After his defeat in the battle of Kanuaj,Humayun returned back to Agra but he was chased by Sher Shah.

Humayun fled toLahore. Sher Shah occupied Delhi and Agra. Even in this crisis his brotherswere not prepared to stand by him. Kamran sought Sher Shah’s goodwill with a view to retainingpossession of the Punjab. Humaynu had therefore to run away as a fugitive toSindh. Kamran made futile attempt to come to an understanding with Sher Shah asan independent ruler of Kabul and the Punjab. Kamran fled to Kabul on theapproach of the Afghan armies.

Thus all the Mughal territories in India up toKhyber Pass Fell into the hands of Sher Shah. Askari also escaped toAfghanistan and was appointed the Governor of Kandhar by Kamran. Hindalaccompanied Humayun to Sind. In Sind as well fortune went against Humayunbecause of the hostility of the ruler of Sindh Shah Hussain and the scarcity ofprovisions among his followers.

It was during his wanderings in the deserts ofSindh that he married Hamida Banu Begum, a Young girl of 14, the daughter ofHindal’s spritual preceptorMir Baba Dost alias Mir Ali Akbar Jami (1541). About this time Humayun decidedto accept the invitation from Maldeva of Marwar who had promised him assistanceabout a year back and started for Jodhpur. But in the changed politicalsituation Rajput prince was not prepared to offend Sher Shah by keeping the oldpromise with Humayun. So Humayun retraced his steps back to Sind. It was herein Sind that in 1542 Akbar was born at Amarkot in the house of Hindu Chief RanaVirsala. Unable to get any help from any quarterHumayun decided to leave India for Good. He reached Persia. The young ruler ofPersia Shah Tahmasp offered to help Humayun on three conditions (1) he shouldaccept the shia faith (ii) he should make Shiasm the state religion in Indiaand (iii)he should surrender Kandhar to the Persians in case of success.

Humayun accepted the conditions. At this time Kamran was in possession ofKabul, Askari of Kandhar while Hindal of Ghazni as by then he had changed overto the side of Kamran. With the help of Shah of Persia Humayun occupied Kabuland Kandhar in 1545. Kandhar was given to the Persian but again re-occupied byHumayun after the death of the Persian Shah.

This later on led to hostilitiesbetween the Mughals and the Persians. The occupation of Kabul and Kandhar gaveHumayun a footing in Afghanistan. However, his brothers continued to give himtrouble until they were finally liquidated. Askari was taken prisoner andexiled to Mecca in 1551.

Hindal was killed in a night attack by an afghan whilekamran was taken a prisoner, blinded and sent to Mecca in 1553.


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