Huck has had a troubling past especially because of his abusive childhood led on by his father

Huck has had a troubling past especially because of his abusive childhood led on by his father. She specifies that Huck won’t let go of past events seeing that his father use to beat him and he’d have to hide away his inconveniences until time passed and never come to resolve them. Huck spent the majority of his time fleeing from his dad, because he was afraid his dad would beat him. After adding on to her interpretation I have to agree with her analysis. It truly wasn’t a great a book to read but helped touch on topics that have gone missing for a while now.
Morrison goes on to speak of Huck’s growth throughout the story which resembles Mr. Peterson’s treatment of him. Morrison goes on explaining that growth with Huck is inevitable, that there are many specific points in the book where growth can be spotted. This leads me to compare Mr. Peterson’s in depth analysis that the book dies when Huck comes to understand that people can be cruel and unforgiving at moments that shaped him. When growing up you often go alongside what others do, whether its your relatives or friends that have been influencing you in different but subtle ways.
Toni Morrison’s overall summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are very easy to agree with, because she plainly goes into detail about what she believes. Morrison of course wouldn’t be able to cover every little detail but she spoke upon topics that really stood out like the society, slavery, and spoke about the mood and tone that the book gave her when she read it in different phases of her life.


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