Human Rights Jennifer Cuyler-Leath PSYC-4008-10 Dr

Human Rights
Jennifer Cuyler-Leath
Dr. Loren Hill
Walden University

Human rights are the basic freedoms to which every human is entitled to. The rights include the right to equality, life, fair trial freedom from slavery amongst others. Therefore, in this paper, we will refer to the case of Malala Yousafzai who was an activist in Pakistan. Malala is an education activist from the town of Mingora in Pakistan. Her story is well known because she worked tirelessly towards protecting the education of a girl child in Pakistan. Due to Malala’s efforts to fight for girls’ rights, she was assassinated by the Taliban gunmen who were of the opinion that the girls’ schools in Pakistan be banned (Vaidyanathan, 2013).

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The Human Rights Universal Declaration stipulates that no one should be discriminated because of the sex, religion, language, color amongst others. In the case of Malala, a conflict arises where the Taliban Rule is introduced to ban all schools that are attended by girls and also banned all women from being involved in any active role in the society (Peer, 2012). Additionally, in article 26 of the declaration, every human has a right to access education where it is considered compulsory. In this case, women are there to be seen but not to give their opinions in the society; hence their rights are violated since they are denied the right to education and the freedom to play some roles in the society.

The UN Human Rights Universal Declaration Article 26 clearly states that equal education levels shall be accessed by every individual and be provided to every person to the full development to strengthen the respect given to the freedoms provided to human and their rights (General Assembly of the United Nation, 1948). However, contrary to the stated universal rights, it is evident that girls in Pakistan are banned from going to school by the Taliban rule where a brave girl by the name Malala (Abouraya, 2013), comes out as an activist just to fight for the education of girls in the community. In the process of this struggle, Malala encounters a lot of challenges of which others made her famous to an extent she won the United Nations Human Rights Prize. Education being a right that is entitled to every individual there is no way the girls could be denied that right, this motivated Malala to struggle and even visit a number of TV stations just to look for other people to intervene for the education of girls to resume in Pakistan. When Taliban gunman shot Malala on her way from school (Yousafzai, 2013), her death really pained her fellow protests thus it was considered necessary to be announced all over the world. Gordon Brown who was from UN, in charge of global education came up with a petition in 2015 which instructed that all children be back to school. The introduced petition made it possible for Pakistan to introduce a bill that gave every child a right to education.

In conclusion, for peace to prevail, the human rights should be followed to the letter. Taking a good example of Malala, we realize that at one time Malala could have flown away with her family just to avoid the Taliban gunmen. She could not settle happily just because she was fighting for girls and women rights that had been violated. The violation of human rights is a hindrance to peace in the society as exemplified in Malala case, even in New York there happened a massive killing of civilians just because of asking for their rights not to be violated. Therefore, I strongly agree that for a society to experience every bit of peace human rights should be respected and considered as important in the society.

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