Humanities are not useless Essay

Humanistic disciplines are the topics such as history.

doctrine. and literature which are concerned with human thoughts and behaviours. This is merely a general thought. The deeper significance of analyzing humanistic disciplines is that it is an academic attack to understanding people better. a manner to enable us to develop better non merely through four old ages university life but besides in one’s full life.

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Some people may state that humanistic disciplines are useless because people can non do considerable money with them. However. that is non the truth. Once person has realized the value of analyzing humanistic disciplines. this will be good for his or her life.

I study humanistic disciplines because I believe I will derive plentifulness of significances of life through the acquisition procedure. Most people think that humanistic disciplines are useless. my female parent is one of those people.

She is ever inquiring me that why would you blow our money and your clip on such useless material. However. my male parent does non believe so. he believes that everything has its ain value. even humanistic disciplines.

In this instance. I strongly agree with my male parent. The ground why my female parent thinks that humanistic disciplines are useless is that people can non do good money with them ; the occupations related to humanistic disciplines are non well-paid.Actually this is a generalisation which people have normally. Nevertheless. people who think so are incorrect.

The truth is opposite. Harmonizing to the article “Liberal Humanistic disciplines and the Advantages of Being Useless” . the writer explains that even people with Broad Humanistic disciplines degree hold reasonably much the same opportunity as other big leagues to stop up doing good money.

Although humanistic disciplines are useless for maximum one’s wage instantly after graduation. and convey a somewhat greater hazard of unemployment instantly after graduation. there is good grounds that Liberal Arts big leagues tend to gain higher wages by midcareer.Besides. life is short. and it should non be all about money. There are other intangible things to prosecute. “There are lessons to be learned from the humanistic disciplines that were non available anyplace else” said by Julia T.

Cadenhead ( 2001 ) . Harmonizing to the Syllabus of ACMA01. classs in humanistic disciplines explore such cardinal inquiries as how we use linguistic communication.

how our thoughts and ideas on the human experience are expressed and interpreted. how we determine value of intending. how we define thoughts such as ”truth” “beauty” .

and “arts” .They consider thoughts about significance of life. the grounds for our ideas and actions. and the values and rules that inform our Torahs. norms and imposts those written and unwritten. Unlike scientific discipline.

there are non standard replies to these inquiries. Furthermore. different people grew up in different environments. they have assorted civilizations. backgrounds. and linguistic communications.

Analyzing humanistic disciplines make people think in different ways and see a journey that they have ne’er taken earlier. In add-on. people who are analyzing humanistic disciplines are going more comprehensive and feel for about one’s ego and one’s community.Different from other topics such as medical specialty and jurisprudence which make people utile for specific intents.

humanistic disciplines make people better citizens. During the learning procedure. people gain self-reformations because analyzing humanistic disciplines can do people think meaningful inquiries that somehow alter people’s life in a good manner. For illustration. many captives do non hold faiths before they go to prison.

but some of these people are found through faiths. When they are non merely larning faiths but analyzing humanistic disciplines as a whole. they reflect what they have done.They can state the rights from wrongs. They are going better. After they are released from prison.

they behave good. they become utile citizens. This is good for both society and persons. Humanistic disciplines are non useless. They can do you earn considerable money ; they can do you derive self-reformations ; they can do you question things that may alter your life. Once person has discovered the value of analyzing humanistic disciplines. his or her life will alter. Mention: Jones.

Nichlaos. “Liberal Arts. and the Advantages of Being Useless. ” Academia.

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