Human Resources Strategic Plan Essay

The Human Resources Department ( HR ) developed a strategic program that tackles schemes to back up the overall ends and aims of The ABC Services Agency ( ABC ) . In this study. the strategic HR planning procedure along with the mission. vision and ends of ABC will be discussed. The proposed HR scheme. which is named Diversity Program. will be explored by looking into elements including costs. benefits and results. The chief focal point of this study is on pulling and retaining qualified direct attention staff.

Executive Summary

ABC. founded in 1961. is a voluntary parent support group that provides support services to kids and grownups with disablements. Furthermore. it provides them and their households with aid and support from birth to senior old ages.

ABC is committed to back up people with disablements through occupation arrangements. residential support. reprieve attention. societal activities and vocational preparation. ABC besides tries to integrate handicapped people into the community through instruction and by working with many voluntaries and givers.

ABC’s 20-year vision is full credence and inclusion by the community. In add-on. ABC aims to better its services. support systems and engineering. The mission is all about “achieving full community life for kids and grownups with disablement. one individual at the clip. ” The ends are divided into two dimensions—achieving and full community life. “Achieving” refers to guaranting persons are given chances to see their ain potency. “Full community life” focuses on households. friends. co-workers and other valued relationships to make a joyful and fulfilled life.

To carry through this mission. ABC operates harmonizing to indispensable values that complete the bosom of the administration. Some of these values include a caring attitude. reactivity. deference. partnership. fiscal sustainability and diverseness. ABC besides has a strong belief that all people have equal rights. strengths and assets. Other beliefs include positive difference. the same chances for people with disablement. the difference that valuable member and motivated staff could do and the importance of household function.

In the following five old ages. ABC will near a leading function in working with a broader array of community resources. It will besides research the feasibleness of actively prosecuting voluntaries. Furthermore. ABC has set up ends that are based on of import issues found by the old strategic planning procedure. These ends are relevant to work hebdomad chances ( e. g. employment and twenty-four hours supports ) . diversion and leisure activities. residential support ( e. g. community life and engagement ) and household support and instruction.

Strategic Human Resources Planning

To convey ABC’s mission. HR developed the following chief aims:

ABC improves its capacity to pull and retain qualified direct attention staff ; All staff exhaustively understands the significance of the mission and how their occupation contributes to accomplishing it ; A professional development plan is implemented to beef up and spread out the supervisory and direction capacity and chances among mid-level directors ; and A professional development plan is implemented to beef up and spread out the capacity of direct support staff to be community affairs and successfully incorporate the consumer they support into the community ( Managance Consulting. 2015 ) .

This study focuses on the first aim. which is to pull and retain qualified direct attention staff. Through a strategic planning procedure. HR was able to put three sub-objectives to accomplish the four chief aims relative to the organisation’s mission. First. HR aims to increase the organisation’s visibleness in the community by updating the communicating program and utilising strategic communicating to pull possible employees and voluntaries and ease their enlisting. Second. HR intends to increase the figure of voluntaries by 50 % through voluntary plans. preparation. leading development and acknowledgment. Last. HR plans to increase the sum of parts that support the operating budget even more. This will be done through fundraising. which is finally indispensable for any non-profit administration ( Managance Consulting. 2015 ) .

Strategic Human Resources Planning Procedure

HR aims to develop a stable. extremely qualified and motivated work force that actively advocates ABC’s mission. While it remains positive about the results of the program. HR is cognizant of the spreads that lie between ABC’s current and future province. These spreads include important growing that led to challenges to human resources. trouble with supervising. deficiency of construction for coordination among sections and inconsistent administrative and clerical support as shown in the image below.

Figure 1. Gaps between ABC’s current and future province.

To turn to these current issues for a better hereafter. HR is traveling to implement new patterns. A diverseness plan in the signifiers of involvement groups will be established. These involvement groups include the followers:

Cooking Club
Singing & A ; Dancing Club
Mas Club

Figure 2. Diversity program’s involvement groups.

Each of these involvement groups will be discussed in the latter portion of the study.

