Hypothesis: What Factors Affect Radiologic Technologists Satisfaction With Their Job and Work Environment Essay

Introduction            The aim of this research is to ascertain and analyze the factors that affect the radiologic technologists’ satisfaction with their job and work environment.

  Hence the sections covered in this research include research design, population of study, sample and samples size determination, sources of data, instrument for data collection, validity of the instrument, method of data collection, and method of data analysis, and expected results.Research Method            The qualitative research approach will be adopted for this study. In this approach, the researcher is interested in collecting and analyzing qualitative data in order to determine the causative factor for human behavior (Trochim & Donnelly, 2008; Creswell, 2008). In this case, the human behavior of interest is job satisfaction.Research Design            This research will be a cross-sectional study of the radiologic technologists in four hospitals in Baltimore, namely Franklin Square Hospital, John Hopkins Hospital, Maryland General Hospital, and Sinai Hospital.  Trochim & Donnelly (2008) defined a cross-sectional study as the “..

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.one that takes place at a single point in time. As such you are taking a slice or cross-section of whatever it is you are observing or measuring” (p.6).Study Population            The target population consists of all the radiologic technologists who are currently working at Franklin Square Hospital, John Hopkins Hospital, Maryland General Hospital, and Sinai Hospital.Sample Size Determination and Sampling Method            The size of the study sample will be determined by using the formula:n =  N/ 1 + N(e)2   (Israel, 2003)                                   where n = sample size                                               N = population size                                               e = sampling error            The sampling method to be used is the stratified random sampling method. According to Trochim & Donnely(2008), this method involves “dividing the population into homogenous subgroups and then taking a simple random sample from each subgroup.

”(p.44). In this study, the members of the sample are stratified on the basis of the hospital where they are currently working.Sources of DataThere are two main sources of data for this study, namely, the primary source and the secondary source.Secondary DataThis include those data collected from already published literature or documented records, such as books, revered journals, hospital records, government statistics, and so on.Primary Data            This includes those data that is collected by interviewing the respondents, which in this case are the radiologic technologists themselves. Such data will be collected by using face-to-face interviews, or by using a structured questionnaire.Instrument For Data Collection            The instrument for data collection will be a structured questionnaire.

This questionnaire will consist of 15 questions with pre-printed answers or options. The aim is not only to ensure that the respondents have easy time completing the questionnaire but also to enable the researcher(that is, me) to summarize the results of their responses more efficiently.Validity of The Instrument            The contents  of the questionnaire will be validated by the researcher’s supervisor.Method of Data Collection            Depending on the sample size, copies of the structured questionnaires will be mailed to the respondents to complete. To compensate for non-response error, follow-up copies will be mailed again to these respondents. Their responses will be collated, tallied, and analyzed to test the research hypothesis.Method of Data Analysis            The responses made on the questionnaire will be presented on a tabular form.

These responses will be analyzed by using Chi-Sqaure test to test the research hypothesis “What Factors Affect Radiologic Technologists Satisfaction with Their Job and Work Environment.”Expected Results            From my discussion with friends who are acquainted with radiologic technologists, I discovered that these categories of workers prefer work environment that encourages cordial relations among the workers. In addition, their job satisfaction level is enhanced if they work in organizations that provide opportunities for staff professional advancement and upward occupational mobility. Going by this preliminary findings, it appears that the expected findings of this present study will be that the main factor that enhances radiologic technologists’ job satisfaction include a work environment that provide  both  good employer-employee relations as well as opportunities for professional growth. In such an environment, a radiologic technologist can, after undergoing more training, become promoted to assume such position as supervisor, chief radiologic technologist, department administrator or director, and so on.ReferencesCreswell J.W.

(2008): Research Design – Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed MethodApproaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.Trochim W.M.

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