Manner 21 shop opened on April 21. 1984. It was located at 5637 N. Figueroa St.

in the Highland Park territory of Los Angeles. The shop sized at merely 900 square pess ( 84 M2 ) . It is still in operation and bears the chain’s original name. Trendy designs seen in South Korea were sold and targeted to the Los Angeles Korean American community. [ 4 ] However. people from many other ethnicities and nationalities began detecting the trendsetting manner designs and the shop became progressively popular. By the terminal of the first twelvemonth gross revenues were reported to hold risen from $ 35.

000 to $ 700. 000. Manner 21 finally expanded at the rate of a new shop every six months and changed the Fashion 21 trade name name to its current name. Everlastingly 21.In 1989.

Everlastingly 21 opened its the people who work at that place a male chauvinist 11th shop and first shop located in a promenade. at the Panorama Mall in Panorama City. California.

Everlastingly 21 increased its presence by spread outing the mean size to 5. 000 square pess ( 460 M2 ) per shop. Since so.

Everlastingly 21 has been running forte shops in major promenade locations countrywide. In 1995. the concatenation opened its first location outside of California.

which was at Mall of the Americas in Miami. Florida. [ 5 ] Adding new shops every six months. Everlastingly 21 had reached a sum of 40 shops by 1997.

Making its ain paradigm shop in Northridge Fashion Center. Forever 21 has employed its proprietary design constructs to all its shops since so.By this clip Forever 21 besides increased its mean size to 9. 000 square pess ( 840 M2 ) per shop in premier musca volitanss of top grade promenades. In January 2010. Everlastingly 21 opened a monolithic. 85. 000 square pess.

2-tier shop at the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos. California. their first flagship section shop location. Everlastingly 21 has received attending in the media [ 6 ] for publishing “John 3:16” on the underside of their hallmark yellow bags.

A spokeswoman from Forever 21’s LA central offices said the Biblical quotation mark is a “demonstration of the owners’ Christian religion. ” ( A similar pattern has been maintained by the In-N-Out Burger and Chick-Fil-A ironss. which prints the quotation mark “John 3:16” on the underside of some of its cups. ) ShopsThe XXI Forever logoThe Forever 21 Retail Inc. owns and operates legion shops in different formats. Current shop operating formats are Everlastingly 21. XXI Forever and Heritage 1981.

There are many trade names that originate out of the shops such as Forever 21+ . Love 21 Contemporary and Maternity. Everlastingly 21 Girls and 21 Work force.
Everlastingly 21: This original and primary shop carries women’s and junior’s vesture.

accoutrements. active wear. swimsuit. intimate apparel. pocketbooks. and places.

The apparels imitate both Korean and American manner tendencies. XXI Forever: Flagships shops that occupy an norm of 24. 000 square pes per shop. For Love21 ( shop ) : A Gallic dress shop styled accessary shop with women’s accoutrements. places. pocketbooks. cosmetics tools and more.

Everlastingly 21+ ( trade name ) : Once named Faith 21. this line carries women’s dress in drawn-out sizes XL-3X/12-20. Love 21 ( trade name ) : A modern-day line for adult females. Their manner of vesture is more suitable for adult females 21 and older. Love 21 besides houses pregnancy apparels for mothers-to-be. Everlastingly 21 Girls: Once known as HTG81.

this is the trade name for misss traveling into their pre-teen sizes. 21Men: Once known as Heritage 1981 Men’s. it is wholly fast manner and suitable manner men’s dress at low monetary value points.As of 2011. Forever21 has opened over 480 shops worldwideEverlastingly 21 has besides opened in several topographic points in Asia. such as Bahrain. Beijingand Hong Kong China. India.

Indonesia. Israel. Japan. Kuwait. Malaysia. Philippines. Saudi Arabia.

Singapore. South Korea. Thailand and United Arab Emirates.


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