PESTEL Analysis

To develop a intelligent. strategic program. the external environment that ABC operates in was analysed. With this PESTEL analysis. assorted external environmental factors that can impact ABC were identified and understood. Hence. HR is equipped to supervise any alterations that may act upon ABC’s
public presentation.

Political Analysis

ABC’s daily operations and future determinations can be affected by different authorities policies such as revenue enhancement policy and presenting community service policy. In that respect. ABC. like all other administrations. must follow with certain regulations and ordinances to guarantee endurance.

While rigorous conformity with the jurisprudence is required. authorities enterprises and political substructures besides need to be taken into consideration. Government enterprises may hold an consequence on ABC’s public presentation relation to employment and unemployment rates. Some of the political aspirations of the authorities may supply ABC with employment chances. while others may take to retrenchment or abrasion. This is something that ABC needs to be to the full prepared for. The same construct applies to bing and forthcoming political substructures in the signifiers of transit systems and skyscrapers. All these political factors must be taken into history to avoid negative promotion and possible mulcts ( Business Case Studies LLP. 2015 ) .

Economic Analysis

Like other administrations. ABC aims for net income maximization. To endeavor toward this peculiar end. economic elements such as economic growing. banking. employment. income. general monetary value degree. involvement rate. rising prices and recession demand to be analysed.

Among all these elements. economic growing. which leads to development. is the most of import one as it dictates the volume of fundss that the society as a whole is gaining and puting. To maintain up with the demands of a diverse economic system. ABC must be every bit proactive as possible ( K. 2013 ) .

Bing proactive extends toward being cognizant of the other economic factors. Banking. which is interconnected with money. can impact ABC in footings of borrowing capacity and buying power. Banking policies and installations can act upon the adoption capacity of both ABC and the people. Furthermore. money and its circulation can order the buying power of the clients ( K. 2013 ) .

Employment denseness and income rate can besides impact ABC’s operations. During an economic rush. the figure of employment chances. which generate income. additions. This upturn provides people with a stronger buying power. On the other manus. as the economic system goes downward. the buying power of the people besides shrinks ( K. 2013 ) .

General Price degree is another economic factor that can act upon the growing of ABC. Cost of resources. cost of production. cost of labor and cost of transit are some of the constituents that dictate the general monetary value degree. An addition in the cost of any of these constituents will cut down the entire sum of money ABC generates for merchandises sold or services provided. Similar to general monetary value degree. the rate of involvement can impact the development of ABC. Interest rates can hold a direct consequence on the loans that ABC takes to drive its public presentation betterment schemes frontward ( K. 2013 ) .

The Agency needs to set up schemes and eventualities to get by with the above-named economic elements. along with rising prices and recession.

Socio-Cultural Analysis

As the society evolves. there is a demand for administrations like ABC to accommodate to remain in front of the game. By being cognizant of the societal and cultural alterations. ABC will go on to run swimmingly toward success.

Changing client penchants is a socio-cultural factor that can impact ABC’s operations. particularly its concern determinations. In that respect. it is of extreme importance that ABC examines the life styles. attitudes. manners and precedences of its clients. Relative to the alterations in penchants is the alterations in demographics. Changes in demographics can significantly impact ABC’s operations because population rates increase. people age and gender functions change. As the ethical motives. values and gustatory sensations of people change. ABC needs to maintain up particularly in footings of advertisement techniques ( Richards & A ; Media. 2015 ) .

Other socio-cultural factors that need to be considered include population wellness. instruction. societal mobility. employment forms. imperativeness attitude. public sentiment and societal tabu ( Public Health Action Support Team. 2011 ) .

Technological Analysis

The changeless development of engineering impacts administrations as it provides them with chances to better. ABC must be cognizant of the emerging engineerings to be a frontrunner in the market. Monitoring the progresss in technological procedures is critical to prolong any administration. These technological inventions can be used to better productiveness. quality and efficiency. Some of the technological progresss that can assist better ABC’s day-to-day operations include on-line databases. shared thrusts. electronic mails. web logs and nomadic applications ( Education Portal. 2015 ) .

