Human computer interaction

Human computer interaction (HCI) can be defined as the study of how human interacts with the computer systems. However this is the simplest possible definition of HCI so many other definitions are formulated to best clarify this term HCI. HCI can be described in following 5 aspects. HCI gives hypothesis and tools for demonstrating the information that user has and which assist the creators with building more useable systems, HCI is also concerned with the development of interactional techniques and the consequences where they have best implications, in determining user’s need and users requirements and provide suggestions about how the design can be improved. It is also concerned with the effect of the system on roles of users and group of user in an organization 1.
HCI is an interdisciplinary field, as it experiences learning from different fields like ergonomics, computing and processing, psychology and other social sciences.2 HCI is very immense field that incorporates speculations and thoughts from different fields to analyze interaction of humans with various systems.
Technology and HCI are evolving rapidly3. So a steady effort is needed to make the interface interactive for the user. The intent is that the user can easily understand and easily use the interface. The interface must have the characteristics that support the user’s learnability. Furthermore it must satisfy the user. So there is a need to optimize the interface 4.
This paper analyze human computer interaction by usability evaluation of the interface of shopping website namely “Furar”. Three techniques were used in usability evaluation of the shopping website i-e Think aloud Technique (TAT). Ten users were taken from age-group 20-30 years. Each of the user was given a task to perform and time taken for each user to complete task was recorded, his gestures, number of clicks and movement of eyeball was recorded and finally a Questionnaire was developed and given to users in order to evaluate the interface of the website.
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