Human Resource Management in Staff Retention Sample Essay

What the function does human resource direction drama to maintain employees? Is it truly critical to a company? Nowadays with the development of the world-wide economic system. there are legion companies in many Fieldss. And as a consequence of intense labour market competition. human resource direction seems more and more of import because it is related to staff keeping. It is the key for the success of a company.

This essay will first show the background about keeping. and so widen to the function of human resource direction in staff keeping in four facets by give some illustrations. In the concluding portion. the importance of human resource direction and staff keeping will be explored.A human resource information system ( HRIS ) “is a systematic process for roll uping.

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hive awaying. keeping. recovering. and formalizing informations needed by an organisation about its human resources” ( Cathcart.

1999: p275-282 ) . “Human resource systems are the organisational support prances that keep internal operations running smoothly” ( Homey & A ; Ruddle. 1998: p54 ) . To set it merely.

human resource direction is about manage staff. actuate them and set them in a proper place. Employee keeping means the ability of an organisation or a company to maintain its employees.

And turnover means the rate at which employees leave a work force and are replaced. There are two sort of turnover. one is ineluctable staff turnover while another is evitable staff turnover.

Some ineluctable factors are act uponing staff turnover such as retirement. people got ill. got married. decease. and gestation.

And act uponing factors of evitable staff turnover contains relationship with director. dissatisfaction with the wage. deficiency of preparation. work gait and emphasis. relationships with other colleges and hours of work. Human resource direction aims to cover with these evitable influencing factors. For illustration. human resource section in a company will develop employees and increase the salary to actuate staff.

so that the staff turnover will diminish. It will do staff keeping rate addition.A new employees is the fresh blood of the endeavor. it guarantees the company ever creates new thought and maintain the company lively. But if the rate of turnover is excessively high. it will take the company into a circle of “hire–lose–hire” .

which will impact the company earnestly. There are some methods that HRM normally follows to assist in staff keeping.Employee SelectionEnrolling a eligible employee is the responsibility of human resource section.

The employee should be suited for the occupation business instead than best in every facet. In some instances of enlisting. companies blindly pursue first-class staff. but ignore the circumstance of the company itself. Whether the company can make a good work platform for these staff.

If non. those gifted people will non fit the company and will go forth the company at last. ensuing a new employee turnover. Therefore.

to vouch staff keeping. HRM will make things in a enlisting phase as follows. First. analyse the business and do a human resource program. specify the occupation makings.

Before the enlisting. HR should pass on with every section in the endeavors to avoid unsighted enlisting. Then the new employee will fit the place and keep staff.
Second. HR should cognize appliers personnel quality. work ability. experience by CV and make some trials. And HR hire those whom ever job-hopping should be with cautiousness.

Because they might alter the occupation rapidly. For illustration. “APPLE” choice staff really purely. The staff in “APPLE” should be adept. and HR gives a anterior consideration to those who love “APPLE” merchandises by some trials. Third. in the advancement of enlisting. HR should demo applicants the true things about the company otherwise when they entered the company and happen things are non as their outlook.

they will let down. even go forthing the company. To reason. enlisting is most of import because successful man of affairs Jack Welch has said the all thing we could make is wager on the people we pick out.TrainingTraining the employee is the another function in human resource direction which can heighten understanding between people and stabilise the squad. In human resource direction. staff should be trained to better the assurance and cut down staff turnover.

Usually HR will give the new staff company civilization and direction system preparation. This is to guarantee the new staff follow the regulations of the endeavor in the work so that it can avoid staff makes mistakes by error and increase their force per unit area. What is more. HR ever give the new employee cognition and skill preparation. This is to guarantee the new employees can work expeditiously. If they can non acquire used to the work. they may hold psychological force per unit area and bring forth “job-hopping” thought in their head.

The last preparation is the apprehension of the company which is used for construct the trueness. New employees normally like to compare the current company and their old company. Giving them a class about the background of the company will assist their apprehension about it. Therefore cut down the turnover rate to maintain staff. The Chinese phone company “HUAWEI” is an illustration for this. When entered in this company. all the employees should have preparation which contains the background of the company.

skilled preparation and so on. This step is really helpful for them. ( Yingguang. S. Human Resource Management at Huawei )
Increase the Staff SatisfactionIn human resource direction.

an of import accomplishment is to increase staff satisfaction. The satisfaction of employees is straight related to the employee turnover rate. The higher the staff satisfaction. the more staff keeping. There are many act uponing factors of staff satisfaction. So there is a demand of human resource manage to pass on with staff and know what they need and what they dissatisfied with and work out the job.

In human resource direction. the first thing people should make is care about. regard and swear the employees. Employees determine the hereafter of the endeavor and esteem them is one of the most basic conditions for maintaining staff.

When a new staff come into the company. he ever has good wants and dreams of this new occupation. He likely needs the attending and trust from the leader. If the company neglect the outlooks of the new employee. their satisfaction will decreased. And so lose an first-class new employees. The best illustration is Google company.

Google has a high wage for the employees and it provides them a perfect environment. such as free refreshments and swimming pool. ( Huselid. M. 1995 )
Performance AppraisalIn add-on.

companies set up a fail and sensible public presentation assessment system can assist staff keeping. In many endeavors. HR separate the new employee public presentation assessment and the old staff public presentation assessment. If the new employee rating criterions are excessively high. the execution procedure will non be just. They may look resent and dissatisfied. If endeavors have no marks of betterment and accommodation in the long tally. happening a new occupation is the lone manner for staff.

McDonald’s usage “contribution paid” rule by give the first-class public presentation of the staff the best wage. The better the public presentation. the more the pay growing. And McDonald’s public presentation assessment system is the footing for the accommodation of rewards.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mcdonalds. co.

United Kingdom )
Compensation and BenefitsThe last function that human resource direction drama in staff keeping is compensation and benefits. Compensation and benefits is a subject of human resources direction which focused on wage and benefits policy-making. A concern compensation system has three chief intents: Attracting qualified employees.

retaining those employees and actuating higher degrees of public presentation from them. The company should praise staff who are first-class in the occupation by publicity. What is more. HR should hold a program about mean benefits. to pull employees and retain them. Human resource direction plays an critical function in increasing employee satisfaction.

bettering productiveness. which benefits for the staff keeping. “The deficiency of qualified staff threatens a company’s underside line. actuating employers to be aggressive in developing plans to maintain their valued employees. ” ( Cathcart. C and Kovach. K.

1999 ) Staff keeping is the key of a company success. Every lose 10 proficient and direction staff will lose about 1000000 dollars in general. Lose of cardinal employees of organisational causes important economic impact. particularly sing with staff from the ensuing rational losingss. This cognition is about how to run into client demands and outlooks.

Knowledge direction is to make. salvage and utilize that cognition to heighten organisational public presentation procedure. ( Bassi.

1997: p5 )
This essay has examined keeping. and the function of human resource direction in staff keeping in four facets. And the importance of human resource direction and staff keeping were explored.

In drumhead. there is a assortment of factors which can act upon staff keeping. Some factor are governable while some factors are non.

Enterprises can non extinguish the employee turnover but can cut down it by choosing employees. developing them and fulfilling them. Keep staff in a company non merely can cut down employee turnover costs and losingss. but besides can make more economic value for a company.

In add-on. it is benefits to the sensible distribution of staff in a company. It can assist the long term planning and development of company. Therefore the company should attach importance on human resource direction and staff keeping.Mentions:Bassi. L. ( 1997 ) . ‘Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Capital’ .

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