The development of the cyberspace can besides impact ABC’s selling schemes and activities in a positive manner. By using the cyberspace. ABC can make a wider audience as childs presents are much more eager and confident to experiment with advanced engineerings. Additionally. ABC can besides use today’s engineering to heighten the manner it communicates with its internal and external clients. Aside from electronic mails and smart phones. on-line meetings. web conferencing and videoconferencing can besides be used for effectual and efficient communicating ( Business Case Studies LLP. 2015 ) .

Technological progresss offer a assortment of advantages. However. it can besides transform an administration into a failure when it is abused or used improperly. In that respect. ABC needs to take note of its duties when posting something online.

Environmental Analysis

ABC. like other administrations. must stay by certain environmental regulations and ordinances in all developmental phases. ABC’s equipment. processs and even constructing enlargements must conform to environmental ordinances and meet regulative demands ( Jeanty & A ; Media. 2015 ) .

ABC besides needs to be cognizant of its local competition. Market research can be used to make awareness comparative to the daily operations of the rivals. The information gathered can be used for procedure betterments. Other environmental factors that need to be considered include geographical location. clime and conditions ( Blurtit Ltd. . 2015 ) .

Legal Analysis

Legal alterations that can impact ABC are tied up with some political alterations. The key to endurance is to non merely expect but besides fix to come across future legal alterations. ABC needs to guarantee all the legal demands are met. Some of the statute laws that ABC needs to follow with include Equal Opportunity Act 1984. Anti-Discrimination Law. Anti-Bullying Law and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 ( Business Case Studies LLP. 2015 ) .

SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis to place the strengths. failings. chances and menaces of an administration is of import to accomplish success. In this study. the strengths. failings. chances and menaces of HR’s proposed diverseness plan was analysed.


The diverseness plan will be an on-going plan. This will give all participants a sense of belongingness for a long period of clip. Although the plan is advanced. it does non necessitate a big sum of money for it to be implemented. Its execution will be supported by different fund-raising activities like garage gross revenues. The plan will recommend workplace diverseness inside and outside the administration. The diverseness protagonism will underscore non merely age and civilization but besides sexual orientation and physical ability. Furthermore. this diverseness plan will supply future participants with a assortment of involvement group options that will enable them to show themselves through nutrient or music.


The greatest failing of the diverseness plan is the ageing employees. The plan will depend on the bing staff to ease the involvement groups expeditiously. As some of the bing younger staff can execute the undertakings good. the old staff can go a liability. This failing leads to another failing which has something to make with engineering. The plan will be facilitated by old people and this people are non engineering understanding. This strangeness with advanced engineerings can impact the execution of the plan. Because ABC is a non-profit administration. it has limited map suites. This room inadequacy can make struggles among the different involvement groups in footings of meeting or activity agendas.


This diverseness plan offers assorted chances such as motivated work force. wider audience. consciousness. visibleness. acknowledgment and more voluntaries. The sense of belongingness that the staff will acquire out of the plan will actuate them to present a high public presentation. HR plans to update ABC’s functionary web site by adding a page that talks about workplace diverseness in general. The proposed diverseness plan every bit good as the involvement groups will besides be posted. This update will give ABC an chance to make a wider audience. In add-on. it will make consciousness on workplace diverseness. This will supply ABC with an chance to spread out its visibleness in the community. which may besides take to several acknowledgments. An addition in the figure of voluntaries is another great chance.


Since the plan will be unfastened to people with different backgrounds and even to those whose first linguistic communication is non English. a communicating spread due to linguistic communication barrier is a possible menace. There is besides a possibility of the work force non willing to work excess hours. This is a menace because if there is an issue with the figure of facilitators. the plan will be unsuccessful. In relation to that. possible voluntaries may merely be involved in the plan for a short period of clip. Last. ABC’s squad directors who will be the facilitators of the involvement groups may acquire overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and duties that will be given to them.

Selected Human Resources Strategy

Every administration consists of persons and each of these persons is alone. This individualism calls for workplace diverseness. Workplace diverseness refers to the differences among people in an administration. These differences can include age. gender. race. sexual orientation. household position. faith. physical ability and experience. In entirety. diverseness encircles acceptance. apprehension and regard ( Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 2015 ) .

Workplace diverseness is of import as it is progressively being considered an plus to administrations. Establishing a positive. diverse work environment will take to motivated work force and improved services for the clients. Furthermore. research states that the most occupied employees are those working in a diverse environment ( Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 2015 ) .

Diversity Program

This diverseness plan purposes to pull and retain qualified direct attention staff by supplying them with a welcoming. inclusive and supportive workplace. The plan consists of different involvement groups viz. the cookery nine. the vocalizing and dance nine. the mas nine and the Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender employees and consecutive Friends ( LGBTF ) nine. Basically. these involvement groups will be formed to back up identified groups such as people with disablement. autochthonal Australians. aged people. people with caring. household or relationship duties. people from other states and civilizations and people whose first linguistic communication is non English ( Australian Public Service Commission. 2012 ) .

This diverseness plan was inspired by the Australian Federal Police ( AFP ) . The AFP is an administration that provides its employees with equal chances while following with relevant authorities statute laws. It acknowledges that workplace diverseness does non merely encompass linguistic communication and civilization but besides age. gender. sexual orientation and attitude ( Commonwealth of Australia. 2015 ) .

The AFP advocates diverseness in the workplace through the undermentioned ways:

the Employee Assistance Program which provides external support for members and their households the Malunggang Indigenous Officers Network which supports the enlisting and calling development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people support for community events and jubilations such as Harmony Day. Disability Day and NAIDOC Week Gay and Lesbian Officer Network which provides support to its members and advises direction on schemes and enterprises relevant to the homosexual. sapphic. bisexual. transgender and hermaphrodite ( GLBTI ) communities the Women’s Network which aims to back up. encourage and web by supplying leading to adult females in the administration and development and implementing schemes to run into a broad scope of involvements and needs the internal web of Harassment Contact Officers and Confidantes which provides support to anyone who may necessitate it the Workforce Diversity Plan. which aims to promote directors and employees to value diverseness the Employee Management Plan through which directors are accountable for work/home/life balance schemes for themselves and their squad the assignment of staff with cardinal functions in constructing relationships within the AFP and the broader community. including GLBTI and Indigenous community officers ( Commonwealth of Australia. 2015 )

Human Resources Plan
Interest Groups

The cookery nine will be unfastened for nutrient partisans. While people who love to cook will be extremely encouraged to fall in the nine. people who do non cook but want to larn how to cook will besides be welcomed as cookery categories will be provided one time in a piece. The vocalizing and dancing nine will be unfastened for music aficionados. Peoples who are interested to fall in this nine will be given an option to go a member of either a choir or a dance group or both. The mas nine will be unfastened for all the female parents who like to mix with other female parents. This nine will be good for the new female parents as they will larn a batch of things relative to being both a good female parent and a good married woman.


Gender and sexual penchant impact non merely administrations but besides Torahs and attitudes in different ways. The intervention of people toward this issue varies from state to state and civilization to civilization. The positive thing about the modernized societies all over the universe is they now provide the LGBTF community with a favorable intervention ( University of Michigan. 2015 ) .

Because of the credence. apprehension and esteem the society is presently showing. HR intends to organize the LGBTF nine non merely to observe diverseness but besides to make a workplace civilization that is welcoming and suiting ( Australian Public Service Commission. 2012 ) .

Through this nine. HR aims to accomplish the followers:

Treat all employees and voluntaries with self-respect and regard
Take advantage of diverse backgrounds. thoughts. beliefs. fortunes and demands relative to operational methods. work systems and leading manners Include all employees and voluntaries in concern determinations

Utilise available resources in doing sensible. nonsubjective determinations ( Australian Public Service Commission. 2012 )

Aside from the AFP. Thomson Reuters. a transnational administration that provides concerns and professionals with intelligent information. besides supports the LGBTF community. As a affair of fact. Jan-Coos Geesink. the Managing Director of Thomson Reuters UK and a consecutive cat. is endorsing homosexual. sapphic. bisexual and transgender rights in the workplace. He believes in these people and their power to make a better topographic point to work. “But one planetary aspiration that Pride At Work has is for people to be able to observe who they are at work. regardless of their gender or gender-alignment. and for them to be accepted. ” he added ( Geesink. 2015 ) .

Other topographic points around the Earth that support the LGBTF community include Africa. the United States of America. Asia. Europe and Middle East ( University of Michigan. 2015 ) .

Plan Implementation

The diverseness plan will be backed up by different fund-raising activities such as nutrient merchandising. apparels selling and garage gross revenues. The returns together with the 25 % addition in the sum of money acquired from contributions will be used to back up the involvement groups. The fundraising activities will be conducted by ABC’s voluntaries along with the bing staff and those people with disablement.

The interested persons will be asked to bake cookies. cupcakes and the likes and bring forth crocheted apparels and accoutrements. The goods will be sold indoors and outside the administration. This enterprise will be implemented one time or twice a month. The voluntaries will non merely be able to patronize any of the involvement group activities but besides acquire a opportunity to be portion of the administration.

Figure 3. Fund raising methodological analysis.


The bing official web site of ABC will be updated by adding a new page that tackles workplace diverseness. The update will besides include information about the proposed diverseness plan every bit good as a elaborate description of each involvement group. Procedures on how to fall in the nines will besides be posted. In add-on. the page will let visitants to post testimonies about people with disablement from all over the universe. The write-up can be based on their ain experience or person else’s. There will besides be a subdivision on the page for proclamations or updates sing the involvement groups. The update will be done by the old web interior decorator for free. This undertaking will be completed within a month. However. the web site will hold to be updated on a regular basis.

Figure 4. Updated website methodological analysis.

Mothers as Volunteers

With the aid of the updated web site. HR anticipates to pull voluntaries. potentially the female parents of kids with disablement. to assist ease the diverseness plan. A series of preparation Sessionss every Saturday forenoon in a span of two months will be given to the voluntaries. The voluntaries will be encouraged to take their childs to ABC to take part in any of the activities. One of the bing squad directors will carry on the preparation Sessionss. While available resources will be utilised. the cost of extra resources will come from the budget provided by the authorities.

Figure 5. ‘Mothers as volunteers’ methodological analysis.

The expected chief result of this full plan is ABC’s improved capacity that leads to pulling and retaining qualified direct attention staff. Other expected results include motivated work force and patients. wider audience. diverseness consciousness. greater visibleness in the community. more voluntaries. diversion and leisure activities and household support.

Through this diverseness plan and all the societal activities that come along with it. ABC’s staff will be motivated to execute their duties. The involvement groups will let them to make the things they are passionate about. It will besides give them an chance to show who and what they are through nutrient. music and so many other things. Not merely that. even the people with disablement will besides be motivated to make the things they are good at despite their physical status. Because of the sense of belongingness they will acquire out of the involvement groups. these people will be more willing and enthusiastic to take part in the fundraising activities.

One of the expected results of the updated web site is awareness on workplace diverseness. This consciousness is expected to make a wider audience which can perchance take to more voluntaries and contributions. An increased visibleness in and a full credence by the community are besides expected to go on after updating the official web site and implementing the plan.

The other positive results of this diverseness plan are new diversion and leisure activities and household support for both the ABC’s direct attention staff and patients with disablement.


There are several issues that may impede the success of HR’s scheme. which is the diverseness plan. These barriers include deficient map suites. deficient financess and work overload. Since the plan will offer four involvement groups. ABC needs more suites to ease every activity that will be conducted. Furthermore. extra budget to prolong all the involvement groups will be necessary. Another of import issue that may be is work overload. The staff may acquire overwhelmed with the excess undertakings that they will necessitate to execute to implement the plan.

Action Plans

To avoid the above-named possible barriers. HR came up with several action programs. A systematic manner of reserving meeting or map suites will be implemented to turn to the issue about deficient suites. To guarantee the budget is adequate to prolong the involvement groups. a choice of fund-raising activities will be conducted. To forestall the staff from acquiring overwhelmed with extra undertakings. more voluntaries will be acquired.